[Vinesauce] Warioware Gold Cutscenes (With Matching Subtitiles)

[Vinesauce] Warioware Gold Cutscenes (With Matching Subtitiles)

Oh no… Oh ho ho ho no! Hoooly… …shit. Oh my god, why am I? Tinky Winky It’s at least a little better than the other one. It’s at least a little better. This isn’t that funny. This isn’t even, this even… You can hear my fucking like, shuffling around in my chair. Some good quality you got there. I can’t believe they let us do this. Good finish, huh? Good Send, oh oh you can- It’s good.. This is the opposite of funny how do you guys want this shit? Okay, this isn’t even close to funny, what is WRONG with you?! Good thing he didn’t finish that sentence that was gonna be rough I don’t know what was worse, the pregnant. Or the fact that the tambourine sounds like ear corruptions. Why is it an accent? Why does Wario have like a weird accent? I’m sorry *duck noise* Kill me I’m not actually, not eating the mic It’s just the 3ds mic is so bad I’m like actually really far away from it and it still sounds terrible. Make it so, make it so! Again apologies in advance *Vinny cries* Oh my god! I don’t get a, I don’t have a single… Fucking moment sometimes if they give you like a second to recor- I don’t get a moment. I don’t have a chance to finish the story! Ehh. I uh ehh. The only actual dialogue I had was ‘Uhhhh’. I just essentially have to talk to myself three times not actually knowing… Not actually knowing what I said the other two times. This is gonna be fuckin terrible! Oh my god. It’s nowhere near as good as the last one the last one was bad. I started as a Lois impression and This is the worst one yet. *Vinny cries some more* The ‘Buh by’ was totally random. Guests, you know guests could help but I’ve just, I’ve just given up. Here example. I just gave up. Oh my God! Look how many characters there are now! *takes a deep breath* Alright good night everyone. Now if you listen closely, she actually said ‘Oh my fuckin pizza!’ You, you need some Xanies? This is a lot harder than it looks. Oh great I just dropped my phone. GUH! It’s two separate episodes of Seinfeld. It was-haha Really terrible! It was really terr-I couldn’t get the audio to sync properly I hate me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It actually kind of fits. There’s almost a story in there. Something vibrant, we got a candy line up. This is my final stream. This is the end of Vinesauce as we know it. This is a 33 year old man playing baby games and screaming. Enjoy. Yeah there ya go… And now, the truth has been revealed. The truth of, me as an entertainer has been fully revealed. I’m not actually funny at all! Vinny you’re dropping change everywhere?


  1. Out of all the clips, i liked better the Cricket & Master Mantis ones with the Seinfeld
    18:32 – 19:39
    19:54 – 20:26
    (Oh and Vinny's meat at 19:51 on the Bottom Left)

  2. I am 14. I've never seen anything having to do with porn before. I wonder what a fleshlight is.

    a new world has opened up to me

  3. 10:52
    Ehhh, pleasure doing business with ya, CHUM.

    I also love Vinny's portrayal of Ashley as a stereotypical emo teenager. Shitting on her is too easy and funny.

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