Where are Gold and Silver Prices Headed?

Where are Gold and Silver Prices Headed?

People ask me all the time where are
gold and silver prices headed? I think what they’re really asking is should I buy?
Are they going to go lower? I think that’s the question behind the question,
and if they’re already owners of physical precious metals, they’re asking
in the hopes that I, in my professional opinion am going to tell them that
they’re going higher. Here’s what I can tell you for certain. As long as we have
the geopolitical, the fiscal, the monetary policies that we have today, as long as
there’s money creation and expansion, as long as there’s world unrest, as long as
there’s intrusion into people’s personal lives by the government, and expansion of
the government.. that’s really all that needs to happen to have gold and silver
prices go higher. When? That’s what we really don’t know. There’s a tremendous
amount of manipulation, at least purported on the on the internet and
from credible sources, so when? We’re uncertain, but if nothing happens other
than monetary, fiscal and political policies, they’re bound to go higher.

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