What I Learned As a GM in GOLD! Pt. One: What Each Role is Doing Wrong

What I Learned As a GM in GOLD! Pt. One: What Each Role is Doing Wrong

hello guys my name is SVB and I’m
back with another video and you guys will notice I’ve been gone for a while
and that’s because I’ve been busy but also I’ve been conducting something of a
social experiment not anything like what happened in overwatch contenders with
Punisher and Ellie don’t worry so let me make clear what the purpose of this
video is and what I’ve been doing for the last couple weeks
so the explain context for any of you who’ve not seen any of my videos before
I am a GM / high master level player that’s where my main account is at and I
have been top 500 before but mostly I play tank main tank and also a bit of
support now recently I went and bought a another account since the blizzard sale
was going on and overwatch was very cheap and the purpose of this by buying
in this account was I wanted to practice DPS just because with all the guides I
make it’s helpful to understand the role when I’m helping other people and you
know helping them with their positioning and stuff it’s one thing to know what to
do with nothing to go on and experienced it and the other and the other purpose
of making this account was just to see what it is like at the lower elos
because I’ve seen a lot of discussion on places like reddit overwatch competitive
/r Overwatch University to watch where I’ve seen some
responses to videos to post some advice some odd reviews that you know what goes
on in the pro scene is one thing but gold implies like whole nother world and
I’ve seen a lot of people complain that you know some certain advice it’s all
great in theory but in gold and platinum and so I wanted to I knew the game was
gonna put me at a lower ello at least you know a highest was gonna put me a
diamond so I knew I was gonna get to experience some of the lower ELO’s and I
just wanted to see what it was like so I played my placements I you know I played
it genuinely as hard as I could do as well as I could do with DPS obviously
bear in mind I’m not a good DPS I haven’t spent a lot of time in fact I’ve
never played DPS on any of my accounts at competitive level before so
this is my first foray into playing competitive DPS and the game decided
that I was a gold level player fair enough not the best DPS eventually I
climbed to platinum fairly quickly obviously the game I know a lot of you
were worried about Smurfs coming in and ruining the game but again the game
pushes you out of gold very very quickly so even though I did place into gold
III pushed I was pushed out of gold into plat very quickly and hopefully I’ll
I’ll keep climbing as I improve as a TPS what while I was there well I wasn’t
gold I learned a lot of valuable lessons guys and I again I wasn’t there to stomp
on noobs the key I genuinely played as hard as I could and the game put me in
gold and while I was there I learned a lot of lessons that I want to share with
you guys because I think it would be very interesting and very helpful for
those of you who are at that ello who do finding frustrating because believe me
it is I I understand fully now how frustrating an experience it is to being
gold how messy things are how uncoordinated things are and I think the
lessons I’ve learned can really help you guys because now you know you’ll get the
perspective for someone who’s played it too you know starkly different elos and
somebody who can maybe help you out with a little bit of advice and a little bit
of tips of what’s going wrong what’s going on in gold and how we can try and
fix that let’s get into it guys so I decided to split this video into two
parts because there’s a lot I want to cover there like I said there’s a lot I
learned and I want to focus on two different things so this this video is
gonna cover well what every role is doing wrong because quite quickly when I
go into the games I started to notice that everybody’s mentality of the game
and their understanding of their role is very very different to what it should be
and hopefully by trying to explain some of the I would say false ideas that have
creeped in the gold and platinum level we can hold you know we can hopefully
improve the improve the general play and hopefully you guys will see an
improvement because I fully understand how frustrating it is for those of you
who are watching the guide videos watching the VOD videos watching the
pro play because anyone who’s watching a video to try and improve themselves on
YouTube try and improve their Overwatch play he’s probably
above-average or at least has an above-average understanding of the game
because they’re trying to understand the tactics whereas a lot of people they go
into the game and fair enough maybe you know watch isn’t the biggest deal to
them they just play for fun that’s totally cool but when that happens you
get a bunch of people playing the game without really knowing what their roles
supposed to do so in this video I want to cover what each of the roles are
doing wrong and some of the misunderstandings I encountered when I
was in gold some of the discussions I had with other players where they just
seemed like they didn’t really understand what their role was supposed
to do so I’ll try and clear that up and in the next video I’ll talk about some
general things that can be improved a level and what a lot of gold players and
platinum players I saw we’re doing wrong or what they understood was wrong and I
think that’s the most important thing you know again I’ll never bash anybody
for having bad a more bad technical ability but if you care about the game
and you want to play competitively then you should understand the game and
there’s no excuse for not understanding the game better when there’s so many
resources out there so let’s try and write some of these wrongs guys let’s
try and fix some of these issues so I’m going to start with tank the role I know
best and I think is also probably the role that is most incorrectly played at
that ello now for those of you don’t know the lowest count of players at any
role is a tank and you said something you really realize when you start
playing a lot more games is that tanks and particularly main tanks are a real
real shortage in overwatch and the good main tank players will climb ladder very
very fast because there’s just no enough of them and so when you do get one in
your team it makes a big big difference so one of the first things I noticed
while playing in this yellow is that nobody seems to want to play main tank
and again I understand how frustrating it is to play main tank if your team is
in coordinating with you and there is a lot of Miscoordination and
uncoordinated play at golden and plat level is what I found the first off people if you
are somebody who wants to play tank and to be honest if you’re somebody who
really cares about climbing main tank is really really important guys is really
important role if you do the right things more often
than not you’re gonna make you’re gonna make a difference for your team and
you’ll see that in your SR client because you will climb a lot faster than
say a DPS when there’s a lot of dps and anytime you go and pick DPS in a game
you have to compete with maybe two or three other people who want to pick DPS
as well whereas if you pick main tank because you’re very unlikely to
encounter another main tank main in any game you’re gonna occupy a role that
your team needs and you’re gonna make a visible difference on the game now
speaking of which the thing I realized though is that 90 percent of the main
tanks or just tanks in general didn’t understand what the role of a tank is
and I want to make that clear now because it seems like there was a lot of
confusion and I’ll explain what that role is with a little bit of an anecdote
so I was I was on horizon lunar colony we were attacking the point a and we
were just stuck in the choke nobody seemed to be going in you know we’re
just all poking and inevitably you know some somebody says oh DPS aren’t doing
their job what I said was look you need to go in the tanks need to go in we’re
just standing at a choke you guys need to go in and make space now for those of
you that don’t know that is the fundamental job of tanks is to make
space and I’ll explain what that means in a minute but the person who started
the DPS aren’t doing their job flaming session they replied saying no
DPS is supposed to create space for tanks now even though that was the only
physical time someone said that to me out loud it’s clear once I heard that
that that was how the majority of Tanks in gold were playing now let me clear
that up unequivocally guys that is absolutely wrong one hundred two hundred
three hundred percent wrong that could not be more wrong if it was the job of
DPS to make space for tanks and I don’t know what tanks would even do in
overwatch because if DVS was supposed to make
space and get kills and clean up fights then tanks will essentially just be a
body to put on a point and in which case you could they could just be Bob Bob
would do the tile job of a tank if that’s all that they did
as a tank your number one job is to dedicate your life to making the DPS is
