Village that makes Bangladeshi imitation jewellery

Village that makes Bangladeshi imitation jewellery

Believe it or not, 90 percent Bangladeshi jewellery are made in a remote village of Bhakurta union. But not all of them are made of gold. These imitations are made with bell metal, brass and copper This industry started much before 1971. From the nineties, the industry shifted from Tanti Bazar to Bhakurta, where it flourished. Previously these people were all goldsmiths Now they all make ornaments using copper and imitation metals Presently, around 10,000 people are directly involved in this trade in Bhakurta. Every day they make jewelleries for 300 shops of the Bhakurta Union. In the past, a handful Hindu families used to carry out this trade. Now we have artisans from both Hindu and Muslim communities. The list of items available is long and wide You can get earrings, anklets, necklace, Shitahar, waist chains and every other thing here. There is no big investor here to export our items. Lets say I need Tk 5 lakh (US 6300 dollars) investment to expand my business The banks would not give me any loan Jewellery that costs Tk 300 to 800 here is sold at Tk 2000 to Tk 10000 in Dhaka This may cost between Tk 2000 and Tk 2500 in our country A similar imported item would cost above Tk 4000 Our products has two years warranty on their colour They can be re-coloured You can not get this advantage on the imported items Nirmal Kumar shares with us about the process of jewellery making. Smiths have been using copper and silver, as nowadays people do not prefer gold for regular use. Gold is costly plus there is a risk of getting mugged. If you seek to make gold jewellery using intricate designs, it could cost you around Tk. 7 to 8 lakhs. The customer then goes for cheaper alternatives Bhakurta produces around 90 percent of the jewellery in the country. We make the jewellery, colour them and then market the finished product. India has been able to capture the whole world market because labour costs are very higher in this industry. The production cost of this handcrafted product will be about Tk. 3000, but India is producing the same thing using machines. Thus, their production cost will be around Tk. 300 for the same Gold and silver have become very costly for most of the people So they have turned to buying imitation jewellery in increasing volume


  1. I an  so proud of Bangladesh . I  did not know Bangladesh  make such a  beautiful jewelry. Love it why do we need to buy from somewhere else , when we have such a beautiful resources In our own country.  Everybody should buy from  our own place. Is there any we can buy jewelry from on line?

  2. Thank you so much who upload this video. I did not know before that  in Bangladesh has such a good resource? We should support this program. This is the way Bangladesh economy will grow. Please upload more, and details videos. Love it .

  3. vakurta gala ki amra khuchra dame kinta pari??r sakhana ki kono showroom ase agulo sell korar jonno??? kindly information diban. argent

  4. thanks for this lovely vedio.i want to know can i purchase form their? actually i want to online business and is it will be help for me?

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