Warframe The Silver Grove Plant Farming Guide: How to Make Apothics for Titania! [1080HD]

Warframe The Silver Grove Plant Farming Guide: How to Make Apothics for Titania! [1080HD]

Ahoy thar, Legion! The Silver Grove update has given us Titania
and Apothics! Apothics need plants, and plants need grindin’! And while you won’t find a better task force
for grindin’ than Tenno, some folks might find picking flowers a bit out of place for a space NINJA so here’s a quick guide to try and shorten
that downtime and get you back into the action as soon as possible! Since we’re hunting plants, you’ll need a
scanner. Preferably the Simaris variety as you can
upgrade that to scan faster, for free, and have a chance at giving you double the output. And don’t forget a ton of charges for it,
as you’ll be needin’ em for all your kodak moments. Which is a joke no one will get because I’m pretty sure Kodak went outta business like ten years ago. But if you don’t know where Simaris is, load up
any relay you want, go waaay in the back and up to the second floor. Can’t miss ’em. Poor guy needs some glasses though. Can’t see anything an inch away from his face. You’ll also want a solid melee weapon. The stance doesn’t really matter as you’ll
only be quick attacking things, but whatever you got that swings fast and decently hard
aughta do the trick. Both to see Titania’s quest and to be able
to visit one of the flower locations you’ll need to have the Second Dream quest chain
completed. If not, it’s all good, no spoilers for anything
story related will be in here, but you do have to finish that to get all the stuff ya
need. There are a total of nine different types
of flowers for Apothics, each with varying quantities. Some are inherently more rare than others,
and you can farm these up in any order you want, but if brand new to this thing and you
have zero plants stashed, considering it has almost half of them in one spot, I’d recommend
jumping to Earth. Earth is _filled_ with plantlife as it was
the first one to have any thanks to the Cicero Crisis a few years back. The process is pretty simple, zoom in to look
through the scanner, and search for anything blinking. Wander around, kill stuff, repeat. Be sure to check side paths as some of the
more out of place areas tend to have the rare ones waitin’ for ya. Now while plentiful, Earth is a bit odd. Every four hours it flips from Day to Night
and back again. For some reason this causes specific plants
to grow during this short amount of time. So you’ll not only have to come back to get
all of one type, but come back a few times to make sure you get all the ones you need
from both versions. I’d recommend deathsnacks.com as it has the
timer on there you can check at a glance. Okay, so ya got the basics down, where’s the
goods? This one comes down to your preferred playstyle,
but for meeee, since we’re full clearling the level anyway,
I’d suggest Extermination followed by Excavation. Exterminate has a fixed amount of enemies
so they’ll stop after awhile and leave ya be, while with Excavation you can avoid almost
all combat and just focus on the flowers. If you don’t find any, go to the next room
and carry on. When you check em all, hit up one extractor
and bail. You can pug exterminations pretty easily,
but for Excavations this can disrupt the gameplay so I’d recommend doing that solo or closed
games with friends. And while not my favorite, captures are quite
popular for this as well. Onto the individual plants! Ya know how Earth works already but if curious
I tended to run E Prime myself. For dusklight siracha you’ll only need to
spot slime pools on Ceres! This place is actually pretty nice as they
tend to exist really close to spawn, and whenever you don’t see slime you can walk around in
you can equip your primary until ya do, which speeds this up a bit. They appear a lot more than ya actually need
which is nice. Ruk’s Claws are rather bushy lookin’ weeds
and can be found all over Mars without too much effort. I gave Augustus a go for these but any sandy
tileset here will do. Lunar Pitcher! By far the most difficult one to find, not
due to rarity, just uh… the deadly disco balls that spawn in after awhile. These tend to spawn in corners or half broken
areas and side rooms, but they can also appear fairly randomly wherever you see stone or
even in these little display areas. I went with the crossfire mission Plato for
mine. Frostleaf, oh, frostleaf. What a time we had together. Up until a recent hotfix these guys were the
bane of any budding green thumbs existence. Thankfully they are quite readily found as
early as Kiliken on Venus, but Neptune will work as well. Vestan Moss is a deceptive one and you’ll
need the most of these. If you don’t know what you’re lookin’ for
you’ll easily miss it, even with the scanner equipped it can be tricky depending on your
angle. M Prime on Mercury is a great spot as you
can easily wade through infested that run up to ya as you check all the spots for em, but if you’d rather hit up Tolstoj for the
Vor fight, that’s another option. On a decent run you’ll get about ten per levelof these. [Vor] I SEE YOU! One thing worth mentioning, sometimes the
blasted things just flatout refuse to spawn. You’ll be looking in all the correct places,
but nothing. And sometimes when they do, you can’t even
scan em! If that happens just zip through the level
and try again. I ran into this just last night with Lunar
Pitchers, but Frostleaf was super rough because of this on Day 1 and over the weekend. Good luck and a speedy farmin’ session to
ya, Legion! And be sure to stock up on those apothics! Never aknow when they might have other uses… but that’s a guide for another day. If THIS guide helped ya out or put a smile
on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow
Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! As always, thank-you for watching, enjoy
your weekend, and catch you next time, Legion! Take care!


  1. That damnable frostleaf is not popping up for me no matter how many times I go to venus nor neptune. Straight up pain in the ass considering it's the only one I need.

  2. new loka leader said that frostleaf is on the coldest planets… so i went to Europa. i lost so much time there for nothing!

  3. for some reason, you sound like you're high on something, with the bgm, definitely sounds like it xD But thanks for the guide! High Five :^)

  4. Idk if I'm just getting super unlucky or if PS4 didn't get the patch cause I am seeing no frostleaf at all no matter which planet or tile set I go to I even went to the 1 you said but no such luck

  5. I’m looking for the frostleaf and I’ve tried the location on this video but not even one frostleaf then I went to Neptune and also nothing there then I tried Pluto from another video and I got to the spot where it supposed to be and nope nothing! Can someone tell what am I doing wrong lol… it’s like they are erased from the game or something -_-

  6. I've been doing kiliken for three days and still have not found any frostleaf, I check every cliff and every room but it's never there

  7. i have always wondered why i can scan these, and scanned few and been like yea useless and NOW when i activated this quest and watced this video im like whyyyyyy i didnt scan everything ive ever seen… smh

  8. I am pretty sure people who come here already know what a scanner is, how to use a scanner, who is Cephalon Simaris, how to start Silver Grove quest and why they are looking for the plants.
    For those people: Skip to 3:02

  9. Quick tip I found: If you have the scanner out and melee, you can use the operator without having to manually switch to the scanner again. Very nice for a lazy range/strength maim equinox with a very fast ~12m slide whip
    Edit: I assume this is melee 3.0 btw., don't think that's on console yet

  10. sentients are easy to kill

    if you have excalibur/excalibur umbra

    press 2 then 4 then keep spamming 4 while u hit 2 and they die pretty fast

  11. I have Helios Prime equipped since a long time, so I did not need any farming for the second one. Thankfully, this video helped me get the rest. Currently building Titania.

  12. Psyco; these apothics might be useful later

    Everyone; no they won’t

    Nora night; I’m gonna end this community’s whole career

  13. do you ever just want to hurt someone? thats what this quest picking flowers feels like.. someone just trying to hurt others. two middle fingers way way up for whoever made this flower picking bullshit quest

  14. Yayy, looking for plants that may or may not spawn AND you have to do it repeatedly, while you`re supposed to be slayin` shootin`& lootin`, you`re walking around the bush looking for a plant..

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