life easier and you do this by taking space now what that means is you have to
occupy certain areas which make room for your team to come in and occupy after
you because as a tank you’re gonna draw a lot of attention you’re you know a big
body large HP pool and if you’re a Reinhardt for example you have this big
shield that blocks your you know blocks damage for your teammates same goes for
Winston if you jump in on top of somebody and you put a bubble around
them or you just start zapping them that is really really hard to ignore like if
you drop if you jump the back line they have to turn and do something about you
cuz you this gigantic monkey tasering them in the face so when you jump in as
a Winston or as Reinhard when you walk forward with your shield and you occupy
a certain area of the map you allow your DPS and your healers to come forward and
take that aggressive position and you allow them to get better angles for
example if you’re playing with the Widowmaker and you’re stood at a choke
point I think the best best example for this guys is Hana Mora point a because I
played this map a few times while I was while I was playing DPS in gold and
almost every time without fail my team would sit at the choke those wooden
arches at the front and that was it they’d just hold it shield up and take
infinite amounts of poke but if you do that guys what happens is your
Widowmaker has absolutely no angles to take from that point on she can hook
shot to the window she can hook shot to the balcony and that’s that’s about it
beyond that she has to go on a wild flank and you really shouldn’t be asking
you Widowmaker to basically open the fight for you you have to open the fight
for the whale maker and you do this by walking forward into the fight getting
in the enemy’s face and when you take their attention away that allows your
Widowmaker or another DPS allows them the time to take their take their shot
take their aim and properly connect with their shots instead if you stand at the
choke and you force them to just take unfavorable angles they’re gonna be
pressured they’re gonna get spam coming their way they’re gonna find it really
really hard to get a shot off clean and if they can’t get a shot off clean
they’re gonna find it harder to kill people and you need them to kill people
to actually win the fight so if you’re somebody who’s playing tank
particularly if you’re playing main tank it’s your job to jump in even if it
means you die now that doesn’t mean you have license to just throw your body and
die repeatedly because at that point you are feeding but if you are unsure it’s
better at that is better at a lower eloah to err on the side of aggression
than to err on the side of passivity you may jump in and die or you may charge in
and die but even your death isn’t actually necessarily mean the end of the
fight provided you made space for your team if you if you created enough
distraction if you occupied enough real estate to allow your team to come in for
your DPS to come in and take the angles they want to take and you’ve done your
job as a tank whether you’re alive or dead preferably you’re alive and this is
where you really start to differentiate the good main tanks from the bad main
tanks the bad main tanks will come in and and they’ll throw themselves forward
and they’ll die and maybe their team capitalize off the space they’ve made
maybe they don’t the good main tanks will find a way to get in the enemy’s
face pressure them occupy their attention you know take distract them
from the DPS but and also get out and you got to remember guys as a tank your
currency is your health pool essentially you trade your health for space so it’s
okay for you to take damage it’s okay for you to go down to low HP because
that’s what you’re supposed to do that’s what your job is the tank is to go in
and tank damage that’s where the name comes from
you’re supposed to tank damage for your team if you stand at the choke holding
your shield up or just poking aimlessly back and forth and you’re waiting for
your DPS to start the fight you’re doing it wrong so I just wanted to make that
clear guys for everybody who’s who’s playing tank first of all I really
recommend if you are somebody who’s open to the idea of playing tank learn main
tank if you want to climb your AR SR because there’s just not enough main
tanks playing at any rank and overwatch but particularly at the lower ELO’s so
you will climb if you learn how to play main tank and the way you do that if I’m
making space go in be aggressive guys and communicate to your team that’s the
most important thing is the main tank is to communicate to your team and don’t be
afraid to trade your health for a bit of a bit of space even if it means you
like I said don’t go go don’t go throwing guys don’t go feeding the enemy
but it’s okay to die as a main tank it’s better to be aggressive than to just sit
there and do nothing because if you do nothing nothing will happen that’s your
job is the main time if nothing is happening it’s your fault as a main tank
it’s not the DPS s fault moving on to healers guys what I
actually realize that a lot of healers are doing at that rank it’s something
that I actually really really surprised me because I thought it would be the
other way around so one of the myths about healers in
general is that you would think that the higher you go the more healer start to
DPS right because theoretically the higher you go the more technically
skilled the players are so you would you would imagine that the higher you go the
more likely you’re gonna see an ANA start like trying to frag out ignoring
her team to try and snipey enemy enemy ana or a Widowmaker or far or something
and same goes for like a Moria you would expect you’d see a DPS warrior in the
backline or Zen you on a flank to flank yatta you would think that that’s how
logic would follow but having played at gold and platinum now I understand that
it’s actually a complete complete opposite and this was again something
that really surprised me but what I realized is that way were way too many
healers at gold and platinum we’re trying to do the job with the DPS they
were trying to make kills happen themselves now I imagine this comes out
of a frustration because they’ve played in many games where they feel like
nothing is happening because maybe like I said the main tanks aren’t doing their
job or they feel like kills you start coming and they feel like their GPS or
shit when the DPS aren’t doing their job and so I think a lot of a lot of the
healers out there have learned to take matters into their own hands and they’ve
started you know going for the kills going for the kills hard and there were
two very clear heroes where I saw this error happened more more often than
others now those were mercy and more now the Moya is unsurprising probably
because Mora is one here who legitimately can get all five gold
medals now you might say if as Moya you went and got all five gold medals that
you did your job and therefore it was the rest of your team’s fault but I’m
going to try and patiently explain to you guys that that’s also a wrong and
flawed mentality and if you bear with me because
I know that might anger some of you but just bear with me while I try to explain
to you why it isn’t good now first of all because just because you have the
gold healing medal does not mean you healed as much as you could do now again
that’s that’s one of those things where it’s like a false logic you would think
if you had gold healing that therefore you’ve justified your actions as a
healer but in reality when you get gold healing you’re only competing with one
other healer maximum potentially unless your team is running triple support but
it’s very unlikely I didn’t see a lot of that playing someone like Maura Maura is
a Maine healer she does more healing than most of the other healers in the
game so by default you are expected to have gold healing and just because you
out heal the other support on your team doesn’t necessarily mean that you were
doing as much healing as you should have been doing for example if you play more
alongside illusio the lucio may have spent a lot of his time speeding the
team around and now that that can be a very very good play speeding your team
around and you know allowing them to get into positions quicker and getting to
the enemy’s face quicker can have huge impact that doesn’t come through in the
metal statistics you just don’t see it it won’t come up anywhere and the lucio
may have silver healing that doesn’t mean that you as Maura have done your
job and what I noticed was a lot of Moya’s racing into the backline one on
wanting the enemy enemy healers or an enemy DPS and again you might say if you
get a kill then you’ve done your job but the problem is guys that isn’t your
job as a healer your job isn’t to get kills the reason you set up a two to two
comp is that you want two people whose role is to DPS two people whose role is
to tank and two people whose role is to heal now if you decide as a Moira to go
DPS or as any healer if you decide to go DPS you you throw that balance off even
for however long you’re doing it you throw that balance so that your team is
now playing with three DPS two tanks and one healer and as Maura
