White gold whitening cream | 313Abid

White gold whitening cream | 313Abid

Hello viewers ! Welcome to 313Abid Channel. in this video tell you some details about White Gold whitening cream. if you want to use this, then use it after skin test, if not match with skin, then don’t use it, therefore will not occur any type of side effect. White Gold whitening cream is a product of white gold France International. its price is 240 Rupees. to check real white gold beauty cream, company introduced scratch code method if scratched code send to 8339 Via SMS, then told , real or fake cream via reply SMS. method of white gold beauty cream use , and precautions. before apply beauty cream wash your face with white gold herbal face wash, and dry it if skin is oily , then use oil control face wash apply a thin layer of beauty cream on face and don’t rub, because Inflammation etc.. can occur due to rubbing. avoid from sunlight, during cream applied time or go for a little time. if skin infected from fire or from sunlight, then don’t use cream. According to white gold France International . give benefits, in below days. for skin whitening, in 7 to 15 Days for melasma, in 7 to 30 Days for dark circles , in 15 to 21 Days from dark skin to white skin , in 7 to 30 Days wheat color to white color , in 7 to 15 Days for acne, in 21 to 45 Days for wrinkles , in 45 to 60 Days use continuous cream in previously told days when get required results , then decrease uses of cream, day by day until 1 day in a week. if you buy this beauty cream, then read the leaflet in the box , Especially ingredients , if any ingredient is not suitable for your skin, then don’t use beauty cream. if your skin is sensitive then select beauty cream carefully. how to select and use beauty cream, and what Potential side effects, if you know about this ? on these topics I make videos, its links are in description. if possible watch it, I hope it will be helpful. Viewers ! any one from you ! used this beauty cream ? if used ! then what benefit or side effect you note ? give your best opinions. Good Bye


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