When Ashish Chanchlani Met Akshay Kumar | GOLD

When Ashish Chanchlani Met Akshay Kumar | GOLD

When will he be here? He is almost there.
Please give two more minutes. Will he show up today?
– Yes, sir. Should I make you shoot? No.
– Or a shift? It is eight hour
shift, you want to do? No, sir. Please.
He will be here soon. Just a couple of minutes, sir.
Please. You are making faces as
if you will beat him up. What is the time? Why don’t you wear a watch? He is almost there, sir. Please, he will be here soon. Please come in. Don’t peek, and enter the room. Come in. What is your name? Sir, Ashish Chanchlani. What?
– Ashish Chanchlani. Chanchlani?
– Yes. All alphabets in one surname. So, you are very funny. I am your huge fan. This thing, ‘You are my huge fan’.
– Yes. If you truly are… …then for the sake of your
six million subscriber… …you will not say this to
any other actor. – Sure, sir. You will always say
that you are Akshay Kumar’s fan. Okay, sir. – If you say
this to any other actor… …then all your
subscribers will disappear. Sure?
– Sure, sir. As you say.
– Just be my fan. I am your true fan. I am your fan from head to toe. Swear on my mom.
– Really? I just mentioned mom,
and she is calling. Hold on, sir. Hello, mom. You will live along life, mom. Guess who is sitting
here with me? Akshay Kumar! Sir, please say ‘hi’ to my mom. Hi. How does mom know
Akshay Kumar is saying ‘hi’? Say ‘Hi, I am Akshay Kumar’. Hi, I am Akshay Kumar. Say it loudly, sir.
Mom stays far. Please. You have no shame to
keep your mom so far? Can’t you get her close?
– Sure, here you go. Hello, I am Akshay Kumar. Hello, Mr. Akshay. How are you?
I am your huge fan. Yes, I just met your son. What do you think about him?
Did he trouble you? No, he is a nice son,
He was here on time. He works hard. Enough. He is really good.
– Okay. See you. Thank you. Bye.
– Okay. Sir, I am such a huge fan. Especially when you
pull someone’s hair… …and call that
person ‘scrounger’. One live demonstration
please, sir. Sir, I really want you to.
Please do it and show. Okay. First of all,
you go close to the person… …whose hair you want to pull. And then you have to… …jump on them like a
tiger would oh his prey. And grab that persons hair. And pull it so hard… …they can feel
the pain completely. Then you move their head. Then say it.
It should come from your heart. Scrounger, why don’t you listen? Why don’t you reach on time?
Why are you late? Why do you trouble people? Why do you keep your mom
far from you? Reach on time. Amazing, sir. It was fun!
I will never wash my hair. Tell me something, you were suppose
to get script for me, right? I have it. – Did you think
about my upcoming film Gold? I have it, sir. I have a hundred scripts
for you written specially for you. You know how much I love you. Look at this sir.
One, two and here is the third one. Should we start?
– Sure . Please start. Sir, the first script
starts from a field. ‘And you are walking
on that field.’ ‘You are holding a hockey stick.’ ‘You pull your sleeves up.’ ‘Akshay Kumar is furious.’ ‘You are walking.’ ‘You continue walking.’ ‘You’re walking.’ ‘You’re walking.’ For how long will I walk?
Will I stop? Sir, it is along field.
Please walk for me. Please. ‘You’re walking.
You are still walking.’ ‘You’re still walking.
Keep walking.’ ‘Walk. Keep walking.’ Let me know if I get tired.
– Sure, sir. You are still walking.
All of a sudden a man appears. ‘You place your hand
on his shoulder.’ ‘You make him face you,
you snatch his gold chain.’ ‘Snatch his gold chain. Come on.’ ‘Fine I will give it.
Here, snatch it.’ ‘And you snatch his gold chain.’ ‘And you beat him up
with hockey stick.’ ‘While you beat him up,
you look at the camera and say…’ Gold is releasing on 15th
August in your nearby theaters. Go and watch with your
family, Gold! Amazing, sir. You get it.
You are understanding. I knew that
Akshay Kumar is my type. I knew he is a legend and he
will understand my script. Sir, would you like to listen
to the rest of the script? I have no choice. Please do. Sir, this script is very dear to me. Okay.
– Yes. Really?
– Yes. You swear on God?
– I do. Swear on the Goddess?
– I swear. Take his swear.
– Yes, absolutely. Say it.
– Sir, this script starts from… …a jewelery shop.’ ‘You are the owner of
that jewelery shop.’ I am the owner?
– You are. You will definitely
be the owner, sir. Remember this.
– Sure. If I turn out to be poor
in any of the script… That will never happen, Sir.
I promise. Okay, next. ‘Sir, you are the owner
of a jewelry store.’ ‘And a customer walks in.
– What?’ ‘Customer.
