We Want To Run a Disney 10k?

We Want To Run a Disney 10k?

Okay you need to scoot over because my head looks huge. So look at the f**ing camera… hi alright I’m Paige I’m Austin and we’re
cousins so we want to do at Disney 10k
somewhere in January of 2018 yes so we have six months to go and we want to
upload videos so that we kind of keep ourselves accountable for doing it
because neither of us are highly motivated people to get into fitness so
this is our way of doing that um introductions to ourselves I am 23
well I will be in a few weeks I’m 18 and I’m doing this mostly for weight loss
and just because I’ve always wanted to be a runner even though it kind of seems
terrifying so that’s what I just want. I’m in it for becoming a firefighter
I need stamina and strength and endurance so that’s why I’m doing it.
okay so what we’re planning with this is that we’re hopefully going to upload at
least a video a week maybe we’ll see how it goes
We’re thinking Sundays or Monday uploads including weekly weigh-ins so
that we can keep track of that and see how this training kind of helps us.
starting points for me just to say I’m 5’4 and I weighed in this morning at 229.8. my starting point I’m 5’11 will never hit six foot and my starting weight is
294.6. all right and I’ve been doing a weight loss for a couple months
now so I’ve already lost about 30 pounds so hopefully I continue on that track
I’ve lost zero because she was the head of the game and I never started a
nutrition stuff. we don’t really know what we’re going to have in these may be
just like clips of workouts. yeah what else um I think clips of
workouts and then like our daily lives and like our nutrition and stuff. yeah I could include
some recipes. she’s on some diet. yes I’m on the keto diet which is what has
been helping me lose all the weigh so if I ever feel energized to video what I’m
eating or making I might but we’ll see so hopefully it’s just workout
throughout the week our training. we’re planning on using the couch to 5k ap
and it get us going. once we get the 5k mark we’re gonna move on to the 10k
that’s right now our plan but we’ll see how that goes
this better keep us accountable yeah it should cuz I really want to run the
disney race same all right I don’t know what else to say maybe we’ll have
something in a couple of days most likely yeah I well I think that’s it


  1. Just subbed to your channel as well =) I think that 6 months is a great time frame to prepare for that 10K in January. I am looking forward to seeing your upcoming vids and I wish you both the best!!!

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