#WERISE | Charly – Handwerkerin & Gründerin Driller Queens

Hi, so I’m Charlie and I founded a
company called Driller Queens and we are a platform of tradespeople What we do is we… we kind of bridge the gap between getting a massive contractor in to like remodel your bathroom and just wanting to put up a curtain rail but maybe you don’t really have the skills or the confidence. At the moment our entire team is
women, trans, or non-binary. And we’re bringing some well-needed like trust and communication into an industry that is solely lacking diversity at the moment. Growing up I’ve been really privileged to be.. to grow up in an environment which is very hands-on. My mum was this amazing like electrician and carpenter and she built all of these things and I had the confidence that I could always fix things. And what I realized was then not everyone has this same privilege like
growing up and doesn’t have such a positive environment to work in. And I’d say 99% of our customers are just phenomenal, they are wonderful. Occasionally we get a kind of comment where usually if a couple hires us and
it’s the girlfriend that’s hired us and the boyfriend maybe isn’t too happy
about a woman being there and drilling and fitting out their home they usually
tend to… the point they complain to me is when I’m standing up a
ladder with a drill in my hand and they’ll just kind of stand there and tut at me. That happens from time to time but not too much. Also I do encounter quite a
lot of sexism at events for kind of entrepreneurs and founders I’m a woman
I’m working in a male-dominated industry I don’t have a tech product, we’re very
service-focused and people just tend to think “Oh that’s cute, oh isn’t
that sweet she’s trying to start a business” and it genuinely makes me
quite angry. So my message to other people would be Do something that you
are genuinely passionate about. Something that – I mean yes we need to make money of course But you need to do something where when your eyes light up when you
talk about it because then when you’re in these
environments and people are asking you questions and you’re having to stick up
for yourself, it comes naturally and it flows and your passion is just gonna be there on your face and it just makes everything so much easier. Also nothing has to be perfect. Like enough is okay. Like if you wait for every single thing to be perfect and if you read every single article about like female entrepreneurship and all of this and you’re waiting and waiting and waiting because you’ve been told by society that everything has to be perfect you’re never going to start. Like just start. It’s totally okay to make a
mistake Like just learn by failing and keep going.

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