you’re very self-sufficient you can self heal with your right-click and you can
also all to save yourself so you’re not gonna die very often because you can
always race out if in absolute trouble you can always rate out but somebody
like a McCree a Widowmaker even again gee who doesn’t have any backup is gonna
die very very quickly so if your DPS are play
these heroes who aren’t self-sufficient and almost no here in the game is as
self-sufficient as Moya so your DPS are not as self-sufficient as you they need
your help to stay alive and therefore get kills so if you race into the
backline and you start dpsing of course you’re gonna out DPS them because
they’re gonna die very very quickly then not itself sufficient as you so you
might you might do 200 damage that leads to nothing whereas they do 50 damage and
die so of course you’re gonna keep the gold healing medal and now you’re gonna
out DPS you DPS better than the day it’s it’s they’re the ones better equipped to
kill people more is not very good at killing people at finishing people off
she’s good at doing little bits of poke damage and sure if you throw an orbit a
low target it’ll finish them off but again gee so much better a tracer is so
much better I do fist is so much better so by
enabling your DPS to get kills to do damage you allow for your team as a
whole to do a lot more work not to mention the fact that even if you get
one kill but you spent that time dpsing and then one of your dps dies you’ve
negated that one for one kill that you made whereas it would be much better if
you’d kept your dps alive and now allowed them to get that one kill and
then you’ve got a 65 situation and this again applies to the other example that
I notice which is that I saw that almost every mercy that I encountered in in in
gold and platinum use their Valkyrie to pull their blaster out and start trying
to get kills now I remember a while back I was on reddit again and I saw a
discussion and somebody in fact commented this on one of my posts as
well asking if it was a good idea till pretty much always use Valkyrie as a
means of getting kills because this person said that when they’ve out they
can almost always get at least two sometimes three kills so they were
wondering if he was worth and they it seemed suggest that they did feel like
it was work it was worthwhile it was valuable to use Valkyrie as a primarily
blaster killing dps tool now as with most things in overwatch whether or not
this is a good decision is highly highly contextual it really really depends on
the situation but let me explain to you guys the ways
in which pulling out your blaster and trying to kill people while in Valcke is
not always a good idea in his it’s a morte it’s a deceptively bad idea and I
would suggest that most of the time it’s a bad idea now let me explain why now as
I just said when you start a game and you go with the – – to calm which is the
theoretically optimal calm for putting goats aside for a minute because that’s
a a fad I guess you could say and it may well be gone soon but ideally the comp
is – – – and with that – – – not only is there the balance of who’s healing who’s
damaging who’s tanking there’s also a balance of the types of alts that you
have so tank cults are generally good again an either creating space or taking
space or stalling DPS alts are almost always good at killing portals are good
at supporting they good they you know Lucy Owens Enzo will pretty much make
your team immortal for a little bit of time and Ana’s again is now in the new
version is heal as well as a damage buff and reduction coalescence obviously
heals and damages and then we’ve got Valkyrie which has the potential to heal
multiple targets at the same time which mercy can’t do ordinarily and also
damage boosts multiple people at the same time so if you start a game with
two to two the balance is that you have two spells that are supposed to support
you they’re supposed to keep the team alive
and that’s where Valkyrie can be amazing because the ability to chain heal your
team and also the change damn chain damage boost them to you know flick
between the two whenever you need to give all your teammates 30% plus damage
is huge if you can do it similarly healing your team with the
mercy beam you know all at the same time is a huge huge huge huge buff to your
team if you decide to pull your glass trial and just Valkyrie you’ve now
essentially traded a support alt for DPS alt and they’re not a very good tip
years old because when you’re thinking about value guys you always have to
think about value in context value in the context of what value could another
hero provide you in the same situation so for example if you were going to use
Valkyrie just to blast her DPS kill people you may as well just have had a
instead which is much much more likely to kill people and much easier to kill
people with and alternatively think about it this way is that if you didn’t
have algorithm instead you had a zenyatta and you had a transcendence and
that ability to keep your team alive basically immortal for six seconds or
whatever it is exist transcendence last you’re trading that potential ability to
swing the fight in that huge way and you’re trading it for the possibility
that you frag out with with your blaster and get two or three kills and here’s
the other part of the Valkyrie fallacy as I would like to call it is that you
pretty much have to get two kills to justify blaster ring with your with your
Valkyrie at least and here’s why because again while you for that duration of
time that you pull your pistol out and you start chasing a Widowmaker or an
enemy support or even a Winston or something for that duration of time your
comp is now suddenly three DPS you’re down a healer because one of your
healers is not healing anymore so for every second you you spend plastering
you’re increasing the likelihood that one of your teammates dies from a lack
of healing so if you pull your blaster out and get one kill you you’ve probably
done a bad trade if anything because you’ve not only used an old but one of
your teammates almost certainly will die while you’re not healing them and even
two kills quite often may not be the valuable trade if you’re not healing
your team because maybe two of your teammates with that again it depends on
context but now you got to think about the other way if you’d spent that time
healing and damage we’ve seen your team and remember guys that’s a huge huge
damage boost if you can get three four five your teammates in that damage boost
and if they got two and three kills because of your damage boost you’ve use
this you achieve the same as you would have done pulling your blaster out and
solo killing those two or three people as you would then now having kept your
team alive and allowed them to get the kills now I understand why people do the
plaster Valkyrie because it feels good and it’s a very direct impact that you
can make on the game you pull your blaster out you kill two people you can
see them die you feel like you’ve done your job and you feel really good about
yourself but the true support and the really good
support player recognizes that it’s not about them getting the kills it’s just
about the team getting the kills and the team staying alive and the best way for
the team to succeed is for you to enable them with your ultimate for you to keep
them alive for you to damage boost them because it’s much better if your team
comes it comes out of a fight all six of them alive and the entire enemy team
dead rather than you blast ring killing three people leaving three people enemy
and the enemy team but now two of your teammates are died and you’re down to
four and then again you’re still scrapping it out so again guys I’m not
saying you never never use blasters Valkyrie because there are some times
and I covered this in my adversity video when when are the good times to use your
blaster but Val King just exclusive leader blaster is a deceptively bad idea
it’s a trap that you get caught into because it feels good to get those kills
directly but you’re not actually necessarily doing the best thing for
your team and I think this sums up what I noticed amongst a lot of the support
players is that they obviously frustrated with a level of DPS players
that they they’re being put with and they feel that they’re not doing their
job enough so I noticed a lot a lot of supports we’re quite frequently trying
to just go for kills that are ignoring their team Mercy’s pulling other
blasters ends on a flank Lucio’s doing the wall ride boop lucio
thing and more as going in the back line trying to duel people it’s really not a
good idea guys because while it might feel good to get a kill and then it
allows you to flame your DPS for not doing their job in reality your job is
not to get kills your job is to enable your DPS to get kills and maybe even
your tanks to get kills if you keep them alive and then they do nothing then
they’ve not done their job but if you get kills and then say you’re the DPS so
she ate I’ve got the gold medals or I’m getting the kills the DPS aren’t doing
anything then you’re not doing their job you’re trying to take their job from
them and you’re just making the entire team have much less efficient and
