Good morning top-notch gank, it’s your boy opto I know you guys been waiting for a minute for the next video and I’ve been working on this new Content for the past week and a half. I’ve been editing it and it’s a surprise video We went out to do a gold-digger video and she turned out not to be a gold digger, which was pretty surprising I was so shocked in the video and you guys are about to see in a minute if you guys are true fans and supporters Please follow me on instagram The username is on the screen and I also have a direct link in the description to my Instagram people wore in LA I’m giving away free merch right now hit me up on Instagram. Follow me I will send you an address we can get you guys going with some free merch without much said let’s jump to this video I have one record record Mary You’re not Mary I’m just playing with you I’m off though. Hi Nice to meet you Vanessa. I just saw you come out and just thought I should say. Hi. Anyway, huh? Yeah Nothing I was actually just bored like I was waiting for my friend to come he bailed on me So I thought I should just kick it for another 10 minutes It looks like he’s not gonna come so and then I saw you come out I’m like, hey, I gotta talk to her like really good. Thank you From LA yeah No, thank you. Thank you Yeah, yeah, it’s not bad. He knows it’s my baby, but I’ve never been in the Lambo. Yeah. No. Yeah. So let’s go eat somewhere. I know like this nice spot It’s not too far from here like five minutes away Yeah, let me just quickly. Call my boss Hey, hey boss, yeah Yeah, I’m at the same spot. He could come right now if you want Sorry, that’s my boss. He gets a little bitchy with me and stuff. But you know, I gotta make my money somehow, right? Yeah, he’s gay, huh? I just worked for him. He has like a company and stuff and I just like Organized his shit and stuff. I’m just gonna like give him something real fast, and then we could head out How old are you? You’re single right? Yeah. Yeah, I Really hate this guy Seven how are you? What’s good with you? I’ll Shawna hang out with Nick but uh my sister to me that you came late this morning I need to tell you that you can’t be doing it. So next time just put a cap on that Okay, come really. No. I was I was I know I’ve been like slacking off my stuff But okay man, but this is gonna joke. Okay. So take it take a job. Seriously. This is Vanessa. Hi, how are you doing? I’m EJ, I don’t know if you heard of me or not, but you Got the Louboutin bags. Yeah Take her shopping, huh? I know like Chanel was right here, and then she came out and then started talking to her and stuff Oh, you guys just met. Yeah. Oh Okay, okay You like the you like the car I do, you know, I got it like months ago Yes what he told you was Yeah, what are you trying to impress her or something man? Haha. Well, why do you always got a dune like that? I’m just saying man. You got my car out here. You got the top down. I told you not to take the top off I need to go there’s a there’s a meeting around the corner. I need to take my car. So you want it right now? Yeah, I need I’d let you tell me I can use it I know what I told you, but I need my I wanted to take her out with the loan. Listen I’d give you my car the time. I don’t want to hear anything about it right now. I need it. So, okay I brought your car back. You don’t see I put some gas in it for you or whatever now for you Your name is Vanessa, right? Yeah, you’re gorgeous you model or something or what? No You could roll with me if you want, I actually wrote a lot of models actually on a model agency So if you’ve ever thought about modeling or something, you know I’m the guy to talk to if you want you can roll it through we grab something to eat and then you know I’m good. You’re good. Yeah, you busy. Yes, you are You sure I mean because you know, I mean I do got two seats and I would love for you to roll with me. So No, I appreciate it, though You say you don’t want to shoot you don’t want to ride in? Okay, oh hey but listen don’t be late, huh, don’t be late okay, okay. Yeah Now you’re I’m sorry, I won’t be late don’t be late she will be a boss like me gotta work like me Yeah, no, well, it’s not my car was just AMA such a impress you Don’t need those things to impress Ya know, I mean most girls usually go for the car Yeah, cuz I’ve had many experiences like that and I thought you would go for the car and like okay, what are you doing? Usually there’s no second date Usually we just kind of like cut it off right there and then but I mean you still want to go. Yeah I’m sorry. Do you want to go with me in there? I’m so you actually do like me Hey so you don’t care about the car? This is so surprising, I don’t