– Okay, customer walks in.’ ‘Customer.’ ‘And a customer walks in.’ ‘You get alert.
The same with him.’ ‘You are wondering,
what will he ask?’ ‘He is wondering, how do I ask?’ ‘That poor man comes close to you.’ He asks you something, sir… …and you had to answer it. What did he ask?
– He asked… …will I get gold? And when I ask this question,
you look at Th camera and say! You will definitely get Gold. As Gold is releasing in the 15th
of August in your nearby theaters. Go and watch
with your family, Gold! Wor, sir!
Movie is a hit, so is the video. I can see 5 billion already, sir.
Should we start shooting? Should I get it?
– Read the third script. Sir, do you want to listen to
the third script? -Yes, go ahead. I thought you will be convinced in
two… – No, read the third one. I want to hear the third one.
– Okay, sir. One must always have many choices. Sir, for this script I cat a call
from Hollywood, but I refused. Forget where you got a call from.
Narrate the story. – Sure. Sir, the third script
is very emotional. Brace yourself. In this script,
you are born into a poor family. In your next life, sir. Adjust a bit. In this script,
you are born in to a poor family. You try everything…. …you try everywhere… …you try to use your brain too.
– What else do I try? No, you try…
– What else is left to try? You are done trying now. After all this… …when your 30, you get lucky. And for 80 years your luck
is always at its peak. Done. Where is the suspense? You get lucky when you are
30, it is at it’s peak at 80. 30 deducted by 80 is 50. 50 means gold,
and you are old when you are 80. And old is gold. And… Gold is releasing on 15th of
August in your nearby theaters. Go and watch with your
family, Gold! Amazing! Mind blowing! I say, after this video… …the movie Gold will be
a success in box office. Believe me, let’s start the shoot.
Get the camera. – Hold on. Listen, let me think about these
three scripts. – Sure. Because these scripts are amazing. You think about the
agreement, play some games. Go out and have tea.
– Done, sir. I will talk to him.
– Done, sir. And I will decide which script
to work on. – Okay, sir. Then we will think about
what you said. – Okay, sir. Okay? Go.
– Done. Sir, I think you should
quit Bollywood… …and we should start
a YouTube channel. Akshay Kumar Vines. Oh my! Nice. Sir…
– We will. Sir, I will take ten percent.
– You take 50 percent. Because 50…
– You just told me, 50 is gold. And sir, Gold is releasing.
– Gold is releasing. Sir, amazing!
– Enough. I will go and get camera.
– Sure. Yes, sir. Who is he? Who did you get? Who is he?
– Sorry, sir. Who is this gunny sack? Is this called a script? Really? Poor! From 80 to 30. 50? Sorry. So, sorry sir. Hear me out. What?
– Sir, he is YouTube… What more can I listen to? Sir, he has more that 6 million
subscribers on YouTube. – So? Millions of people watch
it. His videos are trending. Sir, please tolerate him a little.
I request. Just this time,
It will not happen again. Please. Call him. Chanchlani, come inside. Sir, should we go to
shoot in Mauritius? How did it rain here, sir? Nothing.
He drowned while drinking water. Stop biting your fingers. You don’t even know
how to drink water. What have you thought
about, sir? Mr. Chanchlani.
– Yes? I heard all the script.
– Yes, sir. And I liked one script a lot.
– Okay. I spoke to him about it.
– Okay. He will let you know.
-Okay, done. I will have water and be back, okay?
– Sure, sir. I will freshen up. You have
the cameramen ready. – Sure. And we will start the shoot. Amazing, sir.
-Okay? Pleasure meeting you.
– Don’t forget about partnership. Sure. I remember it.
– Yes, sir. – Sure. – I will take the
check in advance. Definitely,
you have a right on it. Thank you, sir. What happened? Sir will be back
for dialogue preparation, right? What happened! Should I show you what happened? What happened?
Sir is coming, right? Sir…
– Get out. Just like sir said. Gold is releasing on 15th August,
watch it in your nearby theaters. Sir… – I will also say..
I know what you are going to say. I would also like to say,
subscribe to his channel. Chanchlani has a good channel. He gets funny jokes.
Who knows from where he gets them. And the specialty of
his channel is that… …you cannot find it anywhere. So, do subscribe. I want his channel… …to double up and go beyond. It should grow. So, good luck. Thank you, sir. I love you very
much. – Thank you very much. You are my master, sir.
– Thank you.Thank you very much. Thank you, I praise thee, Mother India.


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