Watch Bracelet Extender with Fold Over Link Clasp

Watch Bracelet Extender with Fold Over Link Clasp

The wait is over! Esslinger-dot-com now has the watch band extenders
you need to make your link style watch bracelets just a little bit longer without having to
add links to your band. Whether you are a watch enthusiast or a professional,
if you watch band has always been a little tight or if you just lost the extra links
you used to have, this is the perfect extender for your link style bracelet. This extender was designed to give you about
eighteen millimeters of extra length on almost any link style watch band or bracelet provided
that you have the right sized extender to fit your band. Because of this, these clasps are available
in both white and yellow tone metal, and come in a wide range of the most common bracelet
sizes from three millimeters wide to 8 millimeters wide. Don’t throw away your favorite watch or bracelet
because it’s too small now and you can’t get the links to match the band. Simply use a bracelet extender link clasp
and start wearing your jewelry again in minutes. Whether you are a watch enthusiast with a
watch band that is a little too small, or a watchmaker or jeweler who is regularly asked
to make a band just a little bit longer, this is the extender you will want to have around. Available individually and in assortments,
you can keep your workbench stocked with this universal link style bracelet extender. For this and other great watch band extenders,
check out Esslinger-dot-com. Or, if you want to learn more about how to
attach a watch band extender to your watch, visit Esslinger-dot-com’s Youtube Channel.


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