Where Despawned Items Go – Minecraft

Where Despawned Items Go – Minecraft

These blaze are really strong… At least I’m safe here. No!!! That fortress was so far away! I better hurry back! I made it! And with 10 seconds to spare! That was so easy! Haha not today! Those items are mine! Where Despawned items Go Made by ore pros Remember to leave a ‘like’ 😀 looks like we’ve got some new items coming in I better bring this to the boss. the new batch of despawned items are here sir. About time. assemble the team immediately


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  2. This video is great and it is annoying when your in the end then a enderman knocks you off then you lose your best items

  3. I was in a cave n there was no lava but when i return my all items were gone tht fucking skeleton killed me my iron sword and diamond equipment and other rare thing disappeared can anyone help me

  4. I can't even write a paragraph well on the bus without making mistake but Notch is over here programming with THIS kind of shaking going on!?!?

  5. Hes a noob why does hey bring diamonds in the nether where there is fire lava ghast blazes wither skelitons magma cream just why

  6. Yeah today i played mineckraft and i had iron armor and s sword o n in the nether and then i died i whas coming get my armor back and then i dont saw my armor

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