Watch This Before You Take Another Bite Of Watermelon

Watch This Before You Take Another Bite Of Watermelon

Because it’s so delicious, we have to wonder
if watermelon could possibly be good for you. After all, it does seem like most things we
love are terrible for us, so is watermelon one of those things? We’re going to find out. One of the best things about watermelon is
its high water content of 92 percent, which makes it a great alternative to plain water. And, unlike many citrusy sports drinks, watermelon
is not very acidic so drinking the juice isn’t likely to cause acid reflux or other stomach-irritating
reactions. It also contains B vitamins to boost your
energy levels and electrolytes to replenish nutrients lost as you sweat. Talk about a tasty way to prevent heat stroke
this summer! Watermelon also contains a type of amino acid
known as citrulline, which works wonders on sore muscles and has been linked to improving
blood flow and keeping your heart healthy. If that’s what you’re interested in, you should
know: the white flesh near the rind actually contains more citrulline than the pink bits. Studies have shown that athletes who drink
watermelon juice before intense workouts have quicker recovery heart rates and fewer sore
muscles the next day. Drinking watermelon juice may also increase
overall athletic performance. When your body process citrulline, it turns
into another amino acid called arginine. While arginine has many functions, it primarily
rids the body of excess ammonia. Since exercising releases ammonia into the
bloodstream, having higher levels of this amino acid can significantly reduce muscle
fatigue and exhaustion. In general, watermelon is pretty good for
our bodies, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. “This watermelon’s delicious, by the way.” This fruit is one of the best sources of a
phytonutrient known as lycopene, the antioxidant responsible for giving the flesh its characteristic
red color. Consuming antioxidants may prevent certain
types of cancer and promote heart health, but load up on too much lycopene and you may
find yourself with gastrointestinal distress. Too much can cause nausea, diarrhea, bloating,
and indigestion but luckily, you can eat quite a bit before this happens. Just be aware! Anyone who needs to watch their potassium
intake might also want to limit their daily watermelon consumption, as each cup of watermelon
contains 173 grams of potassium. For most of us, that’s only five percent of
the daily recommended intake, but it’s enough to cause a potassium build-up in your blood
if you don’t process this mineral correctly. That can lead to chest pains, irregular heartbeat,
and difficulty breathing. Ripe watermelons not only taste sweeter, but
they’re actually more nutrient-dense, too! The Journal of Food Composition and Analysis
tested watermelons of four different ripe stages: white, white-pink, pink, and red-ripe. They found the unripe fruit had almost no
beta carotene and fewer nutrients overall while the riper fruits had higher levels of
antioxidants and vitamin C. So, how do you make sure to take home a ripe
watermelon? It can be difficult to tell, but there are
a few tricks to selecting a good one. When you pick it up, it should feel heavier
than you’d expect. You should also give it a light knocking to
make sure it returns a hollow sound. A dull thud means it’s either over- or under-ripe. Finally, if you turn it around in your hands,
you’ll find the spot where the melon rests on the ground. If it’s a pale yellow color, you’re good to
go. Any other color, and you may want to choose
another melon. The watermelon detox plan is designed to flush
toxins out of your body by eating nothing but watermelon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Want a snack? Watermelon. Dessert? Yup, you guessed it: watermelon. Continue for five days and watch the pounds
drop off. Considering that each wedge of watermelon
has only 86 calories, you’d need to eat a whole watermelon or more each day to reach
your day’s safe, minimum caloric intake. If you think this particular fad sounds questionable,
you’re right. It is. If you make it through the week without going
watermelon crazy, chances are good you’ll gain back the weight once you go back to regular
food. According to MedlinePlus, fad diets rarely
result in lasting weight loss. And while watermelon has many vitamins and
a small amount of protein and dietary fiber, you’d certainly be missing out on balanced
nutrition during your detox week. Long term, it’s best to add watermelon to
part of your already healthy diet instead of relying on it as a magical weight-loss
solution. We would probably all agree that watermelon
is a fruit…except for those who consider it a vegetable. Believe it or not, there’s a lively debate
about how to classify a watermelon. How did things get so complicated? Well, botanically speaking, watermelon is
a fruit in the same way that a tomato is technically a fruit: The seeds develop in the flowering
plant instead of the roots or leaves. Looking at watermelon from a different perspective,
though, it’s a member of the same family as gourd vegetables like cucumbers and pumpkins. Like other vegetables, watermelons are planted
from seed each year, harvested in one fell swoop, and the remaining vegetation is removed
from the field so the process can be repeated next year. You see how things are getting tricky? Join the debate if you like, or just go ahead
and consider it whichever category you need for your food diary. Unless you live in Oklahoma, of course, where
you’ll have to concede it’s a vegetable. Why’s that? Watermelon was declared the official state
vegetable in 2007. Most of us eat the red flesh and throw out
the rest, but it turns out the whole watermelon is good for you! But, just because you can eat it, that doesn’t
mean you should chow down right away! Consuming the rind requires a bit of prep
work. Because it’s tougher than the rest of the
melon, most recipes call for removing the green peel first. Once peeled, use the rinds instead of cucumber
in refreshing watermelon gazpacho recipes, or grate them and toss the shredded pieces
into your favorite coleslaw recipes. They can also be softened up to make watermelon
rind pickles or turned into candy. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. I do not like watermelon I remember when I was little watermelon used to be darrrrk red I love that but where I'm from it's just pink I guess I have to wait abir

