Good morning good morning this is the best way to start a new week I am doing an interval on my wonderful treadmill it’s killing me directly up to 170 in heart rate this is painful very painful it’s hot in here as well at least, the week has started that’s great yes, it is a good way to start the week? no no it’s painful period. sorry about my outfit of today I just put on some sweatpants and nothing is matching today as well as, wool socks however, the thing is we have found out that buying this house or place, has given us a lot of space we have a big garden as well as there is a long road that goes up to our house and this road has to be shoveled in the wintertime I have invested some new equipment this is something serious the biggest snowblower ever I have no idea how to move it I need some help with this I need a key as well I like it, it’s cool we have upgraded a lot of things the best thing is… the robot I really want to ask you something this robot needs a name do you have any suggestions? a woman or a man? comment down below what you think we should name it that’s the plan we need a name for my dear “Automover” it needs a name this massive thing doesn’t need a name should we try it? yes try it should I just press the button? I had no idea that the “Automover” needed cords or how I was going to put the cords look at this there are cords under the grass they are for the “Automover” which needs a name here you can see the equipment they are using my dear, nameless “Automover” is going to do his work I am very excited I have invested an “Automover”, the robot lawnmower a leaf blower a pressure washer a snowblower as well as a weed eater what a great Wednesday but I am freezing we should go inside yes soon my dear “Automover” is going to do his work which is mowing the lawn now I can train without being concerned about mowing the lawn there is an app for the “Automover” as well very fancy I barely understand it now we’ll see what’s going on? the “Automover” is… no, by the way… this is something crazy but first I have an idea about what we should call the “Automover” we should laminate a picture of grandpa and stick it to the robot and then we’ll call it Kåre that’s my suggestion comment down below if you think my suggestion is good but look at this we have proof that you guys are best we would never accomplish this without you no way I think this is very cool me too! I have been so excited about this I think this is cooler than… I shouldn’t say it but cooler than any athletic awards this is way much cooler I totally agree as well as a long letter from CEO youtube Susan Wojcicki anyways, look at this one thing that sucks for you is that “Johannes Høsflot Klæbo” is engraved on it I know but you should get most of the credit look at this! how pretty come to daddy oh my God it’s so pretty I know now I ‘ll have to find a nice place where I should hang it you know what this is just as much yours, as it is mine because you guys have made it possible for us to accomplish this I am not sure what the next button is 1 000 000 subscribers anyways, should we go for the golden button or what? then we’ll need all of you to spread our channel to your friends tell your friends your grandparents your siblings and the rest of your family if all of you spread our channel to 10 people and tell them to subscribe to our channel then we’ll reach 1 000 000 subscribers fast easy peasy then we’ll make an awesome vlog Uhm? Yes! this is big yes, it is let me touch it it’s really nice I am very proud me too very proud our acceptance speech goes out to you guys and Kåre our “Automover” you should get a lot of credit for this Ola no doubt but now we should find a place where we can hang it yes, we have to what else should we say? Thank you! thank you very much for watching our vlogs thank you for 100 000 subscribers! and if you want us to thank one million subscribers, you should spread our channel to your friends see you later yes, we do I just wanted to thank all of you who are watching our Youtube videos we could never manage this without you you are the reason why we received the Youtube play button that’s was it see you guys next week I have no idea what’s coming up but, I am sure we will have some fun see you!


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