What is Orangetheory Fitness?

What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory is revolutionizing the fitness
industry producing high caliber results through motivational group, interval training programs.
By combining both top-notch fitness coaching and a scientifically proven lesson plan, you’ll
walk out of class a believer in what this work-out can do for you. Orangetheory is not a hobby or a gimmick.
It’s a lifestyle change that will have you happier, healthier and conditioned. The Orangetheory
objective is to get your heart rate over 85 percent for 12 to 20 minutes allowing you to experience
the orange effect, also known as afterburn. Afterburn is a jumpstart to your metabolism
that keeps your engine burning fuel faster throughout the day. The average person will
burn 500 to 1200 calories in one Orangetheory class and once that individual reaches the
orange effect they’ll continue to burn fat calories for up to 38 hours without moving
a single foot onto the treadmill. In six weeks I lost 48 pounds, my waist size
went from a 38 to a 33. I won the weight loss contest! Before Orangetheory I really hadn’t
worked out for ten years. You know you feel the energy in the room; the competitiveness,
how quick the hour goes by. Every day it’s completely diffident. When
I leave her e I feel energized. I just love that the schedule is so open that I get to
choose my time. I can come whenever it’s convenient for me. To have a personalized
trainer the whole time is great!

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