We are reducing the amount of copper in “Slavyanka” based motors. Comparative tests

We are reducing the amount of copper in “Slavyanka” based motors. Comparative tests

[Music] hello dick Alex partners and investors as usually I’m Alexandra Souter if and we’re on the territory of Savile Maj in this video we will tell you what happens if you use less copper in this Le’Veon come order then the calculation suggests enjoy viewing the video today I want to tell you what happens to us let me uncle Mort if you use 810 percent less copper in it it will be reflected in the graphs and we can see how so this is a graph for a slow Bianca with less copper this is the efficiency power consequently we can see that the efficiency is 0.5 percent lower now let’s have a look at the mechanical performance as far as the mechanical performance is concerned even with less copper used everything is fine it means the Slav Janka outperforms the classic winding for the corresponding amount of newton-meters and now I will show you what happens when everything is fine in this case the amount of copper is just right so it’s sufficient and we can see that the efficiency graph for the sloppy Anka motor is considerably higher than the classic motor with a black graph and the mechanical performance is consequently better as well the Reds Le’Veon Couture curve is much higher than the classic motor so it’s necessary to take into consideration some mistakes made when rewind in the motor for instance the time to use less copper and thought safe materials if he was less copper there will be a certain decline in the performance nevertheless even with the reduced amount of copper in the motor we can achieve quite adequate motor torque performance a bid within they are arranged with lower efficiency [Music]

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