1. bull crap…. you guys apparently remove fake boobs and pace makers so whats the diff with gold teeth? dont feel comfortable removing GOLD? but youll cut apart boobs and other stuff? such bull crap… you guys definitely take the gold teeth and pocket them!

  2. I have watched a few of your videos now and every one of them is very informative, I love your sense of humor and your videos. Definitely put a smile on my face

  3. Here is a question I ask, especially concerning cremation, how do the laws differ from state to state? Example, in one episode you said it was illegal to use a casket more than once, and that the body had to be placed in some sort of container. (cardboard box) Is this all states or only some states

  4. I have a question!! As a mortician, what do you actually do? Do mortician's do things like cremation and embalming or is it mostly gluing eyes and sowing mouths? 😂 And also, what other jobs are involved in the death industry?

  5. I beg to differ. At 50 bucks a tooth ( and say 600 bucks a wedding ring) and ten bodies a week over decades that's a hell of a lot of gold passing through that quiet, isolated chapel of rest..
    And my estimation of human nature is that it will always, without fail, rise to the devious task… whatever the legality.
    Even in ashes..which, as gold does not tarnish (in wedding rings for instance) is often quite visible in the crematory afterwards (halfway down on the left-hand side). Even the ashes disposed over time in the local crematory rose beds will after 50 years or so make them the most gold rich of seams since Klondike, if it gets past the eagle-eyed gardeners. You do the mathematics.

  6. What if your family member wants you to pull the teeth and not the mortician or dentist. Does a relative have authority to do it themselves. Not that I want to, I'd rather tell my mother in law sorry but your gold teeth will have to burn up in the cremation.

  7. 9:58, can someone please tell me what these items are, from top to bottom left, and then from top to bottom right? I'm really curious.

  8. You definitely make "Death" and "Dead People" fun!!!! I just became a big fan of yours! My father worked Part-Time at a Funeral Home. He never told me what he did! As a kid at the time it was probably a good thing!!

  9. just discovered you randomly and I find your topics interesting and educational. I have always kind of wondered what went on in funeral homes and how the business worked. thanks

  10. It honestly sounds like a cool idea to die by donation lol I'm sure it wouldn't FEEL great but hey. Hear me out because I'm not even sure if this COULD be a thing but say you're a healthy old person, your only real health problems are basic age problems (as in, not being sick as in contagious, or blood borne contagious) but you're pretty much dying at this point. Why not go on your own terms and donate blood until it literally kills you? I mean, how many points could you get of good, fresh, living blood before it killed a person? You've only got a few more years anyway and in most cases say 2 pints could save a life 🤷 (I only say it because I'm not sure if dead blood can actually be used, it seems reasonable it wouldn't though)

  11. drinking excessive amounts of blood, I believe Vampires then suffer majorly on iron poisoning. Maybe thats why they all look so pale and jaundiced

  12. Ah yes. People worry about the silliest things when it comes to our water supply. I knew a guy who was incensed that women taking birth control pills and peeing in the water was lowering his sperm count, and that Something Needed To Be Done. My dude, do you know how many flushed narcotics are ending up in the water supply? How about old parts of the water system still made of lead (see Flint MI)? But no, birth control pills and your low sperm count are the bigger worry.

  13. I love this video, so informative and so funny! Thank you so much for making these, the content is always so fascinating to me.

  14. Me: So, wait, doesn't that technically make us all vampires…?

    Edit: I'm dying after the period blood comment. I never thought of that before roflmfao 🤣

  15. Lol I love the beginning!!!! Lol you kill me! 😳umm not really😳😳😳😳I’m very much alive! Lol anyway your the best!!! Love you!! ❤️😃👌

  16. I love the personality along with the "taboo" subject of death. Death is inevitable and can be a fear but like you say a lot people have made a fear out of being around corpses. So keep it up girl you're hilarious and very informative.

  17. What happens to fat people when they are embalmed? Do they "lose weight" or get skinnier when "stuff" is taken out of them?

