What’s inside the YouTube Gold Play Button?

What’s inside the YouTube Gold Play Button?

(drilling) – Welcome to the video that
we never thought we’d make. I’m Lincoln and this is
Dan from What’s Inside and today, we have our gold play button. – I can’t believe it’s finally here. (cheers) – Whoa. That is huge. – We would not be here without YouTube. There’s no other platform like it. The fact that we could take a second grade science project and put up some videos of us cutting open a few
sports balls in our kitchen. – (laughing) It’s crazy. – And then get to this point where we get this award, thank you to the many of you. You guys are the ones that subscribe. (laughing) They’re like the same size. And this was amazing and I love this silver play button, but really? That’s a big difference. – (laughing) A huge difference. (fast electronic music) We got it.
– [Dan] We got it. (laughing) Look at Lincoln. (laughing) Oh, did you hear that boom? Boom. – Whoa. That’s so cool. – Look at the back of it. It has six screw holes in it. This thing is 11 pounds. – Whoa. When we cut open the silver play button, we went on a fun trip with it. But this is the gold play button. It’s so much bigger. We’ve thought about it a lot. And we think that we should take the gold play button on a huge trip. So basically, what I’m trying to tell you is the gold button’s trip around the world begins now. (“Mars” by Vanladylove) – [Dan] Nobody’s here to greet us. What? Where’s all the fans? (laughing) (upbeat ambient music) ♫ I see you staring at rockets in the sky ♫ Firing the liquid lining of your eyes ♫ I think you know ♫ – Oh, oh, what is that? What’s that inside of it? (gagging) Beans? Oh, we got beans. (laughing) I would have never guessed that. (speaking in foreign language) ♫ We can make it to Mars ♫ Leave a fire in the dark ♫ Maybe find a place out in the ♫ Stars don’t try to blow each other up ♫ (squeaking) – [Dan] Now this guy using his foot brake. Oh, just made it. ♫ We can make it to Mars ♫ Leave a fire in the dark ♫ Maybe find a place out in the ♫ Stars don’t try to blow ♫ – [Dan] What’d it smell
like in there, dude? – Eww. – [Dan] I think they only use
them to pee in the corner. ♫ I see you, waitin’ ♫ Miracles at night ♫ Standing still out ♫ – Bright, sunny day in Paris. – Yoo-hoo.
– [Dan] We made it. ♫ Make it ♫ We can make it if we try ♫ – They wouldn’t let us
get up to the Eiffel Tower because I had my penny board with me. Come on, Frenchies. (shouting) – We just walked into some
kind of protest here in Paris. That was kinda creepy, but cool. Been to Paris and ate a baguette. I think that’s a success. – It tastes like bread. ♫ We can make it to Mars ♫ Leave a fire in the dark ♫ Maybe find a place out in the ♫ – In Dubai, where it’s a hundred degrees Fahrenheit and it’s cold with real snow. – Yeah, we’re in the
mall, and there’s a ski resort inside of the mall. So we brought the gold play button here. Whoo. – [Lincoln] Look. (screams) – [Dan] Good thing you’re
wearing that helmet. Now you got snow in your gloves. ♫ We made our decision ♫ A thourough division ♫ We made our decision ♫ A thoughrough division ♫ A cosmic religion ♫ Like root-ly affliction ♫ – Gold play button at
the top of the tallest building in the entire world. ♫ A thoughrough division ♫ A cosmic religion ♫ – That’s right, the DeLorean
in Northern Ireland, Belfast. (thuds) – There. (cheers and applause) – It’s 6:00 AM in Belfast. I just left the hotel, but Lincoln is on a plane from Utah to London, and I have to be there to pick him up. ♫ To Mars ♫ Leave a fire in the dark ♫ Maybe find a place out in the ♫ Stars don’t try to blow each other up ♫ – I have nothing to declare. ♫ Leave a fire in the dark ♫ Maybe find a place out in the ♫ Stars don’t try to blow each other up ♫ – Hello, welcome to New York City. What’s up Lincoln?
(laughing) (grunts) – [Dan] You found him. – This place is so cool. – Feel free to touch anything, except for the sharp stuff. (laughing) Stay away from the switchblades. – So for those of you that don’t know, this is Casey Neistats’ studio. 2016 YouTuber of the Year,
and more importantly, to us, he’s somebody
that we’ve been watching for about nine months
now, every single day. Right, Lincoln? – Every day. – [Dan] Okay, so here’s
something crazy Casy. So we– – Tell me. – [Dan] Only other time
Lincoln’s been to New York, what did you do last time? – I went and met Bill Gates. – [Dan] Bill Gates,
richest man on the world. That was really cool. The second time he come here is to meet Casey Neistat, which one are
you more excited to meet? – Sorry, Bill Gates, but Casey. – That guy like cured Malaria. (laughing) Thanks, buddy. Thanks for the good words. – [Dan] This is a video camera
