Warning!!! Spectacular Silver Eagle Sales Does Not Necessarily Mean Higher Silver Prices

Warning!!!  Spectacular Silver Eagle Sales Does Not Necessarily Mean Higher Silver Prices

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 15th January 2016 and we are
briefly covering the issue of record silver eagle sales in 2015 and January 2016.
Those of us who collect, save or invest in silver naturally like to hear good news about
its price and performance. After all that’s why we purchased it in the first place. As
a result of this, when someone comes along and says; ‘oh dear beware prices are going
to fall further’ they are often criticised, chastised, told they are idiots or don’t
understand that silver is ‘real money’ etc. etc.
We have had put up with such charges since our channel began some 10 months ago. Well
frankly, until our analysis suggests differently we shall still convey the same message. Fortunately
perhaps, so far, we have been right, and past performance is certainly no guarantee of future
performance – anyone who is involved in investments have frequently heard that phrase
or similar. So rather than incur your wrath and criticism
we are going to adjust our message (well at least for today) with regard to the record
sale of Silver eagles in 2015 and also so far this year in 2016. Yes you will have no
doubt noticed the plethora of you tube videos and articles pushing the message : “U.S.
Mint Opens January With Strong Sales of Silver”; “Silver and Gold American Eagle coin sales
off to a roaring 2016 start”, etc. etc. Now it is true, that 2015 witnessed a record
sale of US Silver Eagles some 47 million for the year, with stocks being restricted towards
the end of 2015 as the Mint had run short of planchets or blanks; but what happened
to the price of silver during that year in round terms? Well it fell by some $3 or 18%.
Now in 2016 on Monday 11th January Silver coin sales jumped after the U.S. Mint said
it set the first weekly allocation of 2016 at 4 million ounces, roughly four times the
amount rationed in the last five months of 2015, after a surge in demand. In fact some
2,756,500 coin were sold that day. This past week has witnessed equivalent if not greater
sales of silver eagles than the entire month of January 2015.
So our message for today is not going to be ‘prices are going to fall further’ (though
we believe they will) but this “do not be fooled into thinking that the recent spectacular
sale of Silver Eagles will necessarily result in higher silver prices”.
Now why do we say this we hear you ask? A number of reasons and here they are not necessarily
in any order of importance: 1. More than 50% of silver purchases are made
by Industry and the Silver Institute announced in November 2015 from its survey that at least
for 2015 Industrial demand is likely to be down by some 2.5%. Since that report, figures
from China show a decrease in manufacturing output, and as China is one of the world’s
largest consumers of silver the near term future does not look that bright or favourable
for future industrial silver demand. 2. The dollar value/index is remaining high
and even inching up a little higher – hovering around or just touching 99. Naturally with
silver priced in dollars then this means prices are likely to fall.
3. Many countries are facing deflation and or recession (or close to it with just very
meagre growth revenues) which means that at least for the foreseeable future there is
little expectation for economies to increase demand and outputs – after all why is China
continuing to devalue its currency? 4. Remember, the amount of silver eagles available
towards the end of 2015 were restricted and so to witness a sudden rush now in early 2016
does not necessarily mean that trend is going to continue.
5. Although US Silver dollars together with the Canadian Maple Leaf are the most widely
purchased silver coins does not necessarily mean that an increase in the sale of these
will also result in an equivalent increase (or at least proportionately) of the sale
of other coins and bars from other countries. 6. It is not unusual to see prices rises in
January only to fall back in later months – and this January has already witnessed
a rise and fall back in just 2 weeks. So with silver currently standing at $13.81
as we produce this video, we say ‘be cautious, be careful, be moderate’ and do not allow
yourself to be caught up in this ‘media frenzy’ which after all may only last a
short time. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
visit our website regularly at www.illuminatisilver.com Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. It seems to me that silver is following the same path it did in 2008 a creep down before the shot up. The down side of paying a few dollars more for silver now if the price goes down further, is far outweighed in my view by the eventual upside of silver reaching its historical high and beyond. With no ability to make money keeping your money in the bank and the volatility in all the worlds markets, it's just a matter of time before people realize the system is coming down and they need a safe haven. Gold and silver offer that haven. If one is to wait too long they can find themselves struggling to find enough to protect their assets. I started buying the bulk of my silver after it fell under 20.00 and don't regret a single oz. Trying to milk the downside is a dangerous game. I just would love to know what Illuminati Silver feels is a good buying target? Or in your opinion is silver just a worthless metal till manufacturing returns?

  2. I'm buying maples when I can get them for $1.99 over spot. Eventually silver will rise. I might be dead by then but my offspring will appreciate it!

  3. Can anyone please explain me why people are buying american silver eagles? Price premiums are much higher for these coins, why overpay on investment when you can get same purity silver coins/bars for much less?

