Watch how to make the Botanical Birds Bracelet by Fusion Beads

Watch how to make the Botanical Birds Bracelet by Fusion Beads

[Allison] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how to make the Botanical Birds Bracelet. This bracelet is made
using gemstone beads, with TierraCast beads and link from the Botanical Birds collection. It also features a
two-strand tube bar clasp for the closure. (energetic music) To make this bracelet, you’re gonna need the six millimeter verdite
round gemstone beads, the five millimeter pewter
leaf bead cap by TierraCast in antique silver, the pewter botanical bead by TierraCast in 13 millimeter in antique silver, and then the pewter Botanical
Birds link by TierraCast in 22 millimeter in antique silver. You’re also gonna need two by two sterling silver crimp beads and then the 3.5
millimeter sterling silver crimp bead covers. You’re gonna use the 16 millimeter, two-strand silver base
metal two-bar clasp, soft flex beading wire, crimping
pliers, and wire cutters. You can find all of the product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. So to make the Botanical Birds Bracelet, you first want to cut a five inch length of your beading wire and that’s just gonna be for one section. And we’re gonna start
with the top right here. So what you wanna do first
is take your crimp bead, string it onto your beading wire, and then string that through. There’s four holes here, in this link. So the top right, string it through. And then bring it back
through the crimp bead. And then you just wanna
bring that up to the link, make sure there’s a
little bit of wiggle room. You just wanna crimp the crimp bead, so using your crimping pliers
in this back notch here. You’re gonna place that crimp bead, just give it a squeeze to crimp it, and then you’re gonna turn it 90 degrees. In that front notch, and then it just folds over on itself. Okay. So now you have your beading
wire attached to your link. And you just wanna take your cutters and just cut that tail off. Okay. So then we just wanna string up this first little section
on the top right here. So we need two of the gemstone beads. Bead cap, another gemstone
bead, and another bead cap. Those bead caps are going
to be just hugging that one, that third bead there. And then two more gemstone beads. Your botanical bead, and then
we’ve got two more gemstones. Bead cap, and one gemstone, and another bead cap, so it’s just hugging
that, that bead there. So then two more gemstones. Okay, so now you just
wanna take your clasp and you want it to be the top hole here, actually,
first, add a crimp bead. And just string through that top one and then go back through the crimp bead. Okay, then just bring that
crimp bead up towards the clasp, leaving a little bit of wiggle room. And again, just taking
your crimping pliers, in that back notch, squeeze and then turn 90 degrees and put in that
front notch and crimp again to have that crimp bead
fold over on itself. And then with the wire cutters, just cut off that little tail at the end. And there is one section out of the four. So now we just wanna add
the crimp bead covers. So, to do that, take
your crimp bead cover, And you’re just gonna place that over your crimp bead. So the crimp bead is just
sitting right inside that cover. And then you just take
your crimping pliers and just bring those ends together so it’ll just look like
a little silver bead. And you just wanna repeat
that for the other side. Okay, just put that
crimp bead right inside that crimp bead cover. Take your pliers and just
bring those ends together. So it forms a little bead. Okay, there you have
that top right section of the strand done. So now what we wanna do, is we just wanna do the same
thing for the bottom right, connecting it to the bottom of the clasp and then just repeat
that on the other side. So I’m gonna go ahead and do
that and I’ll be right back. Alright, so you can see
that I did the bottom right just as I did the top right, And then I went ahead and did the top left and the bottom left in the same way. So now my bracelet’s all finished. And now you have a sweet
little Botanical Birds Bracelet to wear any season. You can find all of
the tools and materials for this design at (cheerful music)

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