Which game mode gives more RESEARCH points and SILVER LIONS? 📘 (tips,averages, points per minute)

Which game mode gives more RESEARCH points and SILVER LIONS? 📘 (tips,averages, points per minute)

Whitch game mode lets you unlock vehicles
faster? where do you get more silver lions? how significantly different is crew points
gain between arcade and realistic? There is a lot of drama and debates around
whitch game mode is better and most of the arguments are based on subjective observations
, feelings or people defending their prefered mode without
real evidence. so i decided to put all presumptions aside and get to an answer based on real numbers.
I took notes of over 80 battles in total so i could calculate an average results and compare
them. First ill explain how i did an experiment
and why chose theese specific vehicles. then share the numbers and finally ill rise
some interesting ideas based on theese numbers. If you want to jump straigh to conclusions
– use timestamps in the description to navigate faster. First of all i was counting only time i spent
in battle- from the moment vehicle respowned and i was able to controll it til the second
tank is destroyed and im no longer able to respown with
any other tank or untill battle finishes. Ill call it BATTLE TIME. This means that it
might take much more time in reality becousue of que times on your server.
another important thing about selected vehicles. Middle tiers are one of the most popular.
so I needed at least three vehicles here with similar characteristics and battle rating
that feel good in both game modes.
also i need to stay away from extremely slow tanks – thaT woult take a lot of time just
to drive them on big maps in realistic and consuming a lot of
respown points , and at the same time i dont want
very light but fragile tanks that would be too susceptible to random explosions from
artillery shells increasing randomness of the results.
So the core setup where theese three british vehicles with very similar OR even the same
guns, armor and speed. That ensured that even after losing one of them i could continuie
the battle without big difference in gameplay and results.
keep in mind I had premium activated for the whole duration. That affects research points
and silver lions gain. but if you want to know time it takes to reach
the same amount of research points without it just multiply by two.
All numbers are rounded to one digit after decimal point. Also keep in mind that over
80 battles are not something you can build very reliable statistics.
so in general pay more attention on how BIG is the difference between compared numbers.
The bigger the difference – the more reliable conclusions can be made. in arcade i had 39 battles in total ( 29 victories
an 10 losses that was quite lucky day but this ratio will not affect results as
Ive seperately calculated victorys and losses, so that we could theoreticly simulate someone
with very average luck who has 50% victorys. Here are the numbers
an average victory gave 2700 research points and 26 and half thousand silver lions.
that same average victorious battle lasted for 7 minutes and 49 seconds
in other words it’s 5.8 RP per second and
56.5 silver lion per second. an average LOST battle yeld 1668 research
points and 16650 silver lions
whitch both are significantly less than the amount given by victory
but the lost battles lasted a little bit shorter 6minutes and 43 seconds.
so the final amount of resources per second is
4.1 research point and 41.3 silver lion per second. so if you have equal amount of wins and losses
you can expect to get around 2184 research points and 21.575 silver lions
per battle whitch will take 7minutes 15seconds or (4.9research point) and 48.9 silver lion
per second.


  1. I'm so focused watching the gameplay that the only thing i hear is " Blah Blah Blah Silver lions Blah Blah Research Points.."

  2. simulator. end of discussion. arcade is worthless. it lacks skill. its a load of bs. all things preform almost the same. the only actual options are sb then rb.

  3. Now I may be wrong but I get the impression that with War Thunder you don't lose money or credits by playing like the way you do in World of Tanks. You might less points but you don't lose 300000 lions for winning a game. Maybe you lose if you wager but you won't go so broke you can't play anymore now I'm a noon I couldbe wrong let me know

  4. Do you have the numbers still? Do you want a statistician to calculate confidence intervals and do a ANOVA test on them?

  5. PLaying high Tier without Premium be like :
    Win -> 20 000 Lions – 10 000 repair
    Loss -> 3 000 Lions – 10 000 repair
    now let's not even begin talking about the ratio of how often I crash. It's just stupid. I have researched about 80% of all Tier 4-6 aircrafts but I could never buy them. Never have I actually had the stupid Lions for that

  6. im on rank 6 on my u.s, british and german tank never lacked silverclions im not usingcpremium account.. been playing more arcade… not boring.. realistic is good but some boring sniping

  7. this is a great video. i can tell you have a logical mind, everything is straight forward to the point. There's no 'filler' here, just content.

  8. Best way to grind is the "Attack Arcade mode"….. 10,000 on average when your team wins for research points in the upper tiers….

  9. So I guess it also comes does end in preference. Both seem to be domewhat balanced in gain, but I would argue if u always played f.em RB u would perform better there, or maybe u don't like the other game mode. Me for example don't like AB, bc for example flanking is significantly harder because of perma mark, ehat i dislike, thus rb for me

  10. Guys im an Oldguard in WT. Stay away from this game! When you reach last tier you are not able to play without play with tier III or less for feeding top tier stuff. So this will make you mad a lot. Or just play tier III or less and try to enjoy without grinding more. If you expect, when you reach top tier, you will drive your T-80B all day long, its not an option except if you are perfect player.

  11. Not sure many of these numbers and differences are statistically significant or within the laws of chance. Particularly the 6% difference. The distribution and variance between individual games would be important towards understanding this issue. Hopefully you will continue this to increase the statistical power of your study.

