Warriors Parade 2018 | 4K | Walking In The Parade Celebration!

Warriors Parade 2018 | 4K | Walking In The Parade Celebration!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Oakland. Warriors! Okay, we’re lining to the Warriors parade. It’s getting ready to begin. So, we’re walking towards the start. Go Warriors! Players are going to be on stage there. So just hang out in this area. What is this!? They say in life, don’t worry about the destination. Just enjoy the journey. Except the Warriors journey always ends in the destination. This year it was the hardest of all. It was really hard to do what these guys did. And, I think you all are. Right, we’re all so proud of them. Give it up for the world champions one more time. Golden State Warriors! It all kind of came together at the right time. Down the stretch of the playoffs. And now we’re all here celebrating another championship. So, it’s a special year for sure. Oh yeah, it’s been like a blur these last four years. But, if you end it with this every time, you can’t complain. Warriors! Warriors! We never really imagined that we’d be having one parade, let along two and now three. But, this is for you guys. This is, why it’s so special to be playing in the bay area. In front of you fans, all of Dub Nation. So, we appreciate your support. And we’re going to try to get greedy and go get some more. For sure. We’re going to do this thing again. Yeah! Warriors! Warriors! Warriors! (Mista) Fab! Warriors! Sweep! Sweep! Alright, that was the excitement for the parade. Now, we’re heading to the museum after party. Alright, that was the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade 2018. Hope you liked it. Yup. Thank you so much for watching! Peace.

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