finally moving on to the role in question which is DPS which is what I’ve
been playing a fair amount of the last couple of weeks now I save this for last
deliberately because you might think that I’m going to come out in support of
DPS as having played as one for and I am in some ways I do have sympathy
for gps’s in some ways having gotten a flavor for what it’s like at that yellow
and I have two areas of complaint one is with the entire solo queue system and
what I realized is that solo queue basically breeds a particular Fault in
DPS that I have seen not just a golden plaque but I’ve seen this at the highest
levels of play I’ve seen a submaster GM level players making this mistake to be
honest it is the mistake that I’ve seen most often amongst amongst any role at
any level is that DPS try to do the whole game on their own they try to
carry the whole game on their own they never play with their teammates they
don’t want anything to do with them and this is what I’ve noticed cost more
games than most things that’s probably the singular biggest problem in
overwatch that causes games to go badly is when your DPS don’t coordinate breeds
through the whole team and nobody ends up coordinating because if one guy is
going in at one time you know the rest of the team isn’t there or there they’re
forced to take a quick and bad engagement or they don’t fight it all
and that guy dies on their own they flame their team for not coming in with
them it breeds a horrible environment but what I also learned was that’s what
the solo queue environment essentially asked to them that’s where I have
sympathy for them because I realized playing DPS and having played DPS with
tanks who are super super passive would never do anything and when the entire
rank you know the gold and platinum rank seemed to have an understanding that is
the job of DPS to start the fight it’s the job of DPS to make space I
understand the frustration of why DPS learned to ignore their team at the end
of day if something goes wrong or if the game goes wrong it was always till DPS
time there was always blame the DPS the DPS is fall didn’t get kills and that’s
a very simplistic understanding of overwatch guys just because you didn’t
get kills doesn’t mean that the DPS didn’t do their job it might also it
could have been it could have been that the DPS didn’t do their job but what’s
more likely happen is that your team didn’t engage properly they didn’t start
a fight they never started if I align the DPS the space and time and the chaos
because DPS sometimes need chaos to actually go in and get kills to
actually go in and do damage if you stand aim lessly around and do nothing
of course you DPS are gonna do nothing and so what that mentality breeds in dps
is that they learn to ignore their team because they’re not gonna get any
support from their team and that’s what happens when you have supports who are
dpsing and tanks who aren’t jumping in and supports who aren’t supporting and
healing you as a DPS you learn that you’re gonna have to go play on a solo
flank mission and just try and do everything on your own and eventually
these DPS players to get good enough at doing that they get good enough at
picking tracer you know sneaking into the backline just going for you know
crazy 3k and if they pull it off consistently enough they start to climb
you ask that same tracer to save their pulse bomb for a graviton to get a free
six-man kill they won’t do it because they’re so used to playing the solo game
that they just learned to ignore their teammates and that’s what I’ve noticed
it seems to be a problem amongst DPS players particularly gold and platinum
where they’re not even slightly trying but it’s a mentality that I’ve noticed
dps players even higher elos find hard to let go of and having read what some
coaches and contenders team staff have said about training players and what
more problems they often come across the number one problem the coaches seem to
cite as DPS doing wrong is that they always always try and take carry the
game on their back they try and do everything on their own and that’s
something that you have to get out of the habit of doing guys and that might
even mean not playing soloqueue so much learning to play with your friends
finding people whether it be through the group fine or just naturally in the game
who you can trust who you can play with so if your DPS finding tanks and healers
you know you can play with who will make space for you who will enable you
because at the moment the whole solo flank
I am the best player I will do everything and you guys suck and you
guys are in my way it makes a horrible horrible game environment guys because
when you are playing main tank and when you are trying to coordinate and your
DPS aren’t aren’t going in when you tell them to they aren’t following in with
you they’re not coming back they’re always trickling in that’s one
thing I noticed DPS were most guilty of they were always trickling in they would
always dilate because they were too busy trying to get kills even after the fight
was clearly over and then they’ll get two kills when everybody else is already
dead and they’ll say well where was my team my team didn’t do anything I got
two kills where are you guys but of course kills are meaningless if
they’re not at the right time if you don’t get a kill when your team can
capitalize on it and it’s pointless so that’s partly why I made this video
because I wanted to try and change some of the mentalities that I encountered
while playing in that eloah and it seems to be a sort of chicken and egg
situation of each role was doing things that made it harder for the other roles
to thrive and we really need to change our understanding of what each role is
supposed to do so we can all help each other so that we all enter a game of
overwatch and it feels fun it feels good because we’re coordinating and because
everybody’s trying to do the right things even if we don’t always do them
even if we don’t always match execute I’m sure all of you who’ve been in games
where it was really close was really fun everybody’s talking everybody’s
coordinating and even when you lose it doesn’t feel bad because you’ve had it
you’ve had a good shot you’ve had a good try at it but nothing feels worse than a
game where you go in and nobody wants to help you nobody wants to do anything
together one person is doing one thing another person’s doing another thing
someone’s flaming someone someone’s blaming someone else those are always
the worst games and those are the games that make overwatch feel like a struggle
and these things happen because we aren’t trying to do each our roles and
we’re all trying to infringe on each other’s roles so as tanks you need to
you need to enable your DPS you need to do your job and that’s to make their
life easier you got to make space for them and that means trading your body
putting your body on the line as healers you need to stop trying to turn trying
to do the dps job heal them enable them heal your tanks and enable them and
that’s what that’s what a true support does sure you might frag out
occasionally as a support and particularly some supports like zenyatta
are prone to fragging out they’re meant to frag out but your primary job is a
healer is to enable others and as DPS make it easier for your healer
make it easier for your tanks don’t try and do the solo mission
don’t try and carry everybody and then glow afterwards like almost sick DPS I
kill everybody if you don’t if you if you’re always on
a flank if you’re always away from your team how do you expect them to help you
how do you expect them to enable you to help you get kills and when you do get
kills that were helped by your team where your tanks made space where your
healers heals you acknowledge that because too often in overwatch I think
the reason so many people are drawn to DPS we seem to give all the credit to
DPS when things go right in reality when overwatch is played correctly everybody
enables everybody else and even if it’s the DPS on the kill feed UNIF it’s the
DPS doing the bulk of the damage which is what they’re supposed to do it’s not
because they carried is because their team allowed them they made the space
they gave them the heals they gave them the damage boost they put them in a
position to be able to do what their role is supposed to do so that’s all for
this part of the video guys I hope you found it helpful I know it was a bit
rambling but there’s definitely some misconceptions which I wanted to try and
clear up specific to the roles I did learn quite a bit just playing in the
elo and there’s some general epiphanies that I came to and some realizations
that came to about overwatch about why sometimes people find it hard to climb
why certain heroes are actually easier to climb with to start with the harder
to climb with later and how soloqueue encourages certain bad habits like the
DPS example but also more wider general examples and I’ll get into that in the
next part of this video hopefully this part was helpful if you guys enjoyed it
please do like subscribe and share it really helps and I’ll be back soon to
finish off what I learned coming from GM to go see you guys next time


