White Mercedes C63S AMG wrapped Chrome Gold

White Mercedes C63S AMG wrapped Chrome Gold

(techno music) – [Yianni] Hi guys, it’s
Yianni from Yiannimize, and today we have a C63Ss AMG. Now the owner of this car is a guy called Siva. If you click here, you might remember him. He’s called “The Gold Man”. We’ve wrapped a Range Rover in gold, Porsche Cayman in gold, Bentley GTC in gold, and have a guess what, this car is going chrome gold as well, to complete the set of four. Siva come in, this is the owner. What’s happenin’ bro, you well? – [Siva] I’m good, how are you doing? – Good, we’re going gold again? – We’re going gold again. – This is what you want. Why are we going gold again? – I just love gold. I’m a big fan of your work, I’m a big
fan of gold as well. – Okay he loves gold, I hope you enjoy this video. (techno music) – [Nicco] We’re going
to show you how to use cutting tape, one go. (techno music) – [Yianni] Chrome gold,
C63S AMG, boys laid the bonnet, two-piece bonnet
because the vinyl doesn’t come wide enough, click here, click here, I say it every we time we do a chrome gold on a big bonnet, two pieces. (techno music) – [Kiren] Hey guys, Kiren from Yiannimize. This is an update on
the C63s. The majority of the car has been
wrapped. Just the front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts and the door. And it should be complete ready for Siva to collect. (techno music) (slow techno music) – [Yian] The C63s AMG
is pretty much complete. All you’ve got left is Leandro tinting the two front windows,
and then, as you can hear the noise in the background, and then she’s complete. Siva hopefully will be bringing down the rest
of the fleet. So we’ll have a gold day at Yiannimize. (slow techno music) – Listen, fair play to
him, he has four gold chrome-wrapped cars, done by us here at Yiannimize. He’s the official gold man I don’t know anyone else
that’s got four gold cars, fair play to you, you can’t drive four cars at once though. – [Siva] No, but I’m good, I let my friends take them out, I’m not selfish. If you’re a close friend of mine, give me call. – Wait, there’s going to be loads of you guys, commenting down below, I’m your friend, I’m your friend! Let me know, what would you drive? C63S AMG, Range Rover Sport, Bentley GTC, or the Porsche Cayman?
What would you choose? Me personally, I’m takin’ the Merc, even though the GTC is a convertible, I’m takin the Merc. I know his Merc is the favorite now. Turnaround look, Mark, Mark’s already
jumping in the Cayman! Mark, he’s your friend, yeah? Huh? So why you getting in there bro? (laughter) So Mark’s his friend, I think everyone’s gong to be his friend after this. One thing … be aware of, gold diggers. Later! (slow techno music)


  1. looks great!!!! May i know why u people used two pieces on bonnet and bumpers instead of single piece, any specific reason?

  2. (In Persian accent) Farshad! Check out my new chrome wrap Mercedes! It is so shiny I can use it as a mirror to trim my uni brow!

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