We Found GOLD!

We Found GOLD!

– Costumes! A cowboy hat! (suspenseful music) – Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful day today. Bailey is on her way over
to a friend’s house to play. – Yes. – Are you excited? She’s gonna have fun over there, we are gonna have a lot of fun, because today’s video
is actually sponsored by Teddy SoftBakes and we are super excited about what they have planned for us. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. We are back home now and Teddy Soft Bakes sent us this in the mail. It’s a Teddy Discovery Box. I’m super excited, let’s
see what’s inside it. – [Both] Yeah! (gasps) – Guess what this is
you guys, it’s costumes! – Costumes! A cowboy hat, a cowboy hat, a cowboy hat! – [Chris] Who are you, Jake? – The sheriff. – [Chris] You’re the sheriff? – Oh, another cowboy hat! – Yes! – Look it! Look it! – [Chris] Oh my goodness! – This looks yummy! Look at, mommy, it’s
chocolate and vanilla! – Look, there’s chocolate
or vanilla filling. – I love chocolate! – Teddy SoftBakes are made
from quality ingredients. There’s no artificial flavors
or colors and there’s no high fructose corn syrup. – Oh, look, there’s a treasure chest! – Oh my goodness! What kind of activity have they sent us? – We’ve got to put the gold
inside of this treasure chest! Look! There’s a cowboy costume and another! – Oh my goodness, cowboy costumes! – What is this? – Oooh, I think that’s a cowboy vest! Oh my goodness, we have cowboy costumes. We have a treasure chest. And look at this! – Stuff for a sand! – Yeah, we got to go panning for gold! – Really? – Yeah! We get to go panning for
gold, but first let’s try these Teddy SoftBakes. – Yes.
– Yes! Let’s open them up! Ooh! Mmm! Yum. – It looks like a cute little bear! Mmm. Do you see the chocolate filling? It tastes really yummy. – Mmmm! It’s chocolatey! (jaunty piano music) – That’s a lot of gold. Oh, here come the prospectors. You guys look amazing! – [Jacob] We look like the prospectors. – [Chris] Okay, I hid a bunch
of gold in here so hopefully you guys can find it all. – Ooh! (upbeat, jazzy music) – I got one gold. – [Chris] Nice! – I still need one more gold. – I think daddy should be
able to pan for some gold too. Let’s get some gold! (jazzy music) There’s gold in them there sandbox! – [Parker] Hey, I found some! – You got some gold? – [Parker] I found one! I found one! – [Chris] Here, you want a sifter? Oh! I hit the jackpot! – Not anymore! – [Parker] Oh yeah! If you see about that! Here. – [Jessica] Oh my word. – The cowboy costumes
reminded me of something that I learned to do in high
school, so I wanted to show it to Jacob and maybe
teach him how to do it. So I’ll show you first. (western music) – [Jacob] Are you doing it? – [Chris] Yeah. Caught myself! (Jacob laughing) – Daddy is gonna put this over me. – [Chris] Hey! Camera got in the way. Jake’s gonna try without
me teaching him first. Ooh, you’re close! The first thing you need to
learn is not how to twirl it like this, but how to spin the
rope in your hand like this. Because if you try and twirl
it without doing that at the same time, it just gets all twisted up. So you have to learn how
to do this with your hand and untwirl it. So you’re doing that while you’re doing… Yeah, there you go! Ooh! – Doing it! – [Chris] As I twirl the rope,
I’m also untwirling the top of the rope. See what I’m doing with my fingers there? – (Jacob) Yeah. My turn. – Here, try to do it this way. What do you think? Ah, that’s good, yeah! That’s how you do it. That’s how you do it. I think part of the problem
is the size of that rope so I found some other rope
and I made a really long one for me and a shorter one
for Jacob and we’re gonna see if that helps at all. I’m gonna do this part and
you’re doing the twirly. Just feel it. Feel the speed. Do you feel the speed? Okay. Nicely, nicely, nice and easy Whoa, Jacob’s doing it! Look at that! Oh, you had it going for
a while there, buddy. – It’s still going! – Well, kind of. You lost your loop. (dramatic western music) Ah, man, you are a cowboy. Let’s see what happens
with daddy’s long rope. (Jacob laughing) – So basically, this is all that Parker’s wanted to do today. He just wants to pan
for gold all day long. – Yup! – And he keeps resetting
it for himself, too. – So we have to push these
and then we’re gonna… Do that. We put two bags in here. – [Jessica] Wow. – That’s a lot. – [Jessica] A lot of gold. Do you think you’re gonna
be able to find any gold? – No. No way, Jose. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] There’s nothing in there, huh? – Yeah. – [Jessica] There’s nothing there! – Let’s go! – [Jessica] Let’s go. – I think there’s some right there. – [Jessica] I think there might be. It’s a good hunt. – There is! Whoa, that’s a lot! I got more gold! I got all my gold! Let’s put it into my treasure chest! I look total like a cowboy. – You do. – I look like a cowboy. – Can you do a cowboy pose for me? – No. – [Jessica] Be a hero, be a cowboy. Yeah, cowboy pose! – Oh! This is a cowboy… – [Jessica] How does a cowboy look? Yeah! – Cowboy looks like this. – [Jessica] Yeah. – Bailey is back from her friend’s house! How’d you do? – Awesome. – What’d you do? – I played on the trampoline. – Did you play any fun games? What? – The new game I made up. – [Chris] What is that? How does that go? – It’s “Sleepy, Sleepy Person.” – [Chris] “Sleepy, Sleepy Person?” How’s that go? – I lie down on the
trampoline with my eyes closed and I try and tag the person,
but with the multiplayer game, that’s three or more players it’s “Sleepy and Awake People.” – [Chris] Is it kind of like
freeze tag but sleep tag? – Yeah, sort of. I have to move around the trampoline. I lie down like this, roll
around and try and get people. – I just finished putting
the kids to bed for the night and I just want to say
thank you to Teddy SoftBakes one last time. We had so much fun today. I wanna know in the comment
section what discovering moments you would want to create with
your family if you received a discovery box in the mail? And for more information on
Teddy SoftBakes, be sure to click the link in the
description box for this video. Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned that Teddy
SoftBakes can be a great part of that family snack time connection. We learned that the best trick
I know how to do with a lasso is catching myself. And finally, we learned that Parker looks total like a cowboy. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (choir of men singing ‘lalala.’)

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