When Do I Buy & Sell My Silver & Gold? – GoldSilver Insider Program – Mike Maloney

When Do I Buy & Sell My Silver & Gold? – GoldSilver Insider Program – Mike Maloney

hi this is the first of the private newsletter / videos that goldsilver.com customers only can get however the first several of these and until we reach a blow-off top until gold and silver are maxing out in their value we’re going to make some of these available to the public so they can see what we are doing several weeks after you get a chance to view these one of the values that we think that we can provide that no other dealer can provide is that we are all invested in gold and silver we’re on the same side of the fence that you are it’s in our vested interest to try and figure out exactly where the top is and to sell our personal investments at that time what we’re going to be doing for our customers we’re going to be measuring this for ourselves and then we’re going to let you know what we are doing and the thing is a lot of people will say well when gold hits twenty-five hundred dollars or when it hits five thousand dollars an ounce I’m going to sell but they’re missing the point that price means absolutely nothing we need to talk about a price you’re using the dollar as a measuring stick or some other currency in the world as a measuring stick and all currencies are falling in value they are not a store of value so you can’t use them to measure anything price means nothing value is everything twenty five hundred five thousand dollars those might be good figures for Gold’s Peak if we go into a deflation if we go to a big inflation it could be thirty thousand dollars or fifty you know ten thousand fifteen thousand thirty thousand who knows if we have hyperinflation it is perfectly logical to have gold prices measured in billions trillions or quadrillions the whole point here is currencies are a very poor measuring stick and it doesn’t matter which currency you’re using but gold is measured in US dollars and the US dollar keeps on shrinking in purchasing power that is the reason that prices go up it’s not because this stuff went up it’s because the currency went down so you need some other measurement of value and one of the best is measuring things with gold and silver at goldsilver.com we have a team of researchers and myself and what we’re doing is every day we’re trying to figure out what the value is and we have a proprietary basket of indicators that we’re going to be using that measure Gold’s purchasing power and so we should be able to measure where the top of this market is and then we’ve got some confirming indicators some other indicators that we use that have to sort of flash a sell signal once we get into these over valuations on the main basket of indicators and I can’t tell you what the whole basket is or what the confirming indicators are but I can tell you a few of them and basically a couple of them are the gold dowel ratio which you have seen before most likely and real estate a single-family median price home measured in gold so instead of pricing these in dollars we’re going to price them and value them in ounces of gold if your house goes up in price but it purchases less food less gasoline less pay pays less for water and power or shares of stock or ounces of gold that means it’s actually fallen in value while it’s been going up in price same thing for stocks and for stocks the one of the best measurements is the Dow which is a basket of 30 different companies it’s the largest industrial companies in the United States the Dow Jones Industrials and they take this index of the 30 companies what we do is we take it and we divide it by gold and you’ve probably seen this before from other sources also but basically when you price and value the dow in gold what you see is that it has a mean average of about four ounces of gold and if you start back in 1900 up to 1929 got out of whack it went into a bubble 2:28 I’m sorry 18 ounces of gold however that was just the stock market moving it was stocks moving but not gold gold was $20 and 67 cents an ounce then the markets crashed and it reverted past the mean down to just two ounces of gold in 1932 then we went up in 1966 to about 28 ounces of gold and then the stock markets went sideways but gold began to move because it became free trading in 1971 and the market reverted and the Dow went all the way down to just one ounce of gold that means that on the same day the Dow and gold were the same price the points of the Dow and the price of gold then it went from one ounce of gold up to 45 ounces of gold in the year 2000 and it’s reverting now it’s back down to 8 the mean is 4 but because we’re in a larger bubble remember it was 18 back in the 1929 28 in 1966 and then 45 in the year 2000 the more out of whack it is when it was at 18 it went to 2 when it was at 28 it went to 1 it was a 45 in the year 2000 it’s probably going down to about a half an ounce of gold meaning there will come a day where the price of gold is going to be double whatever the points of the Dow is now it’s possible that in a deflation it may only go down to just 2 ounces of gold in a big inflation or hyperinflation it might go to one tenth of an ounce of gold meaning the price of gold would be 10 times the Dow we don’t actually know this but we do have other indicators that these these main indicators Gold’s value measured in stock and gold’s value measured in real estate those are going to tell us when we’re getting into a caution zone and then where we get we’re into an over valuation where it should normally be sold but there’s some other things that you have to watch what’s going to happen with the dollar you know what our exchange rates doing bonds all of these things have to be watched and sort of simultaneously read and then you’ve got to sort of try and make a prediction of what is going to happen where the top is because if currencies do start to fail and people rush back toward gold and silver versus the dollar I mean prices could really go astronomical but the thing is you have seen that Dow