Who really won Iowa – Cruz – No – Trump – No – Rubio – Yes

Who really won Iowa –  Cruz – No  – Trump –  No –  Rubio  – Yes

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today in Tuesday 2nd February 2016 and we
are discussing the Republican caucus result in Iowa and who we believe is the true victor
of that caucus. Now in mathematical and candidate terms of
course Ted Cruz won with a convincing 28% with Donald Trump some 4% lower at 24% and
Marco Rubio only 1% below Trump at 23% with other candidates so far down the scale most
reports barely mention them. Now there were 2 surprises, the first being
that Donald Trump did not win, especially as the latest polls for Iowa showed that he
had a couple of percent lead and his national polling showing a considerable percentage
gap between him and the second place candidate Ted Cruz.
However, media reports have long suggested that Cruz has had a much better organisation
on the ground in Iowa than did Trump and this was reflected in the result.
The second surprise, and in our opinion the most important, was the rise of Rubio almost
equalling the Trump vote. Now Rubio was never going to win Iowa and in our view purposely
downplayed expectations. However this significant result for him has given him the launch pad
for what we believe to be the establishments fight back against the two anti-establishments
candidates Trump and Cruz. It is quite possible, that although Trump
is almost guaranteed to win the next caucus at New Hampshire, it is now likely that Rubio
will have enough momentum to strip significant votes away from the remaining establishment
candidates and thereby pronounce himself as the single viable anti-Cruz, anti-Trump alternative
– and should this occur, then we shall see a number of candidates drop out of the race
in favour of Rubio. You heard it here first. There are indeed exciting times ahead for
the Republican Race. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. And so… I feel rather vindicated. Trump is NOT mainstream, the polls are NOT true indicators of voter sentiment. They ( polls) are tools to be used to the benefit of the pollster. I agree that the NEWS is Rubio, and Jeb and the K-street gang must be rubbing their noggin's over this.


  2. Iowa really never does elect a president. And here are the facts as presented by Mr Armstrong.

    So Iowa has never been a place which picks the winner. In fact, the ONLY president they have ever picked was George W. Bush and they have an uncanny ability to pick losers. So a Cruz victory he should line his pockets so he can pay off Goldman Sachs since he is not likely to win nationally.

    Here is Iowa’s track Record:

    1976 (January 19): Gerald Ford (45%) and Ronald Reagan (43%)
    1980 (January 21): George H. W. Bush (32%), Ronald Reagan (30%), Howard Baker (15%), John Connally (9%), Phil Crane (7%), John B. Anderson (4%), and Bob Dole (2%)
    1984 (February 20): Ronald Reagan (unopposed)
    1988 (February 8): Bob Dole (37%), Pat Robertson (25%), George H. W. Bush (19%), Jack Kemp (11%), and Pete DuPont (7%)
    1992 (February 10): George H. W. Bush (unopposed)
    1996 (February 12): Bob Dole (26%), Pat Buchanan (23%), Lamar Alexander (18%), Steve Forbes (10%), Phil Gramm (9%), Alan Keyes (7%), Richard Lugar (4%), and Morry Taylor (1%)
    2000 (January 24): George W. Bush (41%), Steve Forbes (31%), Alan Keyes (14%), Gary Bauer (9%), John McCain (5%), and Orrin Hatch (1%)
    2004 (January 19): George W. Bush (unopposed)
    2008 (January 3): Mike Huckabee (34%), Mitt Romney (25%), Fred Thompson (13%), John McCain (13%), Ron Paul (10%), Rudy Giuliani (4%), and Duncan Hunter (1%)
    2012 (January 3): Rick Santorum (25%), Mitt Romney (25%), Ron Paul (21%), Newt Gingrich (13%), Rick Perry (10%), Michele Bachmann (5%), and Jon Huntsman (0.6%)
    2016 (February 1): Ted Cruz (27.7%), Donald Trump (24.3%), Marco Rubio (23.1%), Ben Carson (9.3%), Rand Paul (4.5%), Jeb Bush (2.8%), Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, and Chris Chritie each had 2% of the vote, Rick Santorum had 1%, and Jim Gilmore had 0%. After results were announced, Huckabee ended his campaign.


  3. My prediction after the last election was simple: No matter who the republicrat candidate might be, the pendulum needs to swing back, and the "good party" and the "evil party" need to switch sides again.