  4. Silver Illuminati do you believe that because of the global economic collapse could be the reason for more people rushing into precious metals? It sounds like from your commentary you believe it is greed? The majority of Silver Eagle sales are being made by institutions and high yield investors these sales are not from the working class of people only a small percentage of the population even own precious metals. I believe you should be telling the listeners to own precious at least 10 to 15 percent of their savings after all silver is an insurance policy and should not be purchased to build wealth but to protect it against inflation. Silver only performs well in inflation not deflation. I'm curious to know have you ever made a video telling listeners to buy some silver to protect against the economic collapse? I'm not trying to be an economist or an asshole I believe these are legitimate questions.

  5. My estimation is 12$ silver
    lows in by July., last quarter price steadily rise,but on choppy ground
    2017 prices choppy but gradual rise moving up finishing higher by end of 2017
    If pushed into war by western banking interests prices may rise fast in 2017…
    we all know equity markets are ready for a fall but are protected so far if war comes the markets may be allowed to crash
    then the price will follow a similar turn of events as after previous collapse in 2008 though this time round the collapse will be bigger due to increased leverage and indebtedness this will spike silver and gold further than previous highs some suggesting the physical will be off the table

  6. with lower energy cost couldn't mining production increase. raising the supply further reducing price at least until cost exceeds price?

  7. If record sales of silver eagle coins had any real bearing on silver prices..then silver would be at all time highs…but yet, silver cant even hold above $14 per oz……THERE IS NO SILVER SHORTAGE….AND KEEP IN MIND…THE US GOVT THINKS A SILVER EAGLES TRUE VALUE IS $1….CAUSE THATS THE DENOMINATION THEY PUT ON IT AS " LEGAL TENDER".

  8. oil is now below $30 and I wont be suprised to see it at $20 …once the U.S. starts to give IRAN 100 billion in money…and allow IRAN to trade its oil freely……IMHO…once oil hits around $20…and silver hits around $10…and gold hits around
    $ 950…we will be close to a bottom on all 3 of those commodities.

  9. Good advice….buy…but don't back up any trucks yet….you must of done well…you sound too young to be retired…😄👍

  10. When you guys are gonna realize that the price of ALL commodities are fixed only at the COMEX futures paper fake market. this including gold and silver. Demand from physical gold/silver bars or coins delivered to you, China, Russia or even the industry has absolutely no incidence for the price!! unless it delivered from the comex….

  11. However, it is perfectly relevant, investment silver is up meaning demand will go up, and price would go up along with it. Correct? Into the future demand will be up for solar power and other uses that will be going up as we change our power sources IMO. Either way, nice video as always and a nice presentation.

  12. I'd like a well-considered opinion on one VERY specific coin, when you have a few minutes. Hit Mint.ca and search on "Einstein", and let me know what you think about it.

    Been "well on the fence" over that one since it's release…time to access a backup brain. d;o)

    As for pure silver value…it's obviously not exactly a bargain, but with a mintage of only 1500, and currently 88+% sold out, it's one of those things that if you REALLY want one, you gotta act fairly soon.

  13. Hey illuminati…. as usual another great video… as you and I have discussed before I think that silver today is an absolute steal and that people should be backing up their trucks and buying as much of it as humanly possible…. especially with a longer investment window like i have…. prices wont stay down here at these levels forever… thanks for the great video…

  14. Interesting and informative as usual. When I first started buying silver, I was too enthusiastic. Then I found you and iGoldAdvisor and have since bought more slowly and methodically. I don't drink or smoke or gamble so must assume I don't have an addictive personality but I seem to be addicted to PM packages arriving at my door. Dang! 😀

  15. Indeed be patient and wait… Or purchase now only if you can purchase metals below spot. Significantly below spot to "future proof" your investments.

  16. DOW down another 400 points..what did silver do..it went up a whole 10 CENTS…silver cant even hold above $14 , in this complete implosion of stock markets…THIS IS A BAD SIGN FOR SILVER PRICES….in fact, I honestly think that once the DOW, hits its true bottom { 2016-2017} …we may see gold /silver get slammed down much lower then we are now…and the majority of society will not want to own gold/silver…but would rather reinvest in very low priced stocks…thereby ensuring that metals prices may stay at the bottom, for MANY YEARS. Your average investor in society aint gonna get rich quick by purchasing silver/gold bullion in this current bear cycle.

  17. If things were looking good for silver, it shoulda went up $1 per oz today alone…AND..it should EASILY be staying over the $14 per oz price range. I bought silver at $ 14.50 per oz 2 month ago…and im confident as hell, that I overpaid because $10 silver is now very likely by 2017.

  18. DOW drops nearly 400 Gold and Silver sputter. The Emperor has no clothes. Gold and Silver are commodities. paying 16% or higher above spot for an ounce of Silver is stupid. Catch these guys on the way down when they sell their hoard cheap to cover the mortgage at a discount. Saw 3 Craigslist ads a few months ago selling at spot. Don't be conned.