Gold ratio before where the Dow is measured in ounces of gold but you’re measuring the value of stocks with gold if you flip that around and measure gold with by how many shares of stock gold is worth then you get the opposite where you’re measuring how much purchasing power Gold is and if we do a chart on that what you see is that the from 1980 gold went down and it’s just coming off the bottom and it should continue rising up to where it was and probably go further but this is going to make a nice little basket that you can then load real estate and stocks into but the the Dow so the silver Dow ratio when you look at that that went like straight down and it’s coming off of this bottom and it’s barely even started to move up well it’s going to rise just like the other side if you flip these charts around you’ll get as a symmetrical idea of what this chart is doing but because silver is more rare this time around than it was during the bull market of the 70s and because there’s a greater percentage of the world’s population that could invest in gold and silver it was only 10% of the world’s population before just North America and Western Europe and because everybody has 10 times more dollars and because people have an investment mindset now the average public did not have an investment mindset back in the 70s you’ve got 10 times more people that can buy it each with ten times more currency and in every population probably somewhere between 10 and 100 times maybe even greater more people that have an investment mentality that are look for that next place to store their value that’s going to protect their wealth and grow their wealth if you look at the Soviet Union back in the 70s there wasn’t anybody there that could buy gold there were no markets there China under Mao they couldn’t buy gold and there were no markets there the price of gold in the 70s was set on the commodities exchange in the United States and the London metals exchange that was it so it was North America and Western Europe the rest of the world was excluded this time it’s everybody and this time currencies have a problem so I believe this silver ratio that I was talking about silver Dao ratios is going to fall and then it’s going to go up and it’s just gonna I mean you know in this studio we’ve got a very high ceiling with 10 12 foot ceiling this thing is going to go through the roof so it’s going to look like this giant ladle that you can then scoop up real estate and oil wells and stocks you’ll be able to go into the next investment class and what we’re going to do is help you figure out where that is I mean we can’t guarantee anything but we only win if we can pick the top of this anybody that says they can nail the absolute top they’re lying if they do pick the absolute top they were lucky and that’s all it is but we are planning on easing out probably like in 20 percent increments sort of around the top and we’ll be measuring this and letting you know what we do know is that real estate is still in a bubble based on the one of the best ways to measure real estate is the mortgage rent ratio and so how much would you pay for a house how many dollars would you pay for a house for each dollar in rent that you can receive and right now we are coming off the biggest bubble in history the bubble back in in the in 1989-1990 it was about a buck 25 that you were paying on a house if you were taking on a 30-year mortgage you were paying a buck 25 for each dollars worth of rent and then when that bubble popped it blew past the mean it should be right around a buck a buck five that you pay for a house for each dollar you can rent it for monthly and it blew past the mean it went down to 0.9 so that means on a national average from 92 to about 95 real estate cash flowed single-family median price homes cash flowed by about 10 percent but nobody could get a loan credit was hard to come by the economy was in the dumpster so nobody was buying them except the people that / we’re positioned right and we hope that we can help position you right but then we went into the biggest bubble in history where this real estate mortgage rent ratio went to where people were paying a buck 85 a buck 90 for $1 in cash flow it was insane now it’s reverting it has come down to the level of where we were in 1989 at the top a peak of that bubble and bounced and we’re still not below the bubble of 1989 it’s it’s seeking equilibrium all markets seek equilibrium they have to is seeking fair values and so it has to fall until the mortgage rent ratio is where it has been historically and because it’s coming off the biggest bubble in history it’s probably going to blow right past the mean and you’re going to see a cash flow like crazy where real estate is going to cash flow the single-family median price home on a national average may cash flow at fifteen twenty percent twenty five percent who knows but by measuring this is one of the indicators that we’re using to show whether or not this these markets are over with another one every currency on the planet there is no culture or country or currency that is safe from the US dollar the u.s. the US dollar catches a cold it is contagious and if it catches a cold the rest of the world will get sick except this time I don’t think it’s just a cold I think the US dollar has cancer this isn’t going to be pretty when it happens I am NOT an end of world or a doomsday guy all you can do is play the hand that you are dealt and if this does happen and I believe it will happen no matter what we do because it’s just all this energy that has built up being released when it happens it’s not going to be good for most people it’s only going to be good for a few those are the people that hold gold and silver


  1. Wow, you seem pretty damn sure that "this" is going to happen but you don't actually say that "this" is a currency collapse. I'll look into you more but I need good info, like if fiat collapses how are we going to pay for real estate? How will society transition to a gold standard such as places that actually take and measure gold?