    It's just the way it seems to work in the states. People voting based on a single question: "Mama, what colour shirt did granpappy dun wore when he dun goed out a-votin'?" Past that, few people vote on anything more than a single issue that they "believe" is important.

    With the progressive rise in media demonization of "anything demican" and a concurrent and persistent praise of "anything republicrat", we will very likely see things slipping smoothly in line with what the controlled media wants people to think in the lead-up to the actual vote.

    The only other "universal constant" in US poitics is that anyone who speaks the truth is attacked and ridiculed, and most especially so if they are not a member of "the only two REAL political parties", which really aren't any different at all, when you look at them over time.

    Changing political parties in power does absolutely nothing different, in the long term. They mere switch sides in name, and the same fraudulent political games continue, with the same inevitable results.

    We'll see in another nine months.

  4. Illuminati Silver
    Do you believe this is an intentional collapse? Everyone is talking about the collapse but no one is mentioning that this is game over the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the U. S. Right is left left is right and the U.S. Is blaming every country when they are so masterfully collapsing our economy. All our markets are rigged.

  5. Sadly, at the end of the day who ever wins, will become brought to HEAL by the beltway mafia. One may prefer to call them the old guard. Their first day in office someone will sit them down and explain how things really work old how little power they actually have. This is why we see Obama creating so many "executive orders" . These are end runs around Congress or else nothing else would get done. Also i find Amercan elections so incredibly long, it seems that they are in a constant election cycle of one sort or another. Mean while, the people's business never gets done!

  6. voting is an Illusion of choice . Its called The Hegalean dialectic . You actually think your vote means you made a choice …….You did not Its all an Illusion…..I have been told Its a choice thats made years in advance.

  7. The main-stream media has framed Iowa as if it was a Cruz victory over Trump – little mention of Rubio. I find this very suspicious because Iowa is a "proportional delegate" state – in essence the delegates will be allocated accordingly – making it more like a 3-way tie than a victory. More suspicious, how Rubio polled at 4-6% and garnered 23% is big mystery – the pollsters must be incredibly incompetent…right? Rubio has been crowned by the establishment, we may as well get used to the idea – this founding ideal of a "country for the people" is on life-support…and the establishment has their hands on the plug. I am sickened…

  8. I hope non-US viewers understand that the elections here are in November, most Americans don't care at this point. There is a lot of jockeying for position to try for the nomination at this point. None of the Republican candidates will be elected, the pendulum is swinging the other way.

  9. Yes, I'm sure everyone is captivated by the coming election between the giant douche a turd sandwich. How is it that you've yet to comment on last weeks fix discrepancy?

  10. We don't care how charismatic a "politician" is in his speech or debates! We care about his track record. What has he accomplished? What kind of deals has he put together?
    How much has he sold in his business? Empty talk WIL NOT & CANNOT fix our country!!! Show us your past record of success. Prove us that you CAN do something, not like our current idiotic president!!

  11. a bit off topic but will agree presidential polices could effect the commodities market. always gotten the impression trump was a egomaniac who if he does not get his way he will take his proverbial ball and go home.

  12. Do u always say we are…. we tell u the….about silver?

    Or is this a recorder played over and over?

    U need something new more intresting and not so old and serious sounding…Something that attracts young people like 12-15 old so u have more vieuwers

  13. Iowa is real conservitive state,they dont want "deals with dems" as trump trys to snapp towell to bottom.of course cruz won.da

  14. +Illuminati Silver all evidence to points to the U. S. Of course they are not going to let us know that they are purposely crashing the economy. A blind man could see what's going on they need someone to blame. When I first started listening to your channel I liked but it's seems to me only encourage people away from precious metals and into paper stocks gold, and silver. You seem more to protect a system that is obviously falling apart. I listen to all but follow none.

  15. Bigger event question: the pattern breakdown and washout move in the
    dollar today, what do you make of it? I'm thinking it's either a
    protective move by the "powers that be" to put some cushioning under oil
    and commodities and stave off a junk bond Armageddon/defaults
    throughout the financial sector, or merely front running speculation
    that China's inevitable further devaluation of their currency favors the
    Yen over the dollar. Either way, holy fck on a stick the pillars of
    Heaven are shaking right now!

  16. jumps right in . silver 14.70 . that 12 sure looks far in the mirror . paper traders must behaving nightmares . may settle back to 14.30 . its got test 15. in a spike .. then lets see

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