Watch Over Me Medical ID Bracelet

Watch Over Me Medical ID Bracelet

Hi, I’m Brittany with Lauren’s Hope, and this
is the Watch Over Me Medical ID Bracelet. Designed exclusively for Lauren’s Hope, our
sterling silver guardian angel centerpiece carries a heart in her hands, reminding you
that, every day, you are watched over and loved. This one-inch sterling silver centerpiece
shines bright against dual strands of gray suede for a look that keeps your faith close
at hand. Pair the Watch Over Me Medical ID Bracelet
with any custom-engraved Lauren’s Hope medical ID tag for a completely custom look. To measure
for this medical alert bracelet, take a snug measurement of your wrist, leaving no room
between the measuring tape and your skin, then add 1 inch to that number. Lauren’s Hope offers the highest quality,
best customer service, and fast delivery. Lauren’s Hope: Safety with Style.

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