  2. If gold and silver are so valuable, why would anybody be selling it? In fact, gold and silver has no real value to anyone but electronics and aerospace manufacturers. If the economy collapses, I won't be trading my food and water for gold and silver.

  3. thanks i,ll have a look.im in uk but the same applys to the pound i suppose..remmember reading about fractional reserve banking in national geographic years ago .bit of an eye opener.yeah i`ll defo have a look!

  4. Mine are producing gold at 940 $ in average. I don’t understand bears, they try to push down gold price to win 300-400$ in average at maximum. Go long, sky is not the limit……

  5. If you purchased 1 stock before the collapse, then buy the 18 ounces of gold it would buy you. Then trade them in for the 9 dow stocks it would get you. Take those 9 and buy 28 ounces per share (252oz). Then buy the dow which would be 1 stock per ounce. (252 dow). Then buy gold in 2000 for 45 per dow stock (11,340)….Current price for gold as of 6/19/2012 is 1618.00 an ounce which equals 18,348,120 if you bought just 1 stock before the collapse in '29

  6. if you take it out further, and took those 11,340 and buy up the .5 an ounce per share like Mike is saying, you would obviously get 22,680 of dow stocks. If this trend continues and you get basically double the gold back, lets say 90 ounces per share of the dow. You would have 2,014,200 ounces of gold in roughly 40 years. Simply if your family had bought the 1 stock and knew when to sell and buy throughout the years. That is real wealth

  7. Wow! I recently found interest in purchasing stocks. You think you can guide me on what I need to be researching and how? Thank you.

  8. nah not really,,, u dont want to be purchasing stocks.. stocks/real estate is on the downslide, what you want to do is purchase gold/silver or commodities. In about 5-10 years though u should start buying stocks again. Since the year 2000 its been bad for stocks, if you do buy any, your playing with fire. Sure u can make some cash, but in the long run, ur fucked. Stick with what Mike Maloney is saying, he's a genius at this.

  9. Thank you for the advice! I'll start purchasing silver and gold. Where is the best place to purchase some. I have been looking at gainsville coins, what do you think about that?

  10. Either buy silver/gold at various coin stores, or apmex.com or other various places online. Check around for lowest price. NEVER EVER EVER buy coins due to historical quality. Only buy for bullion, never numismatic. Whatever u get, from 1 ounce coins(or bars) or 5 ounce or 10 ounce or more,,, just buy alot of silver/gold. I prefer silver

  11. silver is an interesting market. I sold all my silver, because of manipulation and really uncertainty. I would be very careful in the silver market. I would rather have some money in natural gas as it is a cheap commodity right now and at least there is great demand for it from developing countries. And everybody knows about the energy. I wouldn't buy silver now even at these levels, why invest in something that nobody knows about or even as a precious metal, wants it!

  12. A perfect analysis by someone who doesn't have a 'clue'.
    In US natural gas is being discovered at a surplus rate.
    How about 'investing' in some books!
    You are not smart, because you lack creativity * orginality,
    the 'european curse'.
    Servants being lead by authoritarian fascist EU 'functionaries',
    aristocrats, banks, etc.
    It would also be nice to obtain the intelligence to fix your
    teeth & bathe your ugly smelly body.
    European = serf = farm animal = robots = shit = cowards = nazi's

  13. your comment just shows how clever you are , who probably would only dream about women (if you do like women that is) cos who would go out with you.

  14. we need 1 million people to buy 8kg silver a year for few years around 8-10 years then silver would be extict like mike say then an silver oz will be worth around 1500-3000 dollars

    we need also 1 million people every year to buy up 8oz gold a year then just as mike say oz gold will be worth around 10000-15000 dollars

    any body agree

  15. i have a selection of books that help me see through the ideological b.s. that the media pumps out.michael maloneys gold and silver guide is one of them….

  16. hello whygoldsilver,another 4 books are (non finance)…brave new world revisited…confessions of an economic hitman…the shock doctrine,and escaping the matrix by richard moore.and to return the favour,could you tell me,do you think i have a few more months before silver rockets?ive got £10k and im stacking like crazy(£700 a month out my paypacket)

  17. I still dont see the point of selling at the next "peak".
    I mean you'd be selling your silver or gold for what? dollars? euros? none of those will be worth anything if things really are going to get that bad. so sell them for whatever is the next currency? which for all anybody knows is going to be gold and silver in the first place.

    With physical silver/gold you cant just buy stocks or a home, unless its accepted like a trade agreement.

