What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Burger King

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Burger King

Planning a visit to your local Burger King? Do yourself a favor and don’t order these
menu items. From unappetizing calorie bombs to fish sandwiches
that might not be so fresh, here are some fast-food meals you should absolutely never
order at Burger King. Burger King’s Single Stacker King is a quarter-pounder
topped with bacon, cheese, and what the fast-food chain calls a “special Stacker sauce.” Calorie-wise, it’s nothing too crazy, coming
in at a digestible 700 calories. Well, its big brother is that burger on steroids. “What more do you want?” “You got the single, you got the double, you
got the triple.” “Hey King, I think I may have dripped on you.” The Triple Stacker King is huge, obnoxious,
and has more calories than any other item on the Burger King menu. This monster burger includes three patties,
multiple slices of cheese, and more bacon than anyone should ever consume in a single
sitting. In short, it’s a beast of a burger that’s
best avoided. Before getting into The Triple Stacker King’s
calorie count, remember when critics slammed Burger King for its Smoked Bacon and Cheddar
Double Angus burger in 2012? The burger was 966 calories…a fact that
rattled Tam Fry, a spokesperson for the National Obesity Forum. Fry remarked that: “This burger is the height of irresponsibility
and, if left unfettered, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity
epidemic.” Well. With its gut-busting 1,370 calories, The Triple
Stacker King basically laughs in the face of those critics. And considering how many calories are in this
burger, you’d expect every bite to be a taste of beefy heaven. Well, Brand Eating didn’t exactly give it
a winning endorsement. The reviewer felt the burger was good if you
wanted a bunch of meat and cheese, but concluded: “This was a bit much for me.” Considering that it’s stuffed with six slices
of bacon, it’s safe to say Burger King’s Triple Stacker King is “a bit much” for everybody. The Big Fish is essentially Burger King’s
answer to McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish…only far more disappointing. “It’s fishing season at Burger King.” The good news is that you do get some lettuce,
pickles, and tartar sauce to help you choke it all down with. Meanwhile, the breaded Alaskan Pollock fillet
is reportedly left in a warming tray for far too long. One supposed former Burger King employee wrote
on Reddit that: “[The Burger King I worked at] had the same
2 or 3 fish fillets in the warmer for entire days sometimes.” We sincerely hope that’s an exaggeration…but
other employees have made similar claims about the sandwich, telling presumably horrified
Reddit readers that: “They also keep some surplus so they don’t
have to make it new each time someone orders it, so you may be getting old fish.” Let’s say you order the Big Fish because of
its relatively low 510 calories. Can you at least expect it to taste good? According to Business Insider, the answer
is absolutely not. The website reviewed seven fast-food fish
sandwiches, and the Big Fish came in fifth. The reviewer wrote: “This fish is gray and sad, like the last
lonely tuna at the fish market.” In other words? This is one fish you’ll want to toss back. The Bacon King consists of two beef patties,
a few slices of American cheese, and six strips of bacon that’s all but drowned in ketchup
and mayo. “Alright, we’re gonna take you for the our. First floor, bun. Second floor, two patties, third floor, penthouse,
six strips of bacon, sesame seed roof.” “Mm-mmm.” As pointed out by Paste, the burger is also
an exact replica of Wendy’s popular Baconator. Is there no honor amongst fast food chains
anymore? Beyond that, it seems like the only thing
that differentiates the Bacon King from the Double Stacker King is that they left off
the “Stacker special sauce,” opting instead for ketchup and mayo. When all is said and done, the Bacon King
reigns supreme when it comes to calories, saturated fat, and sodium. In other words, you’ll have to cycle for several
hours to burn off the 1,040 calories and 26 grams of saturated fat. Here’s hoping you have an especially perky
spin instructor. Fast food is often relatively easy on the
wallet…but sometimes you have to wonder if the deal is too good to be true. Case in point: Burger King’s chicken nuggets. In 2018, the company rolled out this promotion: “Has the king gone crazy? He’s offering ten juicy crispy white meat
chicken nuggets for just a buck.” Wendy’s and McDonald’s certainly doesn’t offer
that sort of deal on chicken nuggets. While 10 nuggets for a buck is a good deal,
it begs the question: Why are they so cheap? It might be a classic case of “getting what
you pay for.” To that end, one Chowhound user bluntly declared: “BK’s Chicken Nuggets Officially SUCK!…They
were flat (think half the thickness of a McD’s nugget), tasteless, and the ‘meat’ was unidentifiable.” And Business Insider isn’t a big fan of the
nuggets either, writing that, “[They’re] firm, but not crispy compared with
other options…These nuggets have a spongy texture that feels questionable.” Thanks but no thanks, Burger King. We’ll be getting our chicken nugget fix elsewhere. Clearly Burger King isn’t winning any points
when it comes to burger creativity…and the Rodeo King is another big disappointment. “Answer the question: did you order the Rodeo
burger?” The burger is really just the Bacon King,
only they slapped on a few onion rings and swapped out the ketchup for barbecue sauce. That’s it, folks, nothing else to see here. Burger King did somehow manage to jack up
the burger’s calorie count, and at 1,480 calories, it has even more calories than the friggin’
Triple Stacker King. Oh, and we sure hope you like a good morning
walk… “Burger King for breakfast? Yes there’s such a thing!” Because you’re going to be walking for hours
and hours and hours to shed the calories packed into this burger. Doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of work
for a few extra onion rings and a bit of barbecue sauce? You might think we’re being unfairly harsh
about the Rodeo King. Is it perhaps bursting with juicy flavor that
makes up for these high-calorie crimes? If only that were the case. GrubGrade’s reviewer said they wished the
burger had more bread to make up for the overwhelming saltiness. And a supposed Burger King employee wrote
on Reddit that the burger is basically a stomach ache just waiting to happen. One thing we know for sure: this burger is