  1. Do you think I should main a certain class? I can play a bit of everything, but I can’t climb. I’ve been bouncing around 2390-2490 and I can’t get to platinum. Would it help if I picked a specific class and stuck with it?
    Edit: I main Rein, Roadhog, 76, Reaper, McCree, and Moira. I play others, but I feel like these are my best heroes

  2. what means "quickly"? grinding for 8h straight?

    one ow youtuber says tank is the hardest to climb since you cant carry, others says its the easiest. tf is this game?

  3. Peoples need to realise that switching role during a game is not always such a bad ting… no shame in giving up a role if you feel somebody else on your team could do it better.

  4. i use mercys ult at the start of the fight to get a quick kill on the zen/widow depending on enemy team and then boost/heal my team. when they have stuns im just gonna shyt myself in a corner tho

  5. I just got OW I need to improve my skills and mouse before I play comp but i just subbed tp learn from you as well. I feel that learned more then a "coaching video" where the coaches poke fun at others lack skill not knowlege.

  6. I don't play comp often as I like to play with friends but we don't always have time to get into it. but as a (mostly) support player I find it very difficult to keep a good attitude and be, uh well ,supportive when I keep getting told of, especially by tanks, that I don't heal them.. happens the most with zarya's sadly. they bubble and jump into a full team alone and think a bubble and a mercy beam will keep them alive through it all. I'm not saying it happens all the time and a lot of people are thankful for whatever heals they can get. but this one person in every other match makes it feel like a thankless job somehow

  7. Im sorry but you can create all the space in the world and if your dps cant hit the broadside of a barn, it is thier fault.

  8. The one thing gold rank has taught me is that it is basically team deathmatch. No one wants to enable others they just play for themselves.

  9. My first competitive game in all of overwatch, I somehow managed to get platinum and I was literally between level 59-75. Now that I’ve tried harder and learnt more after all these years and months… I’m yet now stuck in gold. I always try to play Moira and focus specifically on healing instead of damage because I don’t want to let my team die so I guess that’s a bit of a negative for me and also a positive at the same time. 🤷‍♀️

  10. I had a 5 man shatter, it was a cleanup fight at that point, my zarya threw in grav (which is okay since we were running overtime with one tick left on 2cp) and my doomfist capitalised on both. When i excitedly went ‘huge shatter’ he was like ‘nah that was all me and the zarya wtf, taking credit for the dps’s work’. The game gave me potg for that shatter though and he complained how he was the one getting the kills.
    There’s such a misunderstanding in gold, we’re not used to the tanks that actually make space and give dps opportunity to work so when a tank really does that, they’re like yea I did it myself, nothing to do with you mr rectangle man. ._.

  11. I'm a main tank, low experienced, bought the game near wrecking ball release, and I basically play only him (so very bad combination, unexperienced and strange character) but fortunately it seems that I at least grasp the basics of what it means to be a tank, and listening to your video, many occasion in which my interventions saved the game were now clear, I'm not an ace beware, but I remember a match on Gibraltar where we couldn't even reach the first point, payload stopped just after the tunnel. Well with the help of a good mercy, I basically kept throwing myself at the enemy, pushing them behind the tunnel, smashing and ulting at them like a crazy, stats weren't good but I created so much chaos at that choke that we eventually won

  12. I think this was awesome. I believe I am guilty of being frustrated with DPS not doing their job and splitting my role as a support (usually Lucio-o-o-) Many times I’ve come out of a game as gold heals and gold elims, thinking I did my job and stepped up to help. However your point of gold medals and only competing against the other supports of your team struck home. I started reflecting and moving toward can I beat my “high score” for amount healed. If I am giving these guys all the chance to stay alive and they turn out to be shit DPS well that’s on them. Thanks man.

    It would be great on the kill feed to see how much that person was self-healed and healed/supported by their team. The point about solo dps obviously we are all battling ego, so having those kinds of stats would help put it in perspective of why so and so is on the PTOG etc.

