Where does gold come from? – David Lunney

Where does gold come from? – David Lunney

In medieval times, alchemists tried to achieve
the seemingly impossible. They wanted to transform lowly lead
into gleaming gold. History portrays these people
as aged eccentrics, but if only they’d known that their
dreams were actually achievable. Indeed, today we can
manufacture gold on Earth thanks to modern inventions that those medieval alchemists
missed by a few centuries. But to understand how this precious metal became embedded
in our planet to start with, we have to gaze upwards at the stars. Gold is extraterrestrial. Instead of arising
from the planet’s rocky crust, it was actually cooked up in space and is present on Earth
because of cataclysmic stellar explosions called supernovae. Stars are mostly made up of hydrogen,
the simplest and lightest element. The enormous gravitational pressure
of so much material compresses and triggers nuclear fusion
in the star’s core. This process releases energy
from the hydrogen, making the star shine. Over many millions of years, fusion transforms hydrogen
into heavier elements: helium, carbon, and oxygen, burning subsequent elements faster
and faster to reach iron and nickel. However, at that point nuclear fusion
no longer releases enough energy, and the pressure from the core peters out. The outer layers collapse into the center, and bouncing back from this sudden
injection of energy, the star explodes forming a supernova. The extreme pressure
of a collapsing star is so high, that subatomic protons and electrons
are forced together in the core, forming neutrons. Neutrons have no repelling electric charge so they’re easily captured
by the iron group elements. Multiple neutron captures enable
the formation of heavier elements that a star under
normal circumstances can’t form, from silver to gold, past lead and on to uranium. In extreme contrast to the million year
transformation of hydrogen to helium, the creation of the heaviest
elements in a supernova takes place in only seconds. But what becomes of the gold
after the explosion? The expanding supernova shockwave
propels its elemental debris through the interstellar medium, triggering a swirling dance
of gas and dust that condenses into new stars and planets. Earth’s gold was likely delivered this way before being kneaded into veins
by geothermal activity. Billions of years later, we now extract
this precious product by mining it, an expensive process that’s compounded
by gold’s rarity. In fact, all of the gold
that we’ve mined in history could be piled into
just three Olympic-size swimming pools, although this represents a lot of mass because gold is about 20 times
denser than water. So, can we produce more
of this coveted commodity? Actually, yes. Using particle accelerators, we can mimic
the complex nuclear reactions that create gold in stars. But these machines can only construct gold
atom by atom. So it would take almost the age
of the universe to produce one gram at a cost vastly exceeding
the current value of gold. So that’s not a very good solution. But if we were to reach
a hypothetical point where we’d mined
all of the Earth’s buried gold, there are other places we could look. The ocean holds an estimated
20 million tons of dissolved gold but at extremely miniscule concentrations
making its recovery too costly at present. Perhaps one day, we’ll see gold rushes
to tap the mineral wealth of the other planets of our solar system. And who knows? Maybe some future supernova
will occur close enough to shower us with its treasure and hopefully not eradicate
all life on Earth in the process.


  1. The gold is one of other things which driving humans crazy for centuries….we need to preserve the valuable resources which gives us oxygen, food and water not the chunk of worthless shining rock which is overrated by us

  2. Protons and Electrons, when forced together by a supernova explosion make a neutron???

    I never knew this before. Is the origin of neutrons also in the aftermath of the Big Bang, too?

    I don't even know what to ask more now, because this is really new to me!

    Help, but thanks!

  3. I hate to burst your childish bubble about gold being ET but in fact all gold is soluble in very hot water as found under Earth's crust.
    Russian and German deep drilling found superhot water?
    During The Flood about 4,350 years ago the dissolved gold along with dissolved quartz began seeping through the crack sin teh shattered granite crust.
    As the gold and quartz laden water cooled in the cracks it made solid gol dand solid quartz.
    This is why gold is found along with quartz and why South African miners drill very hard quartz in very deep mines as they follow a crack down through the crust.
    In Australia a lot of he quartz and gold was eroded over the millenia and the material flowed down o where it is found today.
    Aussie Gold HUnters Series 4 Episode 1 actually has one of the guys saying this but he is unaware of the physics of gold deposition.

  4. cool video, but suggesting we should mine oceans and other planets for gold makes me concerned. Gold is only worth something because we deem it so. Maybe we should focus on more pressing issues.

  5. Have to wonder what super exotic ultra short half life elements are created during the supernova. Can the pressure from the blast exceed the island of stability?

  6. There r texts in India that at time of emergency Ancient Indian Saints Made Gold And Help Kings to survive there economy and kingdom
    Texts tell material including mercury = paras pathar
    1 mercury made stone that cud convert iron into gold
    Like 1 cud see it in Temple of Shree Ram lala at Jhansi u.p India
    2: gold made by mix of mercury
    Ppm portion of cobra venom, human blood (?) Herbs etc
    3 some special herbs that r transformed into gold

  7. There r saying that even today there r some saints & Tibati Hindu monks & Tibati budha follower monks who possess this knowledge & r continue there life from hundreds of years due to help of yoga ,( by Ancient Indian Vedas & Sumerians also) gold bcoz some how gold is directly associated with human youth but how our present day science had not reached up to that level

  8. Lucifer was covered in Gold, and gems, but that gold, is not what we see, as gold. There was no death at that time. There were no elements, as we see them, at that time. Jesus will melt the elements, as we see them, when he is seen, as he is. Death, made gold to look, like it looks, today.

  9. Lucifer was covered in Gold, and gems, but that gold, is not what we see, as gold. There was no death at that time. There were no elements, as we see them, at that time. Jesus will melt the elements, as we see them, when he is seen, as he is. Death, made gold to look, like it looks, today. Satan made the stars to die, and explode. God set the stars, in the universe. Read genesis, 1, KJV.

