Why “Apollo®” Uses Bismuth Based Copper Alloys

Why “Apollo®” Uses Bismuth Based Copper Alloys

So, why does Apollo use Bismuth-Based
copper alloys over silicon? The following 12 facts will resolve any questions or
doubts you may have concerning this superior alloy. Number One – Bismuth-Based
copper alloys have been used successfully in our industry for decades,
with millions of valves currently installed in trouble-free service. Number
Two – According to the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association, the PH
CC, valves and fittings made from silicon bronze materials can require special
preparation, flux materials, and soldering procedures. Number Three – Bismuth alloys
solder just like standard leaded brasses and bronzes because they share
similar properties to leaded bronzes, including machinability and high thermal
conductivity. Number Four – Silicon bronze can be up to four times less thermally
conductive than bismuth, requiring more heat and higher temperatures to be
applied to the valve during the soldering process. Number Five – The Copper
Development Association notes that, due to low thermal conductivity of silicon
bronze, users can experience issues with the solder ability or joinability of
those valves or fittings in the field. Number Six – Apollo’s Bismuth bronze
alloys are more resistant to dezincification due to their lower zinc content
than silicon bronze alloys. Number Seven – Bismuth provides advantages during
machining and fills voids during casting to reduce the chance of porosity. Number
Eight – Silicon bronze castings are susceptible to porosity since silicon is
extremely soluble; it cannot fill voids in the alloy. Number Nine –
Both bismuth and silicon bronze alloys begin to melt at 1580 degrees Fahrenheit,
well above any feasible service condition or soldering temperature.
Number 10 – Apollo’s lead-free products are third-party certified by Truesdail
Laboratories, Incorporated to comply with applicable standards such as NSF/
ANSI 61 Section 8 water quality and NSF/ ANSI 372 lead-free. Number 11 – The levels
of bismuth in Apollo’s lead-free bronze products is extremely low and do not
pose a health hazard to users. Number 12 – Bismuth is not known to be
toxic to humans. Bismuth is a common ingredient in pharmaceuticals, upset
stomach remedies and cosmetics. As you can see bismuth is the clear-cut choice
when replacing lead in copper alloys. Apollo Flow Controls – Build Lead-Free
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