  13. Took your points to heart and tried them, lost 150 sr like nothing. Gold level played my main Moira and just healed/Tried to play my role. Team did not do shit. your info at high levels makes sense but at gold level it just fcks you. I had to carry as a healer. I know this leads to bad behavior gameplay but to get out of gold as a healer its a must

  14. Although I'm quite late to the party here, I would also say it's a misconception that supports are healbots. You kind of led them in the wrong direction honestly, supporting your team is not just healing.

    Lucio boops ARE good and even 1v1s. It's a dangerous and often risky play but there are times where it is infact necessary and helps your team drastically. The difference is, can you still keep your team alive and get out safely. It's situational and not the only thing you want to do but it is no way a bad idea ever. When it comes to booping it depends on what you're going for but it sets up for a LOT of team plays. For example in rein vs rein booping the enemy rein up so your rein can shatter the enemy team is insanely helpful and wins the fight with an easy to get ult and an ability on a super short cooldown that can be used whenever. Also keep in mind that the whole "the floor is lava" isn't a joke with lucio, it's really what you should do. He's a very fast and mobile character and on the wall your movement is mixed up a lot. Learning wall tech and b hopping to make your movement as unpredictable as possible while still helping your team is insane valuable. Also, don't be scared to beat, beat is very strong the only issue is squeezing it. You want to use it at the last possible second to save your team so it lasts as long as it can, however you have to keep in mind how close you are to the ground so you know the delay. If you are too far from the ground and miss your opening that's worse than not using it that fight at all.

    Zen flanks are very valuable, the reason Zen can flank is he can keep his teammates alive and dps at the same time which is why Zen is super strong. You can leave the view of your teammates for 3 seconds which is enough time to get situated for a flanking opportunity. If you are able to get a quick kill on an enemy that's caught off guard AND heal that's super strong. Again it's not the most optimal thing every single fight as it becomes predictable, but it isn't always a bad thing. Zen ult comes down to 2 important situations. You can use it aggressively or use it defensively. The problem with aggressively is you lose a lot of damage as well. Make sure to always discord a tank or someone close to you so your team can still get the kill easily. If used defensively try to squeeze out the ult as long as possible waiting until the last second to get as much of your own damage out as possible but you have to make sure to not miss your cue. When used defensively as I mentioned using it aggressively you want to try to discord the character that is the reason you are using transcendence so that your team can kill them before any real damage is done and get them out of the way as soon as possible.

    Ana, you have to make a lot of tough choices and a lot of decision making with Ana. Such as, should I nade my teammates or anti the enemy, do I nano the rein at 100 hp or go for nano blade, and a VERY important one is does x character need healing or damage more. Ana's 70 damage may be just enough to get the kill which will turn the fight in your favor. 1 shot to help your teammate get the kill takes just a second and lets you still heal your team. Ana nade is a crucial source and is what makes her a very strong hero. Denying the enemy healing is as valuable as healing your team recieving 1.5x healing. It has a long cooldown which is what makes it super crucial to use properly. It is very situational but you don't want to only use it for one of the 2 and keep in mind both uses. Another great use is when using nano on a tank you can use nade and nano to get even more hp on them when shot. Nano is very situational however and really comes down to your ults and ult economy. It's a common misconception that you should nano rein when he uses ult. A rein that hits a strong ult will be able to clean up it without the nano and instead you can use the nano right after. The reason it's good to use the nano after the ult is so the rein can get his ult back super fast if the fight is not all the way cleaned up. However if your genji or other dps has their ult it may be more beneficial to keep them alive and nano them instead of keeping your tank alive because a nano on a dps essentially makes them a tank while using their ult. A nano'd genji takes 50% damage as opposed to 100% essentially doubling his health pool while also getting a large damage boost.

    I'm not too familiar with the rest of the supports but these are very important to keep in mind if anyone passes by this comment. For those who read it, I hope it helped.

  15. I hate high ranking players conducting their "Social experiments" by smurfing into lower ranks.
    You are the cancer of this game.

  16. I'm in broze/silver (constantly switching) and ive been tanking right. If only i wasn't the only one in match chat… If only i could aim…

  17. I know it is a different game, but this advice on what rolls do can apply to paladins. but the set up is different: healer sits on point, while the 2 tank and 1 damage+1 flank/ 2 damage watch the 3 flank routs.
    It applies because i have had games where we get toppled, if the tank ran in, followed by the damage, while the flank flanked, we could break the stager. It is very hard to break it on your own. Once my team was staggered, but 1 or 2 team mates where distracting them as they got melted, i was playing a sniper, i got all 4 of the enemies point, mainly because i killed the healer with my first 2 shots, which allowed there damage champions to not have healing when they noticed me.
    That was lucky, but with good cawordination would have broken the stagers, or whatever you call it, much easer, as dps can do there job, and not get melted instantly, because the tank was taking the fire and/ or getting melted first.
    P.s. I tend to play front line/ support because i am good at them, and mostly only play damage if i have first pick and one of the champions that no one knows how to deal with at my rank has not been banned in the ban faze. Ans i know most people want to play the damage champions at that rank.

    P.p.s i wish people where more cawordinated at my low rank, because a cawordinated team will almost always win against a un-cawordinated team, or at least for a un-cawordinated team it is much harder to break stager.

    …stager is a pain to get out of, you normally need the healer, a frontline, and at least one other player to break. Which only happens if they can hold on until the team mates get back from respawn, as well as preferably kill the enemies. Or just a insane carry from a team mate (something like my 4 kill described above)

  18. Never seen a video with a 5 and a half minute intro. It's good info, don't get me wrong, but Jesus it took forever to get there.

  19. The problem with main tanks in gold is that you have to coordinate with ur team well. And even when you use call outs not everybody listens to you all the time and cuz of that you get frustrated really quikly, including me.

  20. it's almost impossible to agree with what he said about moira. because of moira's splash heal (healing 65 with one left click tap) and being able to lightly graze over the whole team if you have a good stack of 2 2 2, you have plenty of time to put out tons and tons of damage. since your heals go through orisa and reins shields, you're one of the better flankers in close proximity to your team to get a rein to turn around or get orisa to shield dance. so no. moira is a fantastic healer and a fantastic dps and has granted numerous wins in comp and qp for me in the past couple years by exploiting the hybrid of healing and dps simultaneously.