  12. The biggest difference, if you play a lot of arcade then you will be doing better in arcade and earn more RP and SL etc.

  13. Arcade is a great lion grind. Using premium vehicles and a premium account, I made 1.5M lions is around 15-20 battles. However, the vehicle research was pretty poor, and really, it is kinda boring IMO. The crew level increased really fast too. Also, a note not related to lions/RP, I find that the Daily/Special Tasks for the Warbond shop are MUCH easier in Arcade (which is why I was playing it), so if you are grinding the shop, I would play arcade.

  14. Realistic is full of kids who rush you with fucking planes, helis and TOWS and other missiles when you kill them. But Arcade has Artillery spammers, which sucks when ur on a weak tank, open top tank or a tank which has the back fully open like the Italian M90/53 BR 3.7 TD thingy

  15. tiger 2 be like:
    your lying. dont lie to me. you lie
    arcade is horrible for tiger 2
    185mm of turret armor on the front – and people can shoot the turret through bushes – pffffffttt

  16. Its based on the place in your team, if youre 1st place after the battle finishes you get the most Rp and Sl. In realistic if you survive for more than 30mins you get a lot like a lot my highest i got is 8k Rp.

  17. Just discovered your channel after a recent video by TheOrangeDoom shouting out your channel in a positive way. Instant subscribed b/c you’re not just another hype train.

    Very interesting video for the true grind zombies of this game. Even if Arcade GFs pays better SL I simply can’t stand the gameplay there – the markers are what kill things for me, making only a selection of things actually good there and the rest not worth it.

    I just kick back and play things I like and let the grind mostly take a back seat. It’s how I stay sane.

  18. I grind my way to get my first Patton in sim battle when they first roll out American ground forces. I did that with premium account in just a week and half.

  19. Another thing to keep in mind at higher BRs (8.3+) is tank assault, I play 2 matches of it when i first get a tank and that's parts and fpe out of the way. It isn't always consistent, but 9 times out of 10 you'll get a victory and enough points for parts/fpe

  20. PVE Tank Assault gave a lot of Lions, Research Points and Crew Experience depends on which BR you play. The Higher the BR, the Higher the Reward.

    Unless if you win the entire 12 rounds and it's a pain in the Ass while dealing with Aimbot AI. But despite that, their rewards are exceptionally higher than in other PvP Modes.

    In PvP modes (Arcade, Realistic and Simulators), you can get higher rewards with Boosters, Boosters will be a waste of you don't get any 1-2+ kills.

  21. For me, German tanks with BR of around 3.7 in Arcade was the money maker (Silver lions)!
    I almost went bankrupt once playing Russian Arcade at 6.3-7.

  22. Idk if it is because I play m4a1 and m10 but I get freaking 500rp and 3000 silver lions a game and it costs me 3000 in repair 😡😡😡😡

  23. Despite the fact it's been a long time sice you uploaded this video, I gotta say, that this is awesome..you content is just amazing, thank you

  24. I have millions of research points but I can't do anything with them unless I have golden eagles so what's the point of having research points?

  25. SB used to be retardely good (could make 10krp per kill) , since they nerfed it idk how it really holds up, can you make a video on that it is actually very in depth and interesting

  26. I just found the video and I want to congratulate you on your extremely academic approach to this research. You did a great job in isolating everything and excluding "chance" (although impossible in such a scenario without a clear sight on algorithms and other hidden aspects of the game) as much as possible. Concise conclusions were presented as well as fair amount of warning in regards of the limitation. Congratulations on a high quality video and work!

  27. Honestly, RP is of no importance to me, I enjoy playing RB way more ever since I finally got skilled enough and that's where I will stay. On the SL side however…
    If you don't mind throwing some money to the devs and you like to cheese air RB, get premium and the A6M5 Ko (can recommend the J2M at the same BR as well, that Zeek is just my preference). Not only will you get 60k SL per battle, it is also quite great for grinding the entirety of Japanese aircraft tech tree, even solid for grinding the T-2. Going against USA and USSR separately is god damn easy for the 4.7 Japs.

  28. HowToPlay1337 i made a blog about war thunder and i used some of your content but on the end i said subscribe to HowTOPlay1337 i hope that makes it right. (Its Dutch so if u wanna read it u need to translate it) https://warthunderrealisticsim.blogspot.com/2019/09/hallo-ik-ben-jls-ik-ga-over-mijn-1-game.html

  29. It's not even enough to boost through high tiers, I grind hard, even if I do, it is still not enough, at least the research points are not ridiculously high like WoT cough 63k research points sucks away my motivation, I will not imagine how high is to get the Abrams tree. (Full time US Armed Forces)

  30. M8, German 6.7 should be calculated individually as it's loss after loss after loss, and a lot of people don't have premium. Also normally repair cost much more than I earn

  31. So if you want to switch to realistic but don’t really know how start out playing realistic low tier then as you get used to it go up slowly

  32. It's weird to see this dude use decimal points as commas instead of the normal dot, then he uses a dot instead of a comma to separate the thousands from the hundreds.

  33. PanzerIII E: Alright, got a critical on that T-26. Another critical.. Jesus another critical just DIE ALREADY! ANOTHER CRITICAL, JUST LAY DOWN AND DIE. OKA- *Gets killed by a BT-5*

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