(Weekly Idol EP.320) WEKI MEKI X GOLDEN CHILD Cover Dance Competition no.1 [위키미키X골든차일드 커버댄스 대결1]

(Weekly Idol EP.320) WEKI MEKI X GOLDEN CHILD Cover Dance Competition no.1 [위키미키X골든차일드 커버댄스 대결1]

( “Red Flavor” – Red Velvet) (The youngest who is wearing red is
chosen to dance for “Red Flavor”) (The famous dance vending machine
It is here) (The dance floor is officially open) (She’s dancing lightly to start off) (They’re dancing to different parts
of the same song) (He dances to “Red Flavor” wearing red) ( “Gashina” – Sunmi) (Rushing out) (All members of Weki Meki are out
VS Joochan is out alone) (Awesome dances) (Look better when danced as a group) (They still look awesome) (Leader Yeol is about to show something) (Daeyeol is good at dancing
to girl group songs) How can they look so different? (But he gives up due to
Weki Meki’s charisma) (They’ve taken over the stage) (A video that will make the viewers
Weki Meki’s fans is created) ( “As if it’s your last” – BLACKPINK) (An upbeat song makes them
want to come out) (Both teams joyfully dance) (They seem to have forgotten some moves) (He has completely forgotten the moves) (They’ve finally gotten to the part
they know the choreography) (But he soon runs out of the dances
he knows) (#Disappointed) (Weki Meki takes over the stage again) (Lucy and Lua have taken over) (As if today is the last) (They’re full of charms) ( “New Face” – Psy) (Hooray for Yoojung) (I am here) (Her inner joy is unleashed) (They are afraid to come out) (You’re the new face) (She’s showing everything she’s got) (It’s a fan meeting of Joyful Yoojung) What are you doing back here? Oh no.


  1. dude my bias Daeyeol know literally the whole dance but he was like NAHH I WILL JUST GIVE IT TO THEM AND NOT SHOW OFF TODAY BC I FEEL LIKE BEING NICE at 0:50

  2. Can any one tell me what it is about…i means i guess it two group who dance on song the same way..the capture/made on.and who know the dance on that song…they start doing it….

  3. لماذا ارى ان الفتاة التي ترتدي قميص اصفر نظرتها تشبه نظرة كاي من اكسو😍🤩🤩😍😅

  4. صرت فان لويكي ميكي اللطيفات🐥.. حبيت لوسي واحس بختارها البايس😭😭😭💕💕💕

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