  21. Very helpful! I just started playing hammond, on my smurf in diamond, because I found him fun and enjoyed his mechanics. I essentially just took a bunch of damage and I felt like I did nothing and was just getting lucky with my wins. Now that I know that I was actually helping my team and enabling my dps to actually get picks by being stupid, I feel more confident to play hammond on my main acc where I one trick Mei without getting flamed

  22. High master dps on Xbox , low plat dps on pc , I feel like I do know a lot about the game it’s just my mechanical skill that holds me back , me ego as well I feel like I shouldn’t be there so I blame I teammates more than myself when I make mistakes , that I should know better

  23. Every time I play competitive the enemy team has so much more stars than my team. I’m not saying I am good, but I always am the highest level on my team.

  24. Im a dps main, and yes Its Aldo frustrating that the whole team expects dps do everything, i get 4 Kills with widow and they dont push, they expect me to contest the point with widow against a Moira and a Reinhardt, in gold and plat there is a misconception with dps, they expect us to do a lot of the tank work.

  25. As a mercy player on my support account, which is high plat, i pull out my pistol when there is someone low that would otherwise be in a safe position on the other team, and I can kill them within 2 seconds-ish.

  26. I’m in gold, and on hanamura attack point a, tanks always stay at the choke, so I play sombra or tracer and I touch point so I can draw people back and give my team the will to push.

  27. I think this is all good advice, however one thing about playing main tank in plat/gold/etc. is that when you make space half the time your team won’t follow you through the choke and you will get melted by the other team while yours is still hiding behind it,

  28. It hurts to see zens IN COMP use their alt to keep themselves alive while the rest of their team is either already dead or dying

  29. Just having the team group up is an issue in gold. It seems after losing 1 team fight nobody will wait for eachother. I can ask (politely) 10xs over and nobody will group. It blows my mind.

  30. I have been in bronze and it's even worse there. because there are trust issues based on your rank because almost everyone falls into the trap of "they are only rank X they cannot be trusted" especially in ranks under gold.

  31. I main tank in gold on console, but I feel like that is what really makes it more difficult is the lack of communication. Most lobbies won't even have more than one other person with mic. When I try to put myself into the fight and command space, probably about 6 or 7 times in 10, the rest of the team hangs back and let's the gap close up, then accuse me of throwing and feeding

  32. i watch ow games constantly watch how to improve constantly but i've always been stuck in bronze. I completely admit its me not my team i've never been good at pvp games I wish I could get higher but I just seem to not improve

  33. People who use Valkyrie to get kills are fucking stupid. It's for healing, and the heals are super potent.

  34. Team games and teamwork require humility. Just look at some of these threads here… the responses and tone alone is exactly part of the problem. You can't even put your ego aside long enough to reply to a youtube comment. How tf are you going to adapt your game and adjust mid match to help the team ever. EVEN PROS continue to learn and mold their game. If you think you know it all you are already wrong.

  35. hmm, i've been in bronze and with help of some friends get to gold, but I don't see gold players having those problem that your mentioned. .. what I learnt is if there's no good dps… you just can't climb. It's like I was a healer I keep the team alive but no kill was done and I lost every game when I don't play as a dps.. (and when I play at a higher-SR game… my healing actually work coz it did keep dps alive to kill) (and yes, i solo-queue)

  36. The only way to climb in solo que on dps is to carry games , because if you dont your whole team will say it is your fault. And then you will end up with 6 dps

  37. So dps are allowed to blame their tanks and healers and not the otherway round? All these selfish dps players should just try to play the other roles instead of being so egoistic all the time

  38. dps job is to make space for tanks….. you should reveal that dudes username he deserves all the flame we can muster. What a jackass.

  39. All of this is absolutely the atmosphere in Gold. I play main tank and healer. I can't tell you how many times I've amped up a sport boosr, told the Rein what I am doing move forward and suddenly am in front of his shield as he waits in the choke. I also can't tell you as a Rein how many times I have seen on the kill cam with Me dying a moira right behind me using her 15 dps grasp instead of keeping the 70 dps tank up with a ginormous shield. Occas3 we do get good carry DPS which I love, but a good tank and healers will allow even average dps to shine if the team is together with the occasional flanker causing havoc. But as a tank/ healer I can't do both. I can't tell you how many games I've played were i wished I didn't select the role I was using and instead chose the other because I realizefour team had a knowledge gap as to what their priorities are. And when he says as a tank your job is to create space and you may die doing this it's true, but that's your job. I have seen many battles won where I moved in and was the very first to die, but in doing that the opposing team used all their cooldowns on me, and me dps took advantage of all the focus on me, got their positions and wiped the other team before I even he a chance to respawn.

  40. With the new divided queue system I will hopefully love it. I pretty much play everything in gold. I flex.
    And right now that's fucking painful. Sometimes I just want to play ashe or reaper. But then we have 5 damage characters and a mercy and no one will play tank. So I go orisa.
    Now I feel I'm a decent orisa, but if I'm getting 4-5 gold medals as orisa when we have 4 dps characters then it gets so fucking frustrating. Then they yell at me for trying to push up and they just stand around like a stick in the mud and let me go alone.
    It's just… cant wait for role queue. I will finally be able to play what I want.
    I topped out at mid plat basicly one tricking orisa but since not playing for like a year I've now been stuck in low gold all season. I cant seem to fall into silver, but i cant climb pass 2300.
    It's just soul crushing for me. I am legitimately doing all I can to help these fucking dimwits but nooe the mercy goes in with the pistol.

  41. I've just climbed my way from bronze to gold.. It was rough but I did it! I'm getting better everyday and I don't see why I couldn't get to plat next. However, communications in gold are 10x better than in bronze imo. Meanwhile he starts in gold and calls it a mess lol if u want a REAL mess then u need to see what bronze is like. It's scary down there

  42. Thank you for this video. This was pedagogically thinking very educative, you had good points and situational stories to back it up. I would have hoped for the clips in the video to follow your narrative more so it would have been even more impactful, but this was only a minor issue for me. Liked and shared with my friends as we all are gold-plat players and struggle with these exact problems. Pure greatness! I even took notes and made a TLDR version to our discord server 😀

  43. How do you win with a team not willing to work together. That’s what I want to know haha. That happens WAAAY more than anything else

  44. Out of the hundreds of overwatch videos i've consumed, this is probably the most insightful and eye-opening one (so far the first one I've watched of your series). so many one liners of information that i feel like should have been obvious but has made me reconsider what i thought about the game. thanks a lot for the effort in this!

