What to Do When Your Printer Won’t Print a Document

What to Do When Your Printer Won’t Print a Document

– [Male Speaker] You don’t
have to feel hopelesswhen it comes to fixing the many issuesthat can come up with your printer.We’re here to help!Sometimes, your printer
tries to communicate with youthrough a series of cryptic,
flashing, colored lights.If you’re not fluent
in printer Morse code,the manual can help you decode
what the printer is saying.Yes, I know, you lost the manual long ago.No worries, just download a PDF copyfrom the manufacturer’s support page.Sometimes, the printer’s
queue can get jammedwith old documents that failed to print,holding up the one you need right now.Right-click on the printer icon
in Windows notification areathen choose “Open all printers”
to see a current listof what’s queued.In macOS, you can see the print queuefrom “System Preferences,”
then “Printers and Scanners,”then “Open print queue.”Right-click any old items and clear themto get things chugging again.It sounds so stupid but,did you check to see if
the printer was plugged in?Make sure the USB cable’s
plugged in snugly at both endsand the power cable’s
plugged into the wall.You never know when someone unplugged itto charge their phone without telling you.And what if you’re cable free?Is your printer getting
a good enough signal?See if the printer shows up
on your router’s network list,or try moving the printer
closer to the routerto see if it’s out of range.In yet another slap your
palm to your forehead moment,are you sure you’ve directed the documentto the correct printer?If you’ve used your computer
with multiple printers,then you may be sending
documents to the wrong printer.Try printing again, but
be sure to choose “File,”then print from the “Print” menurather than using the shortcut.Then, pay close attention to the options.If the drop-down menu
shows a different printerthan the one you want, click
to select the correct one.Printers can be finickyand even if you think you
have paper in the paper tray,your printer may think otherwise.Try removing the paper tray,re-aligning the paper,and sliding it back in.In other instances,
there may be paper jammedin the mechanism.Your printer will tell you where,then all you need to do
is open the access paneland pull out the mangled paper.If your printer is telling
you in no uncertain termsthat it’s out of inkand you know it isn’t,there are a few things you can do.A printhead may be clogged or dirty.And you can clean it outwith your printer’s
built-in cleaning routine.Ink cartridges themselves may have issues.You can blot the little copper
strip where the ink comes outwith a wet paper towel and clean it.Once the ink starts flowing
freely into the towel,give it a dab with a dry paper toweland reinsert the cartridge.If you have a laser printer,you may be able to squeeze
more toner out of the cartridgeby shaking it from side to side.If you’re still stumped,it may help to run some diagnostic tests.If the test page comes out finebut Windows throws an error,you can be fairly certain
you have a software problem.If the printer can’t
even print the test page,you’ll wanna focus on
repairing the printerrather than driver or software issues.For more on printers in general,visit www.pcmag.com(upbeat music)

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