What’s inside the Gold Eggs?

What’s inside the Gold Eggs?

– [Angel] Hey, guys, we found a mystery
golden egg claw machine. So, inside one of these eggs
or maybe a couple of these eggs are keys to open up these
little prizes over here. So there’s A, B, C, D, and E. So Minion stuff, Star Wars
stuff, and this Rollercopter. Uh, don’t want the Rollercopter. Maybe I do want that
Rollercopter, I’m not sure. So, Crystal, try to win us a key. – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] A golden key, please. – A golden key, please,
ooh what’s in that egg? – [Angel] Do you see it? – [Crystal] The egg that’s cracked open. – [Angel] I thought you
said it’s in that egg, oh, that’s just like a
rubber thing over here. Yeah, so I guess every,
oh that’s not good. I bet most of them have this
rubber little toys in it that are really garbage. – [Crystal] Aw man, that’s garbage. – [Angel] That is garbage. I wonder if you’re
guaranteed an egg every time. – [Crystal] I don’t think so. – [Angel] Oh man, what is this about? What, you got an egg! – [Crystal] Oh yes! – [Angel] You actually got one! – [Crystal] I got an egg, woo! – [Angel] Oh and it fell in. Does it have a key? Oh my gosh, she won an egg. Just check it, does it have a key in it? – Okay, no, it feels like gummy crap. – [Angel] Oh, it’s a gummy crap? Oh, it’s a lobster,
that’s what’s in that one. It’s a lobster. (Angel and Crystal laughing) Yeah, so one appears to be a lobster, and that’s what you get was a lobster. You want to try again? Okay, try again. Second try, has to win. – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] I mean, you already won one. You won an egg that cost a dollar, thanks. It’s a golden egg, I
can use this for Easter. – [Crystal] Cool, you should! – [Angel] Like a prize egg, because we always do an Easter egg hunt. – [Crystal] I want to do that for real! – [Angel] Yeah, we can put money in this for somebody to win. – Okay. – [Angel] Okay, I’mma
come on this side of you, so I can see. Oh, wait, you’re working
on that side, nevermind. because you got to check your side. You got two seconds. Oh, get an egg, please get, oh man, you just spent a
dollar to not get anything. (Angel laughs) I bet that the key eggs
are down here somewhere. They’re never going to
be up in the middle. Unless somebody watches this video that actually stocks this, put it in the middle
please, so we can win it. because we would love to win one of these. – [Crystal] Yes, we would. – [Angel] You have 10 seconds. – [Crystal] 10 seconds? – [Angel] 10 seconds, yeah, go for one that you know you can win. Okay, let me get out of your way. You got five, oh wait
nevermind you have six. Three, two, one, it’s going down. – [Crystal] Here goes. Ooh!
– [Angel] Oh, you missed them. Ooh.
– [Crystal] Terrible! – [Angel] Let me try a couple. – [Crystal] Come on, Angel, win us a key! – [Angel] Yeah, if I don’t
win a key, I’ll win an egg. – [Crystal] Yeah, if you don’t win a key, you’ll win an egg at
least, with a little gooey. – [Angel] Where am I going to go? – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, come on Angel! – [Angel] Okay, I mean you
can’t really line it up, because it’s going to drift a little bit. – [Crystal] It drifts a
little bit, yeah I noticed. – [Angel] Okay, I’m going to
go for this one right here. – [Crystal] Yeah, I thought I
had lined it up pretty good, but then it drifted, I was like oh man. – [Angel] Oh man, I wasn’t ready. – [Crystal] That’s good, that’s good, oh! – [Angel] How did you get an egg? – [Crystal] I don’t
know, I guess I’m good. – [Angel] I guess you are pretty good, because that just fell out. – [Crystal] Put another dollar in. – [Angel] One more dollar. – [Crystal] I really want this one, he’s so cute holding a little
bear, it’s so adorable! – [Angel] Yeah, that’s the, oh yeah that’s from the
green eye and the brown eye. – [Crystal] Yeah, come on Angel. – [Angel] Okay, okay,
I’m going, I’m going. I should go for the MP3 player. – [Crystal] Oh, you have the same, what if you could win an MP3 player? – [Angel] Yeah, I’m
actually going to try that. – [Crystal] Oh come on, Angel. Are you going to try
that instead of the key? – [Angel] Yeah. – [Crystal] Okay, go for it. – [Angel] I’m going for the blue one. – [Crystal] Win me an MP3 player, so when I’m running, I can listen to some. – [Angel] You just use
your phone when you run! – [Crystal] Yeah, but look
how tiny that thing is, I’ll use that. (crane game music) Ooh, come on, come on!
– [Angel] Oh, I missed it. (Angel and Crystal groan) – [Crystal] Just swinging
some eggs around. – [Angel] Crystal’s going to try
two more times, so here goes, two more dollars down the drain. – Well, when you put it
that way, you’re so nice. – [Angel] I know, I know. So, she’s going for a MP3 player? Alright, you’re going for that black one? Right in the middle, the black one. Oh, am I in your way, I can back up. – No, you’re fine.
– [Angel] Okay, I’m fine. – [Crystal] Three, – [Crystal and Angel] Two, one! – [Crystal] Go! – [Angel] Oh, I thought
it was going to go, I already zoomed in.
(Crystal groans) Oh, get that egg! These eggs are like impossible, they could put a key in every single egg, and they wouldn’t even
have to worry about it, because you’re not going
to going to win it. We’ve only won one and we’ve already spent like seven bucks. – [Crystal] I don’t even
know how I got an egg. Maybe I should just try going for an egg. – [Angel] Okay, she’s just
going to go for an egg, close to the prize chute,
so can swing it in. That’s the plan. You got 10 seconds. – Okay, I’m going to go for it, okay? – [Angel] Okay, I’m going to
get on this side over here. You got 8, okay. Go a bit towards you, a little bit. Okay, right there, because we don’t want
it to hit the acrylic. Oh, come on. Yes, you got one! Oh, does it have a key in it? Does it have a key in it? Shake it! – Ooh, it’s hard. Ooh, it’s nothing, I don’t know. – [Angel] Oh, it’s like a light. – It’s a light? – [Angel] Turn it on.
– I don’t know how. Oh, man. – [Angel] You push this button, I think. There it goes.
– [Crystal] Oh, there it goes. – [Angel] It’s just like a blue light. (Angel buzzes) Alright, guys, that was this golden egg hidden key machine which
we didn’t find the key. Thanks for watching. – Bye!

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