definitely no king of the rodeo. Sometimes, it’s the seemingly low-key menu
items you have to worry about. Let’s say you walk into your local Burger
King because you want to see if you still love a Whopper the way you did as a teenager. Perhaps you think ordering the Whopper Jr.
is the smart choice. After all, it’s only 310 calories compared
to The Whopper’s 660 calories. But not so fast. Whatever you do, don’t order that Whopper
Jr. because you may come to regret it, and not just because it’s one of Burger King’s
most bullied burgers. “Did you bully this burger?” “Well, yeah.” “This is a defenseless Whopper Jr. It can’t defend itself.” “We don’t mean anything by it.” “It’s just for laughs.” “It’s just for laughs!” Here’s the lowdown on this seemingly innocent
junior burger. It appears the Whopper Jr. is a highly unpopular
burger. If the Burger King menu was high school, the
Whopper Jr. would win the superlative of “most forgettable” in the yearbook. And since it’s an unpopular choice, the patties
are reportedly not-so fresh, that is, if one alleged Burger King employee can be believed. Writing on Reddit, the supposed Burger King
staffer said: “Never never never buy the whopper junior,
not enough people buy them so they just sit out and go bad.” This rabble-rousing Redditor goes on to say
that the burgers simply “take too long to make fresh.” And apparently, managers tell employees to
“use the super old [patties]” that have been sitting around for awhile. Yikes. Of course, eating at Burger King isn’t doing
your health any favors. So if you really want a Whopper, just go ahead
and order the real deal. That way, you apparently have a much better
chance of getting a burger that’s made fresh. If you want chicken, don’t go to Burger King. It’s not their specialty and you’re likely
to get something that leaves you feeling totally disappointed. “When it comes to flame grillin’, the King
always outranks the Colonel.” Does he, though? Because in a fast-food grilled chicken sandwich
showdown, Eat This, Not That! ranked Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich dead last. The reviewer even said the chicken tastes
“dry” and “artificial,” and has a, quote, “jarring floral nuance.” Since then, Burger King has swapped out the
mayonnaise for honey mustard, but it doesn’t seem to have helped much. One YouTube reviewer said the sandwich just
doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor, and people on social media are similarly underwhelmed. Another unsatisfied customer wrote on Twitter: “I just tried the new grilled ‘chicken’ sandwich. I took one bite and almost vomited, for $5
you should be ashamed of yourself.” Meanwhile, another customer wrote: “Tell me how you pay almost $6 for a grilled
chicken sandwich not the meal just the sandwich…and there’s more bread and lettuce than chicken
??” According to one supposed Burger King employee
on Reddit, it’s not the best idea to order the sandwich if you’re in a hurry: The chicken
is usually grilled only after somebody puts in an order, and that can take quite a bit
of time. A word to the wise: You’re at Burger King…so
order a burger instead. Considering that the plant-based Impossible
Whopper isn’t available at every Burger King, it may seem a little premature to add the
item to this list…but we have our reasons. First off, it’s probably not a bad idea to
double check your burger patty when you order an Impossible Whopper. “It’s made of f—ing beef right here, do
you see that? It’s beef.” “We swear, it’s not beef.” Don’t be so sure about that. A Burger King in Brooklyn, New York was reportedly
caught misleading customers into thinking they were getting a vegan Impossible Whopper…but
they were actually served regular Whoppers with beef. Then there’s the issue of the sandwich itself. You might think the Impossible Whopper is
a healthier alternative to the beef Whopper, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sharon Zarabi RD, director of the Bariatric
Program at Lenox Hill Hospital, told Healthline: “Health-wise I don’t think it makes much of
a difference. I wouldn’t define it as healthier, I would
define it more as ethical.” While it does have a lower cholesterol level,
the Impossible Whopper has a lot more sodium than the traditional Whopper, a whopping 1,080
milligrams, compared to the 980 milligrams in a beef Whopper. Social media seems divided on the Impossible
Whopper’s taste. One dissatisfied customer wrote on Twitter: “Impossible Whopper tasted like a dry bland
garden burger while Whopper tasted like beef. Not impressed.” Meanwhile, other customers seem to like it,
with one fan inelegantly tweeting: “I tried the Impossible Whopper and I’m
a happy camper! I’m glad more fast food places are getting
vegetarian options that don’t taste like absolute ass!!!” Meanwhile, this lady was way into it: “You have to take a bite. It’s delicious. It’s really good.” Of course, everyone has their own reasons
for wanting to try the Impossible Whopper…but if you’re getting it because you think it’s
the healthier choice, you may want to think again. Burger King has relied on their signature
Croissan’wich to entice early-rising customers since the early ’80s. “Sizzling bacon. Tender ham. Or sausage.” While there’s a wide variety of Croissan’wiches
to choose from, we’re most concerned about the sausage-on-sausage variety. The doubled-up sausage version is a gasp-worthy
710 calories. Burger King’s signature Whopper has fewer
calories than that, coming in at 660 calories. And here’s some more bad news for you: A lot
of people on Reddit seem to think the quality of the Croissan’wich has gone way downhill
in recent years, with one customer writing: “I had the Croissan’wich a few weeks ago and
it was very underwhelming.” Another unhappy camper wrote: “I tried ordering one a few times the past
year or so, and I never finished them. And I just can’t stomach their eggs anymore
for some reason.” Maybe your local Burger King has a delicious
Croissan’wich that’s on point. And if not, you gotta admit: a breakfast that
contains 710 calories and tastes like piping white-hot trash is a terrible way to start
the day. We recommend marching on…until you find
a healthier breakfast option. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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  1. Bk used to be awesome then the quality kinda took a nosedive in recent years. I think they鈥檙e trying to do too much with offering so many different item. Fuckers even got tacos now. A month ago it was hotdogs, now 馃尞. Wtf