  2. I’m allergic to watermelon. My man loves it, I can’t touch it. Plus it doesn’t taste or smell good to me. Perhaps my body trying to keep me away from it. 👎🏽🍉

  3. Donald Trump doesn't eat Watermelon.

    He can do and say whatever he wants, but, not eating Watermelon is just plain weird.

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  8. I hate watermelon. That ester that gives it the characteristic flavor/smell makes me nauseous. other than that, I don't hate ON watermelon.

  9. There seems to be a mistake. At 2:20, it says each cup of watermelon contains 173 "grams" of potassium, while actually it should be in "milligrams".

  10. Is there a health difference between the red, orange and yellow watermelons? 🤔
    Also, how do you get orange and yellow watermelons?? Are they naturally those colors?

  11. Watermelon (organic if possible) is the best for you
    Don't listen these Lies, McD's owns this channel and they are just trying to make ppl think everything else is as unhealthy as McD's trash…

  12. you would need to eat between 40 and 200 watermelons to have any of these problems….i ate 62 in one day and was fine……this video is as shit as shit can be………

  13. It's all good until they started lacing all the melons with fructose injections. Now all the melons are disgustingly sweet.

  14. 1 cup is 250 grams…….so if 1 cup of watermelon contains 175 grams of Potassium…but is 92% water …how does the math works ?????

  15. Commenters Below:  I never realized that watermelon was such a strange fruit.  For it is juicy and delicious.  To me it is All-American.  The sweetness of the watermelon oozing down your tongue is delicious.  And the coldness, if you get one cold.  But don't listen to me, because I know the value of a sweet, cold, delicious watermelon!  It is Heaven!  And you must learn how to distinguish Heaven from hell!  The watermelon can help you do that!

  16. Mmm watermelon has always been one of my favorite fruits/veggies 😀 so sweet and juicy ♥♥♥♥♥ and now that I know about all the benefits I'm gonna start eating more ^_^

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  18. God says every fruit bearing seed, is given you for food, FRUIT it
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  19. It was good information but why not tell how the are using powerful chemicals on them that destroys the value of it. You can tell because the inside will have a split in it. They are constantly destroying our food supply and the government does nothing about it.

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  23. 173 grams of potassium?
    Only 5% of the suggested daily
    intake? that 3.5 kilos. Over 7

    A cup measure only holds
    about 230 grams.

    Watermelon is 3/4 potassium?

    At that amount, potassium would
    EXPLODE, when near water.


  24. Five days? Ha I started a watermelon diet June 11 that lasted until July 21. I feel great, shed about 30 Lbs. and am starting another intermittent one for now. Best thing i've done for myself in a while.

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