What You Should Know Before Ordering Breakfast At Subway

What You Should Know Before Ordering Breakfast At Subway

While the four sandwiches currently on Subway’s
breakfast menu may not seem very extensive, there’s a lot you might not know about Subway’s
breakfast offerings. From menu changes and store availability,
to what’s really in their sandwiches, here’s the truth about Subway’s breakfast. When you think of fast food breakfast options,
chances are Subway isn’t the first restaurant that crosses your mind. Unlike McDonald’s, which opened its doors
in 1955 and began officially serving breakfast at all of its locations 22 years later in
1977, it took Subway 45 years in business before they started serving breakfast in 2010. It’s no coincidence that the sandwich restaurant
chose that year to debut their breakfast offerings, either. “Subway now has … BREAKFAST!” The financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 that
led to the recession hit restaurant sales particularly hard, leading some fast food
chains like Subway to break out into new markets in an attempt to increase sales. Introducing breakfast was just one of the
ways Subway attempted to expand its markets in the face of hard times. According to a Forbes report, the company
opened nearly 6,000 restaurants between 2008 and 2010, right in the midst of the recession. Branching out into an all-new daytime menu
offering can be risky. Just ask Wendy’s, which has periodically added
and then removed breakfast from their offerings over the years. In 2015, then-Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick said: “We have tested breakfast many times over
the years and we feel, as virtually the only large national chain that hasn’t gotten into
breakfast, it’s very difficult to enter that space today and commit the kind of marketing
resources that we feel would be necessary to really entrench ourselves successfully.” Subway, however, found quick success with
their breakfast offerings, reporting increased sales that exceeded their expectations. This is likely due in part to how much effort
Subway put into promoting their breakfast offerings through a national advertising campaign. The campaign included 15 and 30 second television
ad spots, along with radio, social media, and other digital advertisements. Arguably one of the best things about Subway
is that their sandwiches are fully customizable – if the food is available at the restaurant,
you can add it to your sandwich. Breakfast sandwiches at Subway are no exception. Not only can you add all the meat your heart
desires to your breakfast sammy, why not add some tomato slices to freshen things up? Or how about one of the assortment of sauces
available for any sandwich? While it would be easy to take some of the
ingredients in an unhealthy direction, the customization is actually an attempt to keep
things healthy. “This one got avocado on it.” “Oh, mine had avocado on it!” “Wow. How ‘bout that?” “Well, I don’t…” What’s in their eggs? In 2017, Subway came under fire when the results
of DNA tests on their chicken revealed a surprise. According to the CBC, Subway’s oven roasted
chicken scored just 53.6 percent chicken DNA, and the chicken strips had just 42.8 percent
chicken DNA. While Subway denied the claims, it makes you
wonder just how much egg is in all of their egg-based breakfast sandwiches. It turns out, they aren’t much better. According to a Forbes report comparing the
eggs at several fast food chains, Subway’s eggs contain the most non-egg ingredients. In addition to whole eggs and egg whites,the
standard egg omelet patty at Subway contains: water, nonfat dry milk, premium egg blend,
soybean oil, butter alternative, and an antifoaming agent among other ingredients that, well,
aren’t eggs. Even though Subway’s eggs may be more like
Franken-eggs, they’re still pretty tasty. In fact, in a 2012 comparison by Consumer
Reports, they beat out the competition for taste. The group tried breakfast sandwiches from
chain restaurants Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, and Starbucks,
before determining that the winner for taste was Subway’s Egg White and Cheese on Mornin’
Flatbread. According to the report, all the components
of the sandwich “blended well” with the report going on to call the sandwich’s flatbread
“tender” and the egg whites “flavorful.” Not only that, but Subway’s breakfast also
beat out the competition for nutrition. Of the 106 total sandwiches tasted across
the chains, six of the sandwiches received a Consumer Reports rating of “very good” for
nutrition, and all of those were from Subway. Several other Subway sandwiches received a
rating of “good” in terms of nutrition, while no sandwiches from Burger King, Wendy’s, or
McDonald’s rated better than “fair” for nutrition. It is fast food, after all. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the
success of limited time offerings at fast food chains – like the McDonald’s McRib – it’s
that consumers get bored with the same old thing and want to branch out with their food. This is probably why Subway decided to test
out a new option for their breakfast sandwiches in early 2018. For a limited time in select Southern California
locations, customers had the new option of getting their Subway breakfast sandwiches
on round croissants. While not all of Subway’s sandwiches were
available on the croissants, consumers were excited by the new option, leading some to
hope they would eventually become available nationwide. If nothing else, it seemed like a solid attempt
to breathe new life into Subway’s breakfast options. In 2018, shortly after Subway began testing
their new croissant breakfast sandwiches, the chain revealed they had begun letting
their franchises opt out of the previously-mandatory 7 a.m. start time and egg sandwiches. “How could you?” “I got a phone call…Todd!” According to Bloomberg, Subway’s decision
to back away from the breakfast market was due to competition from other restaurants,
a shortage of workers, and the fact that breakfast just wasn’t doing well at some locations. But depending where you live, a Subway breakfast
may still be in the cards. In an interview with Restaurant Business,
then-CEO Suzanne Greco called Subway’s breakfast a “regional success” and revealed that in
those areas where breakfast is doing well, they’ll continue to serve and market their
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  1. I used to work at subway. It’s garbage do not eat there 😂the tomatoes are kept in a crate filled with moldy ones mixed in and they don’t even wash them. The meat comes in solid blocks and you have to pull it apart with your hands