  2. Whoper Jr meat is the same meat they use for all value menu items. these days more value menu items are sold than higher price items( bigger Whopper patties). Small meat is far fresher because it's constantly being sold and replenished. This is fake news.

  3. Not caring about calories when I pull into a Fast Food place. The real reason I don't go to Burger King is that the restaurants are dirty and food takes forever. Haven't even considered going to burger king is over a year.

  4. What you should absolutely never get at Burger King… EVERYTHING! Fast food chains are slowly killing all of us world wide and laughing straight to the bank.

  5. We don't have to buy it we need to stop blaming the fast food industry for obesity as we the people must take personal responsibility of our health.

  6. Enough already. The bias is just too clear. 'ONE reddit poster said'. 'ONE employee said'. and, 'Pinned by Mashed; Did {you} favorite ….. ' I quit 'fast food' decades ago…but you've crossed a line from critique reporting to adding opinion. Not cool. Perhaps you feel pressured to post something, I don't know. Move on to upstanding and objective commentary.

  7. I can tell you from my own personal experience working in fast food that you are not getting 6 WHOLE strips of bacon only 3 when the bacon is prepped its put on to half sheet pans parchment resting on the bottom of the pan the whole sheet of bacon parchment and all is cut in half and the process is repeated fir the entire package

  8. Too much bacon? Those pieces are cut in half! That's like 3 strips.
    Big spender on that one!

    If you wanna roll healthy just cook at home. The most important thing is moderation. You can eat this crap and be fine, just don't do it every day. Or if you do, have it during a physically demanding job to burn it off or hit a gym.

    Or don't. Just don't bitch when you gain 5 pounds a week

  9. Dont go to Burger King because it has to many calories End of the Video. Talk about their creativity when it comes to burgers lets talk about the creativity of your content.

  10. Whopper jr. Js fresh to me. I guess it depends on the location. I think the same is for my moms fish sandwiches she always orders.

  11. Don't order the Whopper Jr. because not many are ordered and you'll be stuck with old meat, don't order the grilled chicken sandwich because it's cooked only after you order it and it takes time so you'll be better off getting a burger… um ok 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

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  15. BK Broiler has seen better days
    …Satis-fries never had a chance. Hasbrowns and the rodeo burger Still The Same just like good ole Bob said, "every time you put that dollar (and change) down like you never placed a bet…

  16. I dont eat McDonald's. People who don't eat McDonald's eat at Burger King and as long as it's just horsemeat I don't give a shit.

  17. When I worked at BK in the early 80's I was building myself custom burgers consisting of a handful of bacon several cuts of cheese and 4 to 5 patties. Usually a stack of fries too.
    I was eating that five days a week.
    Must say that the Nations dbl cheese burger with bacon is the best… Faaar better than any BK food.

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  19. fat isn't an epidemic, its a choice people make, food chains aren't responsible for it, people are responsible for what comes out of their wallets. i've been fat most of my life and have been dropping weight for a while. but i'd still eat a burger once in a while if i feel like it.

  20. but the simple fact of the matter is, if the individual cooks who work there do a good job, you get good food, you can't just blast a food chain en masse, because those studies* aren't a study of every single store in the world…

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