  10. the way i understand it the matter that formed earth contained gold in minuscule amounts but the initial molten state of the earth made gold sink to the mantle and core making the outer areas of the earth contain relative lower concentrations of gold. The concentration of the earths crust increased when it had a solid state due to falling debris (meteorites) from space.

  11. Going to other planets to mind gold u say…but the idea of the annunaki coming here to mind gold is far fetched?

  12. Nice hypothesis but I would venture to say that just maybe it could happen through a cold fusion.
    Or complex resonating frequencies and a static charge.
    What does lighting do to elements in the soil when it strikes?
    What for that matter does petrified ice turn into.
    So I wonder what would happen if super cooled ice put in a vacume chamber with the resonating frequency of the gold atoms saturating the chamber then hit with a massive static charge. I wonder what would happen????? 🤔 I have heard that super cooled water can be hammered like metal without shattering, that it dents and bends…🤔 Not sure on how true that is but it does start to make me think about the possibilities if that is the case!
    Could infact cosmic static turbulence be the source of gravity ?
    For Einstein's theory doesn't really hold up bigger objects drawing smaller objects. Because at a atomic level there hasn't to be atomic gravity for it to stay together. Sooooo the compounded inertia fields and the many many different influences of the many different energy's and frequencies that make up just a small rock, how could gravity be just the draw of small to big.
    Now my thoughts are on a cosmic static turbulence/ currents are the fundamental property's of what make gravity or to some it up God's will. I love thinking about the unknowns of physics because there is so much to fathom…
    I know there will be some guru who has all these complexes terms that I have know idea what they really are is going to say something most likely negative. But keep in mind that I am not a scientist I am a person who thinks about stuff most people wouldn't even consider. And I using some words for describing a nature of behavior. Because once again I don't know all these terms that over complicate nature.

  13. Guess as it turns out stars dont make gold after all. Nothing between lithium to uranium. So all this time them saying you're made from the stars is wrong again. What else could these super smart scientist be wrong about hmmmm, maybe evolution? Since theres no proof of evolution or any missing link and that's not just for us thats every life form on Earth. Theyre always so right and laugh at everyone that thinks different. Guess they're not laughing now since there's hardly any mention of this.

  14. Funnily enough the first time I heard how gold was created, its similar to this,
    All the Gold in the Universe was created by the big bang, in one instant, 1/10th of a second it was a small window anyway, the temperature was a 1000/ million degrees.
    An the p.s.i.was about 6 figures also, tons.

  15. I think everything they say how gold is created. It's an assumption. No one was alive when it was created. Most science is based in probability Theory. Which means they are taking their best guess. Another thing God created a terrarium for us to live in. You are not leaving it, out into space and he is not letting us dig out the bottom. Fact. Everything NASA puts out is a lie. They promote evolution not creation. Also the word NASA comes from Hebrew word Nasha which means, to deceive or to deceive greatly. Look it up. I'm not talkin about the acronym.

  16. well.. if we DO get showered again (apart from spectacular headaches some might get on that golden rainy day) the value of gold will drop… as more has become available.

  17. No, gold comes Earth, that’s why the Annunaki came here searching for it. We have an abundance of it. And Mother Earth will continue to make more of it. It’s not caused by no supernovae. All theories and stories you have here. Most of the gold are found by river beds or certain conditions that can produce it on the earth. That’s why there are scientists that can help identify locations that are most likely to have it.

  18. Remember that our true wealth is our environment as a whole and our bodies, individially. Imagine a time where you get to exchange your gold to buy an air to breathe. Smh

  19. Everything that scientist do not know or
    unable to explain, happens millions of years ago.
    This is very strange scientific reasoning.

  20. Another source says that it’s the collision of two dead stars and that forms gold, platinum and other precious metals

  21. The real question is….how did early civilization come to find gold ?  I could understand finding nuggets among other rocks but generally that's in stream beds….so what would have motivated anybody from an early civilization to be dipping in to a stream much less getting under water to mess with rocks in the stream bed ?    But considering, if you had to mine gold from gold bearing ore….what inspired that ? Among all the things associated with day to day life and trying to survive and eat or gather enough food to eat for yourself and people……what would inspire you to take up digging for gold ore or even conceive that thought, much less be diving into a stream to sift through rocks and sediment in a stream bed.   Those are the real questions to ponder……it doesn't make any sense…….but yet there are all these gold artifacts associated with these early civilizations.  I think it would be more plausible that they came upon already refined gold in a big pile or cache and wondered what it was and started to play with it….somebody had left it for them to discover……there wasn't some ingenuity involved by the early civilization where they happenstance discovered it in its natural form in its natural source in the environment at large…….somebody left it on their doorstep…shiny and heavy but yet pliable as I could see somebody considering its heft and beating on something else to discover that its not super hard and deforms…..due to its pliability and that would lead to working the metal into shapes and more

  22. If you look at US texas and indian movies during cowboy era, gold was hand picked from rivers and lands. There was loads of it all over. How could have it come here and people still living around those days?

  23. Thats whats your told instead of finding out for yourself you people assume what we are told and it is not even close to where it came from and you cant handle the truth i know for a fact that humans have micro amounts of gold in our blood is it not funny that there are gold veins and the bible tells us about giants that was miles tall lets see

  24. Logically Gold is just another element which caused a lot of death and destruction and Unnecessary greed among humans.It even doesn't have a bigger experimental value. The cruelty is it's still ruling over all other science and technological development.

  25. I didn't know elements and metals evolve! Wtf silver evolved to gold. Why didn't they teach us this way at school?!

  26. It's really to bad that people don't realize that this is just a hypothesis! If you don't know what hypothesis means Google it.

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