Welcome to the Gold and Silver Standard. The new way to buy gold and silver.

Welcome to the Gold and Silver Standard. The new way to buy gold and silver.

Hello. This week we are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand-new Ainslie product-
Gold and Silver Standard. Gold and Silver Standard aim to address shortcomings in the
traditional methods of trading precious metals with the simplicity of a stable coin that
can be easily used within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our digital tokens, AUS (Gold)
and AGS (Silver), provide a simple, cost-effective, transparent and regulated way to store, as
well as transfer wealth via the Ethereum blockchain. JOEY
As with any other digital asset, holders can be in full control of their wallet. This means
you can effectively transfer and store your entire holdings with complete confidence.
Typically, moving large amounts of wealth in a stable asset, such as gold, can take
a long time and can be very expensive, leaving you exposed to market risks and security concerns.
With Gold and Silver Standard these issues are no longer a problem. There are additional
cost-savings which come from holding bullion in digital form over physical. If an individual
were to hold physical gold or silver, especially in higher quantities, they would have to pay
for either their own personal safe or a space in a 3rd party vault which charges for service
and insurance. With Gold and Silver Standard, every single gram of real gold and silver
is stored in the Reserve Vault, one of the most secure facilities in the Southern Hemisphere. CHRIS
Gold Standard is as transparent as it is secure and easy. Tokens are minted as and when bullion
is deposited in Australia’s largest high-security vault, Reserve Vault. At that time a publicly
accessible database is updated with the serial number of each bar added together with the
transaction ID for those minted tokens. At any time, anyone can interrogate the blockchain
and the database to see that the number of tokens issued equals the number of grams of
each metal already securely held. You can also take possession of real gold and silver
at any time. Regular audits are conducted by internationally recognised auditors to
ensure that the metal holdings match the database and blockchain records. As you discover more
about our new tokens, we believe you will be as excited about the opportunity as we
are. The next step is to check out goldsilverstandard.com for detailed information about the tokens,
the technology and the processes behind them.

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