  18. if there was 5 million people who bought in to 100 troy oz phyical silver there will be a silver shortage that how small the silver market is or if a million people bought into 500 troy oz for 3 or 4 years you might see silver going 1-10 with gold until the mass wake up keep stacking

  19. Don't tell me what I can and can't afford. When I can only afford to buy an ounce or so of silver at a time, I definitely can't afford gold. I wouldn't feel right dumping like $500 into a single object the size of a nickel or $200 for the size of a dime. I would only go for an ounce, and that's just a waste of money when I could have just bought silver long before saving the $2 grand.

  20. Because it's a waste to buy less because there will always be a fixed amount of markup over spot melt value. Your money is better spent buying an ounce than 1/10 of an ounce. It's just too expensive, and it's why silver is the poor man's gold. If I saved up almost $2k to buy a single coin with the money I make, I would have to kill myself.

  21. In what world is someone going to sell gold for less than what it's worth? Go look at prices of partial-ounce coins, and then multiply those prices. More than an ounce costs…..

    Gold is good for the rich. They can amass it. For the middle class Joe, silver is the way to go. Why would I blow $200 on one coin that likely isn't going to even be widely recognized when I can get a roll of nickels and a rolls of dimes for about the same price?

  22. Hi mike , I am curious to know, when the precious metals get close to their peak, will you sell to Joe the beer induced coma investor ?

  23. Of all the investments and hedge options I've been reviewing it seems that silver is the best option, however I'm still not 100% sure if it's too late now since I've missed it's lowest prices when it was under $15 an oz. Is $30-35 an oz still a good price?

  24. Why would Mike Maloney lie about all of this? Robert Kiyosaki endorses Mike but Robert doesn't advertise that he sells gold/silver only collects. He owns his own silver and gold mining companies! All of Mikes claims are highly possible because he bases them on FACTS. Just goes to show that anytime there is an investment oppertunity, there will be people who think it won't work. It's happened for hundreds of years and those people are still being proven wrong today.

  25. bullshit, ppl wuill buy food and theres deflation coming not inflation because dosent matter how much they print the debt is always higher

  26. People are going to blame fiat ultimately so there is the peak and the reintegration of money back by hard assets. Hard assets are already running parallel legally in Utah.
    Fiat alternates between generations at 50yrs. at a time. So we are leaving fiat soon and will embrace gold/silver as true currency until there is fiat with a different generation.
    Silver/gold holds purchasing power, it doesn't generate wealth. The $5 silver coin 10yrs ago buys the same gas now= silver at $30. Know the facts.

  27. if currencies are going to become worthless, then exactly what am i supposed to trade my silver for….real estate? stocks of core sectors that will become undervalued?…how exactly are these exchanges going to work?

  28. I am amazed how people can predict the future? I don't know what will happen tomorrow. Nobody does. We all hope it will get better. so, to me gold has seen the top

  29. So because paper is going down in value I should buy gold/silver then, just when they are worth the most, trade them back in for a lot more worthless paper in DOW form? Sounds like a recipe for a loser

  30. they manipulate the price of gold and silver so that people wont find out about the fiat collapsing currency composed of printed money by the fed theres no collapse because they manipulate rigged it.

  31. given the current prices, scoop up whatever you can. Im 31 and just started investing in gold bullion, currently have around 5-6% of my net worth in gold, may crank it up to 12% if the price drops down to 1200/oz.

  32. Not so. Stocks are a growth vehicle. If we you can detect that gold is priced high ie- overvalued, you can convert to cash and buy stocks which may have more growth potential.

  33. You missed one aspect: not. all gold in the world is available. Even the metals are stocked and released at certain moments to keep balance with currency. So even "value" can be manipulated. Am I correct when I say, that value is in fact the ultimate truth About the amount of resources of precious metals, inclusief stocked reserves?

  34. The video is worth watching because it contains great information about gold and silver. The idea when do I sell gold and silver can be absolutely be done when you are doing your part.

  35. So let me see if I got this right. You're suppose to sell when gold reaches its peak. But if all the currencies around the world collapses, why would we sell it? And what for?