  19. Question should be, who is purchasing all these silver eagles in such massive amounts and why? All mints around the world exceeded their sales last year. So why hasn't the price skyrocketed? Anyone knows when sales increase, the price increases. True for real estate, cars, etc. But not here. Someone is getting ready for something, or they are obsessive about Silver Eagles. Nevertheless, I'm glad the US Mint is being kept extremely busy cranking out the most beautiful coin in the world to me. Long live the US Mint and our coins!!

  20. How the hell is anyone supposed to make informed investment decisions when the laws of financial gravity do not apply to precious metals? The unethical people that manipulate the markets instead of allowing normal supply and demand factors to determine actual prices should be excoriated and then castrated publicly.

  21. Another informative video. I share the sentiment that silver has more value as an industrial metal and gold is better suited to store your wealth as it is more compact and portable. It will certainly be an interesting year!

  22. Excellent video as usual – Can anyone here tell me a good price for a silver eagle over spot. The current price I can get is $17.81 with the spot at $13.91. That seems higher than in the past. Is the spread rising?

  23. I will think about buying silver if/when sub $10.

    Too much euphoria in silver market – as evidence by the:
    – speculative bubble to nearly $50/oz
    – massive premiums people are willing to pay for semi-numismatic and numismatic coins.

  24. This case assumes the FED is willing to eat this coming recession without covert or overt money printing. Stock prices are crashing, and the US government now relies on taxes in the capital markets more than ever. Without those gains, the government and the fed will be hard pressed. It's always been a question of when and how they will print, and what the political and monetary expenses of how they print is considered. Personally, I put no stock in the dollar index, rated against other worthless currencies.

  25. I don't know how, or when the big money hedge funds decide when the time is right, but I definitely believe the $49 high silver reached the last time was engineered by some big money players.

  26. I listened to an interview with Keith Neumeyer in which he stated the retail market was slow, and the volume was likely due to some large buyers. Joe Six Pack is not rushing to buy, their not busy, yet I suspect the combination of pre-orders and some heavy hitters responsible for the surge in early volume.

  27. I don't get it, why would someone that invest in silver want silver prices to rise, if the prices rise then that means it will be more expensive for us to buy more.
    People can only get burned if they buy on margins, and that is universally a bad idea. People need to keep in mine that silver is first and formost a way to save, not a way to invest.

  28. well well well (illuminati silver) looks like you called it wrong I will not say again. The dow fell more then a 1000 points from the fist of the year and yet silver held strong more and more people are waking up to what silver is despite your video's. I saw your video of opening your silver stack a child could buy more silver then what you opened. Mike Moloney, truth never told, and a bunch of other peoples videos are much better then yours. I'm still waiting for you to high light truth never told videos I don't think you will.

  29. I read the writings of several analysts , to try and hone in on which one seems to be honest and accurate. Many of these pundits, use a dirty little trick , to fool their readers. A perfect example is MARTIN ARMSTRONG…for example. He has been claiming that we will soon see the DOW GO TO 22,000 OR HIGHER…and of course he has been dead wrong…but he wont admit that fact on his blog nor will he admit that he never predicted this complete market meltdown….so here what he does to try and compensate for his wrong predictions …he just posted a new article on his blog and said " its possible that we may see a rise in the DOW, next week " ……now the trick here is…if the DOW goes higher next week…Armstrong can now claim he predicted it…but the reality is this…he used the word POSSIBLE…which means if it goes higher, he can act like he predicted it correctly…but if it doesnt go higher, he can ignore his prediction on the basis that he said " its possible" . You really must beware of any pundits, that make these predictions, and then try to sell you things like NEWSLETTERS or SPECIAL EMAIL ALERTS, etc…that promise to keep you better informed on markets/ the economy, etc. IMHO…the best pundit so far, has been HARRY DENT…his predictions are coming to fruition, and he posts much of his accurate predictions, without trying to pressure you into buying his newsletters. I view ARMSTRONG, as a greedy , innacurate narcissist.

  30. Price in us dollars is all relative and im happy American are awake because they will at some point figure out brutaly that us dollars isnt that strong. Betting on gold stock is almost 100% win in the next 1-2 years! Hope people understand the basic! Your picking up those shares for so cheap today even more with those recent selloff! And if something big happen they will outperform anyways!

  31. it says heaps about confidence in the world economy and very little about the price of silver. Sound advice as usual. I bought gold instead.

  32. Thank you for the video. I always feel I am late to the party in terms of purchasing Gold and Silver so I hope prices remain low for a few years.

  33. I totally agree.
    Whenever I tell people silver is going down they don't want to hear it. I see it going much further down and without the triple number gains as the pumpers have been saying for years.


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