Warframe Ayatan Treasures 101! A Source of Platinum, Endo, and Customization! [1080HD]

Ahoy thar, Legion! Hope ya don’t mind a short n sweet guide as
today we are takin’ a look at Ayatan Treasures! These sculptures, along with their teeny star
companions, can spawn randomly and rarely in almost any level. You can also hunt for them AND vent any lingering
frustrations ya might have by breaking containers n’ crackin’ open lockers! They have a slight chance of poppin’ out of
either of the two, so go green this week and Hulk smash your way to riches! The sun won’t be out much longer before winter,
might as well bask in the gamma rays while ya can. As ya might have seen in the background, Maroo
offers a weekly quest to get one of these, but you’ll need to complete the void parkour
challenge in time to clench it. Of course I nailed these all on the first
try– but if you haven’t run them in awhile or ever,
they will be marked on your mini map and are the ONLY objective. You can take your time to fully clear these
sprawling levels… but I was pretty focused on the goods so I
just zerg rushed the thing. Also worth noting, even though I completed
it, I was able to run it a second time. You won’t get a treasure more than once a
week, but it’s good practice and the containers in the back have a decent chance of spawning
a star. Ya plug those into the treasure and jack up
the value of em. More stars means more value, and you can trade
em with players for plat, with Maroo for endo, or decorate your Liset
with em. Just be careful. Every horder starts small is all I’m sayin’. Good luck on your treasure hunt, and thank-ya
for watchin’, Legion! Take care!

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