Veterans Day 2017

Veterans Day 2017

(bugle call plays) – I’m Joe Cardella,
currently as a shuttle driver for Swathmore College public safety. Spent two years in the
army, drafted in 1966, served a year in the
states, a year in Vienam from ’67 to ’68, worked a
maintenance and supply battalion in Vietnam in the city of Qui Nho’n. We based supply parts
and small arms repair for all the Vietnamese, South Vietnamese and US forces over there, came home and worked in supply chain for three different companies
over the past 50 years and retired about three years ago. – My name is Michelle Crumsho and I was in the United States
Air Force from 1985 to 1992. I went to basic training for the drum and bugle corp for trumpet, and my AFSC was still
photographic specialist, I was stationed in the midwest
for six and a half years, I have learned from the military that I apply today is to be loyal, honest and work together
as a team for comradery. Working at Swathmore
College there’s so much that it stands for that I believe in and I think it’s
inspiring and that whether you’re in the military, any branch, or wherever around the world,
a faculty staff or student, it’s really important
towards what you believe in and also for peace and love. Hi, I’m Tyrone Dunston, director
for environment services. I’m a marine. Once a
marine always a marine. I served the marine
corp from 1980 to 1988. My MOS was 3051 supply unit. Although I had a passion
to be in the field, I had the opportunity to change my MOS to be a radio operator
where I got to experience a lot of different tours such as Okinawa, South Korea and a little
bit of North Korea, believe it or not. Some of the tours I had were in Osan, Pusan and Okinawa, Japan
as I mentioned earlier. And I got to go, it
was quite an adventure, and I think that part of my greatest experience in the marine corp that I enjoyed the most was
inspecting officer’s barracks. I had the opportunity, I was
actually selected for it, and I think that’s what
brought me to Swathmore today. I got to tell them what
their deficiencies were and what they needed to correct, and that was quite an
experience when you’re facing officers that you
normally have to salute everyday and you have to give them paperwork on what corrections they’ll need to make and sign their home 11. So that’s what brought me here and I sort of have a passion for it. And I’m here at Swathmore
and I’m loving it. Once a marine, always a marine, ooah! I’m Mike Hill, director of public safety. I served in the army and army reserves, I enlisted in 1986 and
retired July 4th, 2014. Of my career highlights, I
served as a reception person, which actually is where
you go to the MEPS, get your haircut and
introductory as a new soldier. I was a drill sergeant for a time, and I was a warrant officer, CW2, I retired as CW2 and
human resource technician. I served in Iraw in 2011. And I think the parallels that I draw from my time as a soldier and as
a public safety professional is that for the most part
I dealt with young people who were sharp, smart, engaging, and that’s kept me on my toes and at the premium part of my game. So I’ve enjoyed my time as a soldier and I enjoy what I do as a
public safety professional. – I’m Mary Marissen, I served
in the army from 1980 to ’83. I was a cellist in the
United States Army band and stationed at Fort Monroe, Virgina which is a ceremonial base. Musicians in that band play a lot of ceremonial stuff in Washington, D.C. like the White House and state department. While I was in the army I got a master’s degree in
music, cello performance, but right now I’m a librarian at McCabe. Worked here for a long time, I’ve worked with music materials here and so in a way my army experience did inform what I’m doing now, it was actually a really great experience. A surprising one for me. But one that I’ve always
been grateful that I’ve had. – I’m Danie Marin, I
work at McCabe library in technical services where I’m in charge of print periodical collection, paying the bills and processing new books. I was in the army from 1981 to 1985 as a field artillery officer. I did a wide variety
of jobs in ranging from logistical work up to
handling live artillery fire and even being cleared to
handle and fire nuclear weapons. It’s a very detailed job that
has huge safety consequences, and that gave me an attention
to detail and work ethic that has served me well in library work. Hi, my name is Osmond Mbaeri, I’m a sergeant here at
Swathmore College public safety. I served in the army from 2004 to 2008. During that time I deployed
in 2005 to Afghanistan as a military police officer. As a military police officer our job is to help people and
assist people in need. We provide a service to Afghan people, we provide security to them. This is how my job relates to my job here at Swathmore College
as a public safety sergeant. Public safety is called upon to help people and to help our students, and we love service, and that’s what I do. My name is Hank Robinson. I did nine years in the United States army from January 1982 to February 1991. I was 11 Bravo infantry. I later changed my MOS to 71 Lima, I was administrative specialist. The time I went into the military was a crucial time in my life, and the military actually changed my life. And there’s still discipline in me that I still use today to live my life. Coming at Swathmore College
is such an amazing change, amazing people, the students
and the faculty and the staff. What I was given in the
military I suggest to everybody, students and staff and faculty alike. Seize the opportunity
that you’re given in life. Make the most of it, make it count. We get one shot at it, be the best that you
can be at what you do. Thank you.

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