What Type of Lucky Bracelet Are You? | Lucky Fortune Unboxing

What Type of Lucky Bracelet Are You? | Lucky Fortune Unboxing

Hey guys! So we’re back today opening some more Lucky Fortunes. Let’s see how lucky we are today! So, I’m unboxing a teal one. And me, I have a pink one. 3…2…1… Oh, I got a little pizza! I actually love the pizza. My fortune says: “Say cheese and always keep smiling!” We both have food! I have a little watermelon. “You’re one in a melon” Oh my god, my shirt says that! So, let’s see how lucky we are. So, oh, I am very, very lucky. That’s really good. And it is in the Love Category. And I’m lucky and it’s in the Happiness Category. Wait! My cookie was pink, but my charm wasn’t in the Friendship Category. Yeah, the colors of the cookies are completely random. They don’t give away anything about what’s inside. My cute little pizza. And my cute little melon. Why’s it taking so long? You’ve gone so much faster. Let’s open another one. Oh, it’s a taco! Oh, it’s so cute! So cute! Let’s read the fortune. “All you need is love and tacos.” And it’s in the Love Category. I’m going to put my bracelet on now. Do you want to play some rapid-fire questions using the Love Category? Sure! Okay, so you tell me what you’d rather. First of all, taco or pizza? Pizza. I agree. Second of all, cupcakes or milkshakes? Umm…milkshakes. Good choice. Would you rather a red popsicle or a green popsicle? Red popsicle. Would you rather to sing or to fly? To fly, duh. I think we should open another cookie. I’m going to open the pink one. OMG it’s an airplane! It’s so cute! And it’s from the Adventure Category. Let’s see our fortune. “You will travel far and often.” I love that, I love travelling. You’re also very lucky. Oh fun! Do you want to put it on your wrist? Yeah sure. I actually really love… The airplane? Yeah. Let’s look in the adventure category if we can make lucky combinations with these charms. Yeah I need a lot of luck because I have a huge dance competition this weekend. Okay, so here’s the ones that I’ll choose. The roller skate, the seashell, the hot air balloon, and the speech bubble. Yeah those are good! They’re going to give you a lot of luck. OMG! I get to be really lucky this weekend! What did you get? It’s a… a little ducky! Oh it’s so cute! I love the fact that it’s pink. Yeah I’m going to put it on my wrist. What does your fortune say? Um…let’s find out. Ooh and it matches with my wrist. You know, yellow, pink. Let’s see. Mine says “You’re a splash of fun.” Thank you! Look! It’s from the happiness category. Do you want to play a game? Sure! The game is: “What makes you happier?” So, baby ducks or unicorns? Baby ducks. Ice cream or donut? Um… ice cream. Peach or watermelon? Watermelon. Unicorn cake or rainbow in a jar? Of course rainbow cake. Rainbow cake. That was it for our game! Good job. Ow! Ok, so we’re ready to open another one. I’m going to open the purple one. Ok, um, our collector’s guide. Here, you can hold it. I’ll tell you what category it’s in. Okay. What charm is it? I’m not sure…it’s a shooting star! It’s so cute. Oh, it’s in the success category. And how lucky is it? It is…very, very lucky! That’s right! My cap…my caption? Um, no. My fortune says “You are as magical as a shooting star”. Aww. Cause you are. Thanks! Let me just put it on. Oh la la yes! So pretty. Work! Now let’s talk about superstitions! Superstition! Are you superstitious? It depends, sometimes I could be. I never open an umbrella inside my house because I think it’s bad luck. Um, I never break mirrors because that’s also bad luck. And… And you just…for common sense no, don’t break your mirrors. Yeah, yeah don’t break your mirrors, but it also brings you bad luck. You? I wouldn’t say I am the most superstitious person. Like, I don’t let those things haunt my brain. Do you go under ladders? I don’t know. That also brings you bad luck. There’s not many situations where I’ve had to go under a ladder. Good point. Let’s see what’s in the periwinkle. What did you get?
It’s a bright pink band… Yes and what did I get? Aww so cute! It’s a little fish in a fishbowl! Look! It’s in the friendship category, just like you wanted. Aww. Let’s see my fortune. “Swim in your own direction.” I swim like this! Front crawl…back crawl… Hey, let me swim! I’ll put on my bracelet. Do you want to play a little game? Sure! So, how well do we know each other? How do you play? So, basically we both each have a board. And then I’m going to ask you a question about me and you have to write the answer. And I’m going to write my answer. And then, if you get it right, you’re the best BFF in the world and same goes for me. So the first question is: What is my favourite gumball flavor? 3…2…1…go! Red! Is it red cherry? Um yeah, but sometimes… Most of the time, it’s strawberry or raspberry. I like all of those. What’s usually pink. You get the point. What was my first pet? Go! What was that drawing?! It’s a fish! What’s my favourite ocean animal? Okay. 1…2…3…go! Narwhal! What would I rather? Pretzels or noodles? Go! I tried to draw a pretzel, that didn’t go well. No, no, no that was not a good drawing. So the next question is: what symbol do you think I use more? The peace sign or the hashtag? Easy. 3…2…1…go! Woo! Did I get it? Good job, yeah. Hashtag! And I wrote hashtag BFF and hashtag Lucky Fortune! So the last question is: What is my spirit animal? Elephants or pandas? Okay, ready? Oh no… 3…2…1…go! It’s an elephant! Of course it’s an elephant! Of course! We were gonna tie this. 3-3. Since we just had a tie, we need to have a tie breaker. Yeah, so the tiebreaker question is: What’s my favourite juice? GO! Apple! Apple?! I really like grape juice. Like if I’m at a restaurant, and they’ll have like oh, apple juice, grape juice or like, I don’t know like, orange juice, I’ll always take grape juice. Nooooo, you won! I’m the most amazing BFF in the world! Aw, good job! Thank you for watching! Make sure to like and subscribe! See you all next time! Bye! So cute! That’s a wrap!


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