  45. @SVB I'm a dps main that decided to try tank and healer on the PTR role q. My lowest ranking role was healer, it was in gold. I'd have to somewhat disagree with your comment regarding a DPS Moira. I spent most of my games as a healing ana, moira, and zen. But teams split, some fall off cliffs and just have poor mechanics at gold/silver level. I find that playing as DPS moira I can easily kill 2 or 3 before my team mates die. Even if they do die, it is often slower than the enemy team. It was a lot better than to continuously heal dps and tanks that werent creating space, killing or grouping up. However once I have some plat team mates on the team, it made more sense to heal over DPS.
    Of all 3 roles, I find it the hardest to carry with healer. Main tank and DPS seemed a lot more impactful than healers.

  46. I don’t play much ranked but I noticed it’s easiest to carry on tank at lower elos if you hold forward and make sure you get healed. I’m a dps main but always get stuck on main tank and my win rate went way up just because I swung my hammer more then the enemy rein

  47. Exactly right. I fucking hate playing tank main cause I’d push to get my team to safety because fucking rein shield is not permanent and people should push to find cover or push straight to point but idiots just stays behind pokes and says I’m diving too much when we’re literally a target practice on a choke point

  48. I hear what you're saying…I agree 110%
    I'm stuck in Bronze hell on console (PS4) and I'm a support player (99% Lucio) and I CONSTANTLY see players not sticking together as a team and Hogs or Zaryas way off on the side of the map trying to be a hero or a plat DPS. Or.. Junk Rat or Solider pushing WAY too far in alone on a 1 vs 5 situation. It's SOOOO frustrating…especially when you go to Team Chat to shot call and you're the only person there. But, I blame Blizzard for this mess. Too many people just don't know how to play this game properly and the biggest mistake they made was having a "medal system".
    Whenever I do get a few players on Team Chat, and we lose a game…I'll sometimes say "wanna know why we lost?" because their team stuck together, did their jobs and pushed through us no problem"..it's a simple as that, this entire game is that simple, but these kids only care about getting gold metals and high kill numbers..it's fine to get kills, but are you killing the right players on the enemy team? – it's doubtful as Hanzo and Genji are doing their 4th ult in the past 10 mins…

  49. No DPS tries to solo carry the team because that’s what the tanks/healers EXPECT us to do
    I’m tired of getting game where the tank stands there in the choke and doesn’t nothing but take damage, then the healers only heal the tanks, and the DPS are forced to go try to push the choke and get picks and just die
    Then it’s OuR DpS iSnT gEtTiNg KilLs

  50. i'm going to disagree a little about the supports. Moira is the only healer with the dps>heals problem at lower ranks. Ana/zen/lucios def seem to healbot way more at lower elo and dont really try to contribute to dmg. I'm pretty sure most of the support dmg stats from plat and under are from tanks lines leaving to many openings. Where as the diamond+ players seem to actively seek out ways to contribute dmg to squishies.

  51. dude i have just started playing OW. i was trying 2 get better at tanks 4 the same reason u mentioned (that not many play them). although i thought i was doing right but know i know i how wrong i was. thanks bro. also i would like 2 see more vids like this

  52. I’ve played multiple FPSes at a very high level. Just came back from not playing overwatch since before comp came out when all you did was scrims. I quickly climbed into diamond on just mechanics, but a lot of the stuff you say still rings true in diamond. You get so used to all the random bs, you end up playing mccree pretending it’s a deathmatch. Good video made me rethink some stuff

  53. Im in Gold I just play in a 6 stack with 2-2-2 (cause role lock) and i made sure they watch this vid (we have a discord) and when they are on we climb well cause we learn how to play together so we get used to the enviroment making games easier as we can communicate well

  54. Great content. It's nice to have actual, in-context, advice for once! Thanks!
    Just for the next, I felt like you were repeating yourself a lot and I am not sure if it's done on purpose (cause we dumdum lol) and I am not sure it actually helps to understand.
    It's just an idea, I liked the content, I just felt it could have been shorter and more "efficient" in a way.

    Thanks again! GLHF 😉

  55. Thanks for the video. You pointed something out that I do on Reinhardt sometimes. Thank you for that sir. I will go about correcting it. 👍👌

  56. This is why team games aren't fun if you can only play with randoms. You know your teammates didn't watch this video.

  57. Well, the video is great, but you didn't talk about off-tanks (which is my role). I was actually hoping for some good advice. But, as I said, still a great video.

  58. Things I've learned in 12 seasons of being in gold:
    If you play tank, you don't get healed
    If you play DPS, you don't get tank protection OR healed
    If you play healer, you heal tanks as they sit at the choke screaming about their shield running out

    People like Stylosa seem to think these players only exist on the other team, and if you were actually good, you could climb out of gold. Here are also some of my favorite moments:

    Our entire team dies pushing a point because the enemy blows every ult they have with a minute to go. . except for our Zarya . . who then proceeds to ult . . when our Mcree, Soldier, and DVA have their ults ready to go . . we ended up losing that game of course.

    On Busan . . we have control of the point, at 85%, we lost the first round, entire enemy team is set up behind a Rein and an Orisa with a Bastion and has knocked a few of our players out. I have Soldier and tac visor is up . . I run behind them, pop it, and the entire enemy team turns around and focuses me, which was the point. I get no kills, but by the time the enemy kills me and turns back around, it's too late and we win the round, which again was the point. I get yelled at for "wasting" my ult and get kicked out of the group after the game.

    My ABSOLUTE favorite though is teaming up when the group leader conducts a full 2 minute background check apiece into group member stats and 10 minutes later after their dream team group has been assembled, we get decimated because people play like they're in bronze. When the Ana nano boosts a Moira . . and DVA launches bomb into a full health Rein, Orisa, and Birgitte . . following which Soldier uses tac visor against 3 shields . . after which, you guessed it . . Zarya ults while screaming to attack. Somehow we didn't get any kills!! "But why didn't you just wait until Zarya had her ult and then nano boost Soldier while DVA bombs?" That's a great question . . a very simple and obvious question . . which I asked . . which was ignored . . and I was booted for being "toxic" after the game which lasted all of 5 minutes.

    This is why I'm still in gold. Pls halp.

  59. Your not a good Moira because you have 5 gold medals, your just one of 2 healers who out healed your Zenyatta and then played the only dps character that requires no aim

  60. Super good video, but that last like two minutes with the phara gameplay, she just kept pressing back button, looking at medals, like every few seconds, do people really do that?

  61. 5 minutes into the video and you’re still talking about what you’re going to be talking about in the video. I’m going to continue watching, however I’m currently wondering if the video being 35 minutes was necessary.

  62. I was in a game the other day when I was doing absolutely terrible as a tank but the dps and support heros were attacking each other saying they weren't doing their job. When I try to say it was my fault they were like "no, no, ur doing fine." I felt so guilty 🙁

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