that looks directly down on the street. This isn’t like some touristy spot. This is Casey’s studio. This is his GoPro that looks down on all the people down there. Nobody waits in front of our house in little old Utah. (laughing) All right, so we’ve gotta get out of here. We’re gonna go cruising
on the booster board. – [Casey] Let’s do it. (electronic music) – [Dan] Casey grabbing his time lapse. Lincoln hanging out under
the Brooklyn Bridge. You couldn’t ask for a better day. – Unbelievable. – [Dan] Is this always this
way in New York for the summer? – Yeah, right. – [Dan] Oh, no. – Booster board down. (laughing) – [Dan] Oh, no. – What did you do? – That booster board fell in the river, thanks to me. I used the wrong remote. And it’s gone. Oh, man. Such a dad boob. You gotta go check out the What’s Inside the Gold Play Button Behind the Scenes on Casey’s channel
because the booster board rescue is on there. It was a pretty good
rescue not made by myself. (laughing) I made it. – Yay. – [Dan] Am I sweating at all? – Ah, are you serious? Is that water? – [Dan] That’s all sweat. – [Lincoln] What? – That’s all sweat. (laughing) – The busted boosted. (crashes) (laughing) – So sad. – You wanna see my gold play button? – Yeah. – Mine is not busted open. Mine is still in the box. I don’t really know where to
put it or what to do with it. But let’s not cut mine in half. – Yes, smart, that’s smart. – Let’s just put mine back
in the box to protect. – [Dan] So these are your other awards for being a filmmaker? – [Casey] Yeah you can cut
those in half if you want. (laughing) – Thanks to our friend
Casey, we are all set up. We have this vise grip. Everything is ready to go. It’s a bit sad, I mean we’ve
traveled the entire world with this thing. – I am very worried, but so excited. – It does say on here that
it’s 24-karat gold-plated. Really, it means it doesn’t
have that much value. It’s not like real gold. You can’t really scrape off the gold, in fact they say that it’s
so thin that you can take an eraser from a pencil and
just erase off the gold. – Really? – I’ve tried that, but
that’s what they say, yeah. It’s still, whether it’s pure gold or just regular steel or iron, we’re very grateful to have this award. – All right, let’s do this. Time to cut open the gold play button. (drilling) (“Behind Closed Doors” by Muoi) – Whoa. – [Lincoln] Yup it’s hot. – [Dan] It’s not silver. – It’s not silver. It looks like gold. Like, seriously. – It does look like gold. The tablecloth that was
black at the beginning, check it out now. Gold! – Dude, so much fun. So much fun. Look at this thing. – Dude, we gotta go Casey. – Bye guys. – I don’t have time for this, we gotta go. – I hope you make your flight. Don’t worry about this
mess, I’ll just clean it up. You want the camera, or? – We are in the taxi and
we are so late right now. Casey said that he goes a faster way so we’ll see if it works out. (propellers roaring) – All right. – This is fun. Wohoo. (r&b music) – Six minutes later we’re at JFK. – Exactly six minutes. – Three or four weeks on the road, or in the sky I should say. – Yeah, that is true. – And we’re right back to
where this whole video began. It’s really interesting
’cause when you look inside of the gold play button,
it’s really yellow. I did not expect that. I thought it’d just be silver with the gold plate on the outside. – This would be such a huge thing of gold to send to all the YouTubers that hit a million subscribers so
I doubt that it’s gold. – I’m with ya, I doubt that it’s gold. It says 24-karat gold-plated
so it’s not gold. There’s another type of yellow metal. It is a type of brass and it
is 60% copper and 40% zinc. That’s my guess. That’s what I think this
button is made up of, with a thin layer of 24-karat gold-plated gold on the outside. But now the last step is, let’s
put it back in the plaque. – Wohoo. Oh that looks so cool. The line is almost perfect. But just curves a bit right there. – [Dan] I mean it’s scratched, it’s a little dirty from
our trip but you know what? It’s worth it, it’s just like scars. Sometimes scars are worth it because the memories that came with it. – Yeah. – [Dan] Similar with this, we
know those scratches are from one of the most amazing
trips that we’ve ever taken. That cut in half silver play button, the cut in half gold play button. – Next one’s diamond. – [Dan] (laughs) 10 million,
that seems so outrageous. – I know, but one million
and a hundred thousand seemed outrageous, right? – [Dan] It did, it did, it did. I’ll never say never. But we’re very grateful
for the one million and the one hundred thousand. That’s pretty darn good.
– [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Hold on. – [Voiceover] Oh no. – [Voiceover] Booster board
down, booster board down. – [Voiceover] It’s just right there. (laughing)


  1. There are much easier ways to find out what its made of like 1. Find its density using water 2. Cut off a small piece 3. GOOGLE IT

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