  36. If you have more money , don't put it in bank go buy gold or silver because money got rotten and the price in future go down this is why you have to buy gold

  37. Hmm, something is not right here. You say don't value gold in terms of currency. Ok if I wanted to buy a house, and I opened a suitcase of gold bars and asked the seller, 'would you take this?' they would say, 'well I have no idea what that is worth so let me get it valued in US dollars"…..and then all you are doing is buying the house in US dollars essentially. The value of everything is based on what the individual trader thinks their product/service is worth, in terms of time, and what they can get from other traders for that amount, of whom are thinking the same way. You can't measure anything on anything, aside from your time on this earth. A glass of water is worth a lot more to a thirsty person than one who isn't. You can buy a 30 million dollar painting which is literally just a blue canvas and a white line down it, there is no way this is worth 30 million to Anyone, not even the buyer. But it is the perception that the Next buyer will pay more, in the hopes the next buyer after that will pay more, and so on and so on. It's a funny cycle. All in all, just make sure you have your money firstly in a house, so you know whatever happens you will always have a roof over your head, and even a garden to grow veges if things got really dire. You can make logical and wise decisions, but only to a certain point and then it's simply luck.

  38. Gold is not an investment, and certainly not a speculation. Lost my shirt in gold speculation in the 80s. Been there, done that, have the losses to show for it. Buy and hold gold until the SHTF and, if it doesn't, sell only when you need to, but sell it. You don't want to go to your grave with a huge stack. Just sayin'.

  39. hey mike when you say you could purchase a house for 45oz of gold in 2000 what do you mean? in 2000 the high for gold was around 300? so thats 13,500. with fractinal banking that would be 25,650. am i thinking way into this and mis understanding this videos lesson?

  40. He's videos are very informative yet I understand very little of it… At least I know now where to start and that is to study this things more seriously.

  41. So when there is a gold and silver bubble just before it bursts thats when you sell.BUT with the population of the earth larger than ever before and noone will want to swap it with hyperinflated/useless paper money. Swap gold and silver for real estate, farmland etc

  42. How can you predict a blow off top with Jp Morgan hoarding tens of millions of oz of silver. At anytime it can be dumped on the market.

  43. Do you guys by from PCE in North Carolina Pinehurst coin’s? well they have horrible disgusting customer service representative‘s the worst I’ve ever encountered in any business absolutely pessimistic cocky unwilling to help attitudes and they lost a huge customer in me they have no idea the amount of purchases power I represent absolutely ridiculous do not buy from them!! stay away from them!

  44. One big flaw, there might be more people with more dollars, but most of them live from pay check to paycheck. If bullion purchasing was common knowledge, it would be more in the mainstream media like the crypto currency phenomena

  45. I have and suspect most others have no training as to a different form of value. PLEASE TEACH WHAT WE CAN USE FOR A MEASURE. We DO NOT WANT TO BE BLIND.or be taken advantage of

  46. You don't ever sell just keep buying when its cheap . Why do you think its call PRECIOUS metals. Hidden wealth just one egg created a hole lot of baskets ! Thanks again Mike .

  47. Gold will always be a store of wealth and never a currency, it just wouldn't make sense, cryptocurrencies are where the future of money is. Also nothing has value except the value of what people put on it .

  48. Mike! Ty for the Video! It is easy to buy right now gold and silver! you can't fail in 2018! But its so important to know when to sell gold and silver! Can you pls tell us more when to sell gold und where to invest then! Pls make a good Video again in 2018/19
    Let us know =)

  49. Gold is at $1,321.40 now 2018. If the economy crashes again it will be world wide and gold will spike over $10k or more. Investment traders have suggested to buy gold when the economy is bad if the price of gold spikes no one will be able to afford it. There is an alternative to invest in gold… Buy Gold Mining Stocks. Right now some Gold mining stocks are less than a penny and when Gold rises, gold mining stocks will be somewhere in the millions as it was during the Great Recession. $GEGI $ALO $HMY $DUST $NUGT $JNUG $JDST $FCX

  50. If you buy real estate with the gold&silver that you are accumulating, than who will buy the real estate from you if everybody will be poor after the currency collapses?

  51. If it is meaningless to measure gold value in Dollars, then why calculate dow/ gold ratio, using dollar values of respective assets?? That is still valuing gold in dollars!

  52. Mike, I’m on a low income, I can’t buy 1 troy ounce coins or
    bars, it cost too much. Can I buy fractional gold coins like 1/10 of an ounce?

  53. sheister. save your cash and make smarter investments. don't get crazy with physical… your cash would be locked up for real investments. and remember the house holds all the cards despite what this sheister says.

  54. Well well currency is also important, in fact currency is not a bubble it keeps on going up and down but it never goes to the extreme ends, even if gold will be found in large quantities in another planet and thus making a gold price go down currency will still just will be floating around somewhere in the middle

  55. I'm hoping we can get a silver bubble and I can ride that up sell my silver off for more currency and then when the bubble pops buy more silver than what I had in the first place that's if our currency don't collapse from being printed into a Oblivion first.

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