  18. You are too sweet. Love your style explaining things that some of us have always wondered about. The answer is always corpses 🤣Thank you

  19. My grandmother bought a bag full of gold teeth at a garage sale after a morticians death. That’s not just some urban legend I was told either I actually saw the bag of teeth before she had it melted into a ring and a necklace 😳😳😳

  20. Ha, my buddy said that while we were doing a mortuary transport one time “Living people don’t scare me, but the living terrify me!” Ah good times

  21. There is a though for all you CA people,that's what's in your recycled water…now you know why it smells and taist like shit..

  22. Disgusting can you please enforce non toxic crap in the industry … constant release of chemicals who gives a shit about blood

  23. When I got my crown, I was given the choice of ceramic or gold. Ceramic was supposed to last just 10 years while gold lasted longer. Gold was also cheaper, for some reason. I choose gold. My dentist told me to let my family know that I had gold crowns so they could have them removed to throw a party or something for me. Maybe he thought it would pay for all the beer. Now my family will be pissed that my gold crowns won’t buy crap.

  24. Omg this video cracked me up. My fil drowned in his own blood (lung cancer ate thru the artery to his right lung and it literally popped one day) and hed been coughing up blood for weeks, but 20mins before he passed he was gagging up loads of it (at home) and i was measuring it in a jug so i could tell the docs. (We got to 2half litres before he passed, i knew at 1litre he wasnt gonna survive it). Because it was a sunday, and the death wasnt expected or viewed (they thought he had a month or so left) the paramedic had to call the police, they were happy we hadnt offed him (in uk fyi) but had to refer to the coroner so their funeral director came to collect dad. Took 2hrs of dad sat in his chair, me sat on the bed with my month old baby and my sil holding her dads hand to come. Police man stayed bless him to make sure they got out the building ok (small lifts in a 15story building so dad had to be strapped in a gurney and propped in a bodybag in the corner) copper comes back up to finish paperwork and i was all, damn who do i call about all this blood?? (Was everywhere including me but didn't realise till id popped to shop for nappies 3hrs after he died and ran fingers thru my hair and saw my red t shirt was more red than it should of been, literally ran home and dived in a bath!) Copper laughed and said just flush it down the toilet! Wont harm anyone! For a good 10mins (bare in mind in some what medically trained myself but at work everything goes in incinerator bags) i was literally ewwwwwww!! But hubby did it, threw everything with blood on it in a black bag, then another bag, then another! And threw straight into our buildings bin. Been 3half yrs and i miss him like crazy but he helped me over come my fear of death. How? Hes in a box on my lounge windowsill where he asked to be, and i sit next to him everyday. (And talk to him). But i get the ewwwww factor i really do.

  25. So after I leave this earth, & I want to be shown before getting baked & put around a mighty oak tree up here in Alaska! So what I need to know is do I need to be in bombed because show my body to my friends and people who come to my services or can I just eliminate that and still be shown?

  26. It was, largely, the belief that blood was dangerous that caused Tuberculosis Hospitals to typically cremate the remains of patients that died in the hospital. That practice actually continued until well into the 1970's, even after effective antibiotic treatments came into play.

  27. As A medical personnel I really like this video .🕷👍🏼👍🏼🖤👍🏼🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

  28. Weird Question. Since you work with Formaldehyde, how dangerous are the Brazilian Blowouts that women get on their hair…because…well…we all know that formaldehyde is part of the ingredients.

  29. I dont claim to be an expert but it should be noted that even with alkaline hydrolysis , If ( NaOH)
    Is used there are other non- noble metals that would corrode, The gold if any would probably not be one solid piece but like grains of sand. Depends on what other metals are mixed in the filling.

  30. What a coincidence. Part of this comes up in the new game The Outer Worlds. There is this bit in an early on quest called A Small Grave Matter. Where some people are having trouble paying for their grave plots. There is a corpse that was recently buried. And the solution is to have them dig up the corpse, and take out the gold teeth for payment. They even mention that these gold teeth are heirlooms that have been handed down a few generations.

  31. Fyi: my brother was a plumber and he had to clean out a mortuary sewer. He said he pulled out stuff that was horrible– stuff that was not suppose to be there.

  32. I’ve decided to go to mortuary school because of the inspiration an fascination I have for the industry. An industry I would not have considered if I hadn’t watched your videos.

  33. I tried again..NOPE, I can see why everyone is NOT made to be on television OR the radio, the voice, the facial expressions, the add on vid clips!! Corny, really corny!! No offense!!

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