When Should I Sell My Gold and Silver?

When Should I Sell My Gold and Silver?

When Should I Sell My Gold and Silver? People should know when to sell. Some
people ask when should they sell, and some people don’t have a plan at all. We
believe that everyone should have an exit strategy, an actual thought-out
premeditated exit strategy for their position. We want to work with as many of our clients as we can in establishing an exit strategy. Really what it comes back
to is asking yourself first of all, why did you buy? Why did I buy in the first
place? Are those motivations still present? Have they changed? What is your own personal outlook on what it is you want to do? Some people have no intention of ever selling. They’re going to pass it to their children, or they’re going to
give it to a charity at some later date. Yet others want to get out at some point. There’s a couple of ways to tell when we might be getting to the top. One of those
is when the people around you who boohoo the metals and thought you were nuts
forever, actually start to come into the market and begin to buy. That’s usually a
pretty good sign. Another sign might be that your life has changed,
or the needs in your life have changed, and you can begin to lighten up. Maybe not even sell completely. And you want to sell incrementally, into strength,
probably in percentages of what it is that you hold on a thought-out basis,
again to have an exit strategy. We want to work with our clients to develop exit
strategies, and they feel a lot more peace and comfort when they have one.

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