Where To Invest In Property In 2020 | UK Investment Property Gold Mine Areas

Where To Invest In Property In 2020 | UK Investment Property Gold Mine Areas


  1. Hi Tony, thanks for the tips. I've been working my way through your video upload history (long way to go still) and really appreciate your insights. I'm looking to educate myself in property investment (self-investment is the best investment, right?) and would like to know if there were any good books or other resources that you have helped you in your own development. Many thanks again for your excellent content.

  2. Hi Tony, good to see you making videos again. I am fairly new to your channel so I'm still working my way through some of your older videos. Overall I'm definitely finding the content useful – thanks for your help.

  3. Great video. My wife and I are ex-pats in NZ and are looking to invest back into the UK. We are currently putting cash aside and plan to visit, view and offer on a couple of houses. PS were from Dorset originally too 🙂

  4. Hi Tony. Thanks a lot for the video, but I must admit that you left me confused! 🙂 I live in London and I was planning to start investing up North in Q1 2020. In my case, are you suggesting that I should go ahead and invest in the North, or should I stick to the 1h drive rule? Thanks!

  5. Good Video Tony
    I`m down in Eastbourne next to Brighton im 31 male , trying to get my first place with someone team up etc ,
    we should have chat some time ,


  6. Hi Tony, interesting vid, as always. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post and educate us. The north is great but you really need to get up there and walk the streets, get to know your investment area. Sure you can buy houses for less than 40k but who are your tenants going to be and are you prepared for the potential problems of renting in that area? My tips, dont visit on a rainy day, no ones about and pop into local shops to get a feel for community makeup. GL

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