Watch how to make the Galaxy Bracelet by Fusion Beads

[Allison] Hi,
welcome to Fusion Beads. Today I’m gonna show you how
to create the Galaxy Bracelet. This wrapped cord bracelet is made using Swarovski crystal beads,
fire polished beads, and this unique glass button
that goes perfectly with these Swarovski jet AB 2X bicone beads, and it’s wrapped on this leather cord here to make just the perfect cute
little wrapped cord bracelet. (cheerful music) To make this bracelet, you’re
gonna need the two millimeter jet micro rondelle fire
polished glass beads, the two millimeter crystal
full Labrador micro rondelle fire polished glass beads, these four millimeter jet AB 2X Swarovski crystal bicone beads, a 14 millimeter tablecut star
jet AB Czech glass button, and then one millimeter
black round leather cord, your FireLine braided bead thread, and a size 12 Tulip beading needle. You’re also gonna need scissors
and your Hypo Tube Cement. You can find all of the product links in the description below. Okay, let’s get started. To make the Galaxy Bracelet, you first wanna take
your 24 inches of cord, and what you wanna do is take your button, and then just string the cord through, and then you wanna find the
middle point of the cord, so put these ends together, and then you just wanna bring your button down to that middle point. Okay, so once you have that, you just wanna tie a knot
to secure it in place., and just have that knot just
right up close to that button. Okay? And so then from here you just wanna have about eight feet of
FireLine braided bead thread onto your needle. And you’re just gonna double that up and tie a knot right at the bottom. So now we just wanna attach this to the cord here, so on this left side. Okay. Just go through, and pull tight, just so it sticks, or so it stays right here, snug against this left
side of the cord here. Okay, so once you have that on there, I like to use this U-pin to just kind of keep my beadwork in place. You can just do that right on the knot, and then just secure that
onto your velvet board. All right, so to start, you just wanna string one
jet fire polished bead, then you’re gonna go under the cord, then just hold that in place. Bring your thread through. And then go over, back through the bead, then over that second cord. Okay, so there you have
your first bead on there, and then you just wanna add two Labrador beads. Go under the leather, hold that in place, pull your thread tight. Then go over the cord,
back through the beads, and then over cord again. Okay, and here next we add two of the jet. Okay, under the cord. And then over and through the beads, and over that other cord there. Okay, so now we wanna start adding our crystal, so we’re gonna place one, since these are two millimeter beads, and then the crystal’s four, they’re gonna line up pretty nice together. Okay, so go under, and
then go back over the cord, through the bead, and over the cord again. Okay, add one more bead. Under the cord, and go back over, through the bead, over again. Make sure you pull tight. Okay, one more crystal. Under the cord, and back
over, through the bead, and over the cord again. Pull tight. And then we add two of the jet. Go under, then back over the cord, through the beads, over the cord again. Okay, so we have our
first little section here. So starting from the labrador bead, these two here. ‘Cause the first bead
here is just so the taper is kind of nice. But then once we start with
the two two millimeter beads, that’s where I’m going to
start the pattern from, so from this Labrador down
to these two jet beads, that’s one little section. So I’m gonna repeat that seven more times, and I’ll be right back. Okay, so now you can see that after this first section here, from the Labrador to the jet, I did that seven more times, for a total of eight in that pattern. And so then I wanna just
continue and add that. Those two Labrador beads, so it’s just gonna be
just like here at the end, so add those two, and then we’re just
gonna add one jet bead. Okay, so bring it under, over, through the beads, over it again. Okay, and then one jet
bead just to taper down the end here. Under, and then go back over, through the bead, over the cord again. Okay, so this is the length
that I want my bracelet. So now at this point, you just wanna take your thread, and to finish it off, you wanna pass it under the left cord. So I’m just gonna go
under the left cord here. Then through a little loop I made. Pull tight. Okay, we’re just gonna
do that one more time. Under the left cord. Okay. And then you could just
take your scissors, or actually first I like to, or no, I’ll take scissors, trim that off. Okay, and then you’re gonna wanna dab a little bit of the Hypo Cement on the knots right here at the end and at the beginning there. And that’s just gonna secure
them in place even more. Okay, so then once you
have your ends ready, you just wanna tie a knot right above the last bead added. Okay. So then you can take this out. I’m just gonna trim this. Okay, so now we just wanna make a buttonhole on this end, for this button to fit through. So do to that, so we
have our one knot here, and then we just wanna put the button in there like that, and you just wanna kinda hold it in place with your thumb here, right where you’re gonna want the knot, just so the button can
easily go through the hole. Okay, so right here, just tie a knot. Okay. Then you just wanna kinda check it there, goes through nicely. Okay, so now all you need to do is snip the remaining cord. So I just like to leave
about 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch. Somewhere around there. And then that’s just gonna finish it off. Put the button through the loop, and there you go. Now you have a super cute
and sparkly Galaxy Bracelet to wear for your next night out, or any time of day. You can find all of
the tools and materials for this bracelet at (cheerful music)

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