VLOG | Snow Storm Blizzard 2017 |

VLOG | Snow Storm Blizzard  2017 |

Hello friends Happy Monday ! it’s morning time . Just finished one of my video editing & actually we are supposed to get a major blizzard in our area tonight. It’s supposed to snow starting midnight & will snow all day tomorrow. We need to make sure we have enough food & water handy for emergencies So , i think we have to do a lot of things tonight So, now it’s my turn to get ready for winter snow storm I just put hand print on the snow 1 minutes later & it’s gone now…! Come here Mayesha..! come to mommy Come …Come.. put your hand here Hold this snow You wants to give the snow to your grandma ? hey grandma come on hold the snow ! daddy.. no…no cold…cold outside hurry…. wooo…… why are you dancing dear? where are you going with this jacket? i want to make sure her jacket is on otherwise she will get a pneumonia. It’s looks like hail stone outside is so cold you can’t stay 1 minute here sharp type of ice hail stone ! you need a boot shoe. So, this is my backyard of my home. one of our most favorite place. this patio… As you see everything is fully covered by snow & it’s look so… so…so beautiful like a winter wonderland !! you know… & i can’t explain you guy’s how beautiful this view is…. so wonderful….. my mulch packet is covered by snow here it is… What are you cooking mom? Khichuri, chicken curry , mayesha’s polau rice Chicken curry is cooking here… Khichuri is cooking here in Rice cooker. easy way…short cut method ! So, this is the Foot step over the snow… & this one is my car…blue car ice…ice…ice all over the snow, snow & snow locked my door !! so , i can’t open this door ! So , this one is Khichuri this food is very hot & here is the chicken curry with this… Beef is more tasty but isn’t good for health so, we choose chicken chicken curry is best ! with this ghee.. brought this from local store it’s name is Bagha bari special gawa ghee It’s smell is so good isn’t good ? mom? hmmm flavor is so …good brought from here so this is combination of tomatoes, onion, salt & lemon juice so this is the perfect lunch for a cold snowy day the snow piled up to the point where our front door was blocked ! we have some neighborhood kids that help us clean up the snow for 20 bucks! & they nicely cleaned up the snow & were great ! Today everyone is busy for cleanup the snow & it’s not a fun very tough job very hard… so, these are my seeds starter baby plant vegetable plants prepared for my next summer gardening those of you who watch my gardening video will get these plants updates This one is my baby’s lunch & it’s called polau one kind of rice with chicken cooked with butter & she likes this a lot. now she is watching songs enjoying her lunch Now they cleaned up the snow & i think now it’s look great & i can open my door easily ….right! So, here is my popcorn totally ready ! i think it’s fully done & now we will enjoying popcorn with my daughter & may be watching a movie keep clam & enjoying popcorn & enjoying this snowy night Do you like popcorn? is it tasty? popcorn ? So , this is day 3 & still snowing & as you can see this ice looks so hard not the normal soft ice so, it’s very slippery ice [ Unknown Baby Language ] [ Google fail to translate !! ] hi everyone… So, now we are enjoying this snowy day with my daughter & my mom & there is my brother…. behind the camera yea… look that beautiful views of snowing…. So its a long snowy vlog !!! still snowing outside We hope you’ll enjoy my snowy day vlog if you are new here then Hit that thumbs up button & don’t forget to subscribe Because we are really close to 50 subscribers yes… yes… yes as you know it’s a new channel & i need your strong support We love you guys thanks for watching & we will see you in my next Vlog !!


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