Vietnam: The Rochester Experience: Alan Levin

Vietnam: The Rochester Experience: Alan Levin

I enlisted because one of my best buddies
from high school, Joey Drabin … he went to Vietnam. And I go, “I gotta go.” It’s just stupid kid crap. I was 19, so I go, “Joe’s there, I gotta
go do.” I had no idea, politically speaking, anything. The whole war changed my life completely. But once the war was over, this country didn’t
skip a beat. So what did my dead brothers do to keep this
country safe? I mean, if you be honest about it, it doesn’t
come out pretty. But why don’t we learn? I thought, as a ridiculous hippie after the
war, that that war was the last war. I actually thought we’d never do it again,
because it didn’t affect America. But we’re still doing it, except now, more
fervently. I’m anti-war, but that doesn’t mean we don’t
need a military to keep America where it is. I just don’t understand getting into other
people’s civil wars that won’t affect this country.

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