WGC 2016 Report Shows gold demand up by 2% and prices up by 8%

WGC 2016  Report Shows gold demand up by 2% and prices up by 8%

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 5th February 2017 and we are
briefly summarising the World Gold Council’s 2016 Demand Report published last Friday.
These are the main highlights of that Report: 1. 2016 full-year gold demand gained 2% to
reach a 3-year high of 4,308.7t. 2. Annual inflows into ETFs reached 531.9t,
the second highest on record – the highest being in 2009. However Q4 saw outflows from
ETF’s 3. Declines in jewellery and central bank
purchases offset this growth. 4. Annual bar and coin demand was broadly
stable at 1,029.2t, helped by a Q4 surge especially by China which was China’s strongest quarter
for bar and coin demand since Q2 of 2013. 5. The gold price ended the year up 8%. Having
risen 25% by the end of September, gold relinquished some of its gains in Q4 following Trump’s
conciliatory acceptance speech and the FOMC’s interest rate rise.
6. 2016 saw a 7-year low for jewellery demand. Rising prices for much of the year, regulatory
and fiscal hurdles in India, and China’s softening economy were key reasons for weakness
in the sector. India’s shock demonetisation policy brought the market to a virtual standstill.
An initial rush for gold following the policy announcement came to a swift halt in the ensuing
cash crunch. 7. Central bank demand was the lowest since
2010. Net purchases, which amounted to 383.6t,were 33% lower than 2015, due in part to increased
pressure on FX reserves. Despite this, 2016 was the 7th consecutive year of net purchases
by central banks. So 2016 was positive for gold both in demand
and price terms. Manipulation conspiracy or reality aside, it is clear that when prices
fall, gold purchases increase and when they rise, they fall especially jewellery which
was hardest hit. What is interesting to note, is that despite all the fear spread for years
about the US and world economies, coin and bar demand remains relatively stable signifying
that neither the public nor the investing community has particularly caught the gold
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  1. Very interesting. I think 2017 will bring both an increase in interest, and price; how much, I have no idea. Esp. silver in India. Thank you, IS!

  2. Slowly things are quietly moving a new direction ,I heard Goldman execs were selling out of the market ,who knows what the reality is , certainly very entertaining .

  3. Well, it's now about 3 hours since the market opened, and I'm up a quarter an ounce already on what little I snagged about 2 hours ago! d=O)

    Of course, logic and experience taking hold, that usually means that the price is going to drop like a stone next week…but hey…it's for the long haul anyway, right? d=^/

    You can all thank me next week when you get to buy yours cheaper. d=^P

    Anyway…as usual, the spare link for the extra eyes has been made:

  4. Interesting data. think it would take a considerable change in
    circumstances for the average person to realize the value in gold and
    silver. That the average person has not caught the gold bug yet, in
    spite of the clear warning signs for anyone willing to look demonstrates
    to me just how effective the mainstream "establishment" has been at
    brainwashing the average person into using their fiat currencies – and
    not valuing real tangible assets appropriately. However, it's always
    been like this – the average person never really understands what the
    elite are really up to – that seems to just be human nature.

  5. Interesting summary. I was hoping for more positive buying signals for gold, but will stick to stacking silver, based on this overview.

  6. I buy when it's down, I buy when it's up, I buy at least every other week, and honestly at this point I don't care what it costs; I'm buying. When the musical chairs comes to an end it's not going to be pretty!

    Buy while you can, and as much as you can…

  7. sub 16 ag and sub1200 au has done very well holding physical metals,i stack average as a buying method,but at a 15 year out look.15 years to me is a medium in which im calculating im 2.5 years in to the 15 year "investment" period.some stack average per month i prefer per year.thanks for the insight,time and effort

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