  2. It doesn't matter what they're serving I haven't eaten at Subway since I found out they put yoga mat material in their bread to make it hold up better with the oils and other liquids that go into the sandwich. This is poison check out foodbabe.com under investigations for the full story in the official chemical name. They claim they're not doing that anymore since they were caught but the fact that they did it anyway knowingly poisoning their customers is enough for me to say no even if they're not doing it they did in the fact that they would do that to their customers tells me what kind of thugs they really are and everywhere I go I tell people about Subway and why I do not eat there and why they should not it's absolute garbage even their meats are filled with antibiotics and steroids. Subway is garbage

  3. Subway is gross
    That pepperoni
    (and everything else)was sliced Packaged and stored in a warehouse for up to 5years before even being shipped
    McDonald uses real eggs but ya gotta ask for em

  4. Haha. It took Canadians to expose Subway with the DNA tests. Don't mess with our country! https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/marketplace-chicken-fast-food-1.3993967

  5. Hey what music is used in this complication does anyone know? And why do they put buttermilk powder in the egg? That's not supposed to be a dairy item.

  6. Once a month I used to enjoy Subway sandwiches. They changed the recipe, probably using cheeper ingredients. I began to have a severe skin rash allergic reaction. Suffice it to say Subways is officially off my menu FOREVER!

  7. I’m going to get my steak club right now. Lol mashed producers eat Subway on their lunch break and have it delivered so they don’t get caught. That CBC story was rather interesting since they conducted the test at a school lab not a legit facility.

  8. How much did Subway pay Mashed to make this video? This video just taught me that when watching Mashed videos, take in their facts with a grain of salt.

  9. All you need to know is never ever order anything at subway unless you enjoy getting sick. It’s all garbage, hours away from spoiling or worse.

  10. I came here to read the comments about Subway's breakfast. I have one right across the street. Never knew they served a morning menu❕

  11. I mean, the facts dont surprise me. I used to work at subway. Ans wanna know what? They tuna used to be made of seal and/or sea turtle meat. But its not no more, as far as we know. But the label on the front says "No longer contains sea turtle meat." 😂💔😭

  12. You can do the best meat they have, extra cheese, sauces….whatever and the sandwich would still be trash. Just shut Subway down already.

  13. I used to work for the local corporate branch of Subway in LA County. I did the evaluations to make sure they were maintaining standards. I was slandered and fired because I was holding the bad restaurants to code and failing them which made the owners mad. Subway does not care about standards, they're desperately trying to prevent franchise owners from shutting their restaurants down and completely throw the book out the window. Feelings over facts rule corporations.

  14. Eating at subway, you don't get what you think is bread in their sandwiches. It's composited with several fillers like soy, and what tastes like hay. I'll never eat at subway after experiencing this taste in their bread.

  15. fake food, why the fuck would anyone wanna eat this shite?! may as well make breakfast yourself or go to a place that cooks a full real egg.

  16. There was a Subway in my area that didn't carry breakfast years ago but they had signs up for it which makes no sense. If they don't waht to carry breakfast that's up to them, but DON'T put up signs that makes people think they have it!!!

  17. In Honduras we have a pan con frijoles breakfast at Subway. Refried beans on a french bread. You can add eggs and “mantequilla”. We aso have a Cuban with pork sandwich for lunch.

  18. Every Subway has Indians working there. No joke, I've been to at least 9 different ones in this state. All run by Indians that barely give you any damn meat. Cheap asses.

  19. I like Subway but from serving yoga mat based bread and non-egg eggs I can see why some are turned away from this franchise.

  20. …taste/flavour is not always nutritious or even healthy – any high schooler knows this. Subway is sub-standard.

  21. Subway by me went to shit. I went in and they only had one worker. For 3 people in front of me in like, it actually took over 20 minutes to get my order taken. The one worker there did not give a shit about going fast.

  22. If you can’t even get 100% real egg at a place that’s trying to serve breakfast they deserve to not be serving breakfast.

  23. “Break-fast” simply happens at your first meal of the day. I eat between 4-8 PM every other day. And no, it’s never subway (or any fast food.)

  24. I love subway. Idc if their meat is like half real meat or whatever, I love sandwiches and subs, and i hate making my own. I love that i can literally decide what i want with all the ingredients right before my eyes. And i love that i can get in and out of the store in like 4 mins. And the food tastes fine to me. Also the prices arent that bad

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