know cuz like Okay, I’m gonna tell you something I Vanessa like this I hope like no offense look at you You’re really attractive but you kinda on camera right now Like we’re filming a video right now We’re trying to film like it we’re trying to film like a gold-digger video. Yeah. Do you know what those are? Yes Okay, so we’re trying to do that at all Obviously, you’re not a gold digger. So I’m not gonna tell you the cameras right now. So, you know, it’s No, no. No, I am into use just like weird Like I like we’re doing a video and like I’m actually taking I have a girlfriend and like I’m loyal to my girl I don’t like the cheating and stuff and like this is so not part of the Why is that How we’re gonna you know, we can upload it on YouTube, yeah, I have you I’m a youtuber I have a YouTube channel and We’re gonna upload it on YouTube It’s called top notch idiots Now you look fine, okay, well you’re cool with it being a video, alright, okay. Well you need a right Okay, alright well shit Well, nice meeting you. I’m so sorry. Hey prophecy, you know, I respect yours like you So yeah Bro she is now the gold digger. Holy shit bird. She didn’t go for the car. That’s a good girl She was I am yeah, but you have a clothing store. Okay, so I changed my mind a store Like I said Sure, you don’t have a sugar daddy you need a sugar daddy I can be the sugar then This is nice. Alright, well shit. Hey, you’re fucking amazing Thank you. You’ll check out the video. I mean, I mean uploaded. Thank you Hey yo AJ Blue ie pretty serious. So we got what we got that shit on camera serious Down bro, right the lanes don’t wanna go. She’s like, yeah, that’s good. You’re still down write that down bro, bro So that’s dope. What can I use it as blue blue? I Got a city car than us Go get the Lambo Lambo all they do usually what we do shit like this like when we switch cars the girl is not down a go and like They usually can’t go with the other person Well that was unsuccessful gold digger video very surprising as I told you but uh, it’s a good video So yeah, I went to shoot a gold digger video and she didn’t go for the car Found this app on Android it’s called shock you just basically like tap on the screen is scary I’m gonna go try all my friends right now and see if they will react to Put all this fall in the pool get out here anything I’m gonna spice it up all I’m done Like all nice to go for me If you guys like this app is called shot a link for this app is in the description So go check it out If you guys want to scare any of your friends or family members When I get bored at the least amount of prank I can do to my friends. I’ll take the chances. Okay? Thanks for watching the video guys I hope you guys enjoyed our video if you guys like our content hit the subscribe button Make sure you turn on the post notification fail a little bit right next to the subscribe button So you guys don’t miss out any contribute? Oh, you’re gonna be notified every time we drop a video up We got the snowmen up there, too Alright, follow me on instagram guys. Instagram is on the screen right now, and we also have a Instagram page for top notch Idiot on the screen right now Be sure to check out the four videos that I’m gonna pop on the screen when the screen goes dark Those are some fingers that you guys need to check it out. I’ll see you guys next time. Don’t go check out those four videos


    After all this shit
    He is the asshole
    Cuz she was still going to grab something to eat
    And he is just to stupid to say sorry

    And an nice way to just invite her and have a talk


  2. I really wanna meet vanessa .. please someone give me here insta .. this is mine moussa bachraoui … vanessa if u see this comment .. we want to tell u …. we love u girl 🌷..

  3. Hahah the boyfriend is the gold digger ! She rich
    Help us reach 1000 subscribers ! It would mean a lot if you subscribe :))
    Thank you so much and have a great day !! Turn this blue for a gold digger prank !

  4. I felt bad when she said "you are not into me" lol damn. She's gorgeous. Maybe a lot of guy don't approach her because maybe they believe she's high maintenance. But I give props to her for having her own business

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    Young and Rich can be pretty awesome…..

  8. Girl : Can I see inside?
    Her mind : I'll buy it next
    21 but she's already rich !!! I like you Vanessa
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  9. Opto:… i thought you would go for the car
    Vanessa: Okay, but what you do on the second date? when you don't have a have?
    Opto: Usually, there's no second date… 

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