Vietnam veteran now helping other veterans get food

Vietnam veteran now helping other veterans get food

our 2019 Red Cross military hero is a Vietnam veteran now helping other vets with one of life’s basics food you could say bill McCann is surrounded by veterans when he’s at home he helps his 95 year old father-in-law who fought in World War two ask the time with a puzzle but when those out and about he’s most likely volunteering with his nonprofit vittles for vets what we do is we issue $50 food gift cards to veterans who qualify for the program and to qualify you must be other than dishonorably discharged you must be alcohol and drug free and you must be living at or below federal guidelines for poverty giving out these gift cards to veterans stem from a conversation with a homeless vet back in 2014 I took him to lunch in the cafeteria the VA gave him a $50 gift card to a supermarket and this big guy grabbed my hand I thought of a cry and that was the very second middle so that’s was born they don’t hands out weekly grocery gift cards bill does keep an eye on what’s bought veterans are required to mail back a receipt to ensure the alcohol tobacco and junk foods aren’t bought with the card besides meeting physical needs bill says the family of a veteran who passed told him the program was so much more when the I went to the wake and the funeral his brother and his sister came up to me at separate times and told me that Roger was in a deep state of depression and once she was accepted into the vittles the vets program emotionally he started to get better and he was just happy to be a part of it and I never realized the emotional value of vittles has as well as the nutritional value just like a puzzle funding the nonprofit takes patience and putting the pieces together one at a time bill hopes to grow this year to give 70 veterans gift cards on a weekly basis these people should not be going hungry we live in the greatest country in the world the richest country in the world and we have stopped veterans and children I’m sorry so I figured out a grassroots basis I would try to do something with it and what he has done has earned him the 2019 Red Cross military hero award for more information on celebration of heroes and vittles for bets you can head to our website WL s calm

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