Why are Global PMI’s rising when naysayers predict imminent economic collapse?

Why are Global PMI’s rising when naysayers predict imminent economic collapse?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Wednesday 4th January 2017 and we
are asking the question why is it with all the doom and gloom merchants predicting global
economic collapse the PMI data for the world’s major economies is on the rise?
For reference PMI is an indicator of the economic health of the manufacturing sector. It is
based on five major indicators: new orders, inventory levels, production, supplier deliveries
and the employment environment. It is reported today that businesses across
the euro zone ended 2016 by ramping up activity at the fastest pace for five-and-a-half years,
as a weaker currency boosted demand for their goods and services in December.
IHS Markit’s final composite Purchasing Managers’ Index or (PMI) for the euro zone rose to 54.4
in December from November’s 53.9. which itself was the highest level since May 2011.
Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS Markit commented:
“Manufacturers and, to a lesser extent, service sector companies are benefiting from
the weaker euro, which is both boosting goods exports and encouraging demand for services
exports such as tourism,” He also added that the data points to fourth-quarter
economic growth of 0.4% which is in line with the prediction in a Reuter’s poll last month.
In the United States, The Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing PMI rose to 54.7
in December of 2016 from 53.2 in November, beating market expectations of 53.6. It is
the highest reading since December of 2014 as new orders, production and employment all
registered new highs for the year. In the United Kingdom, activity in Britain’s
construction sector expanded at the fastest rate in nine months in December, boosted by
more house building, but sterling’s weakness drove the biggest rise in costs in over five
years. The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index
(PMI) rose to 54.2 in December, its strongest since March and well ahead of expectations
predicted in a Reuters poll for it to hold steady at November’s reading of 52.8.
Britain looks to have been one of the strongest-performing advanced economies last year, but most economists
predict a slowdown in growth to 1.1% this year from double that in 2016 as inflation
climbs. In China, the Caixin Manufacturing PMI rose
to 51.9 in December of 2016 from 50.9 in November, beating market consensus of 50.7. It was the
sixth straight month of growth and the highest reading since January 2013, as output and
new orders both hit multi-year highs while new export orders remained unchanged. In December,
output rose the most in 71 months while new orders increased at the fastest pace since
July 2014. Now of course the data may be wrong. Perhaps
Fake News is being broadcast. Or could it possibly be the case that things are slowly
starting to improve? Whether one believes the underlying data to be accurate or not,
the trend is certainly clear – an improving one – as the data metrics calculations have
not changed for some time and so watching the trend as opposed to the figures, present
a relatively clear picture. That said, inflation is beginning to rise
because of weaker currencies and cost push inflation takes a little time to work through
the system. We are not saying for one moment the economic news is great, however we are
also not saying its anywhere near as terrible as some make it out to be. Yes if you are
unemployed or disabled you are suffering. Yes if you live in the wrong State you are
suffering. Yes if you are working in a low paid unskilled job you are probably suffering.
But this has always been the case regardless of which area of the world you live in.
There are debt problems to contend with, there are political problems on the horizon and
there are currency issues to worry about, however at least for now the PMI trajectory
is upwards and suggests improvement. This is likely to be better for silver than
for gold should we witness a rise in industrial usage. Much can happen to derail any progress,
but we most certainly do not believe the Armageddon warnings that are being pumped out right now
as they are at the start of every year that we can recall.
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  1. Even if the economy is rising, more manufactured goods, inventory and so on, who is to say that we produced the right products for our needs, can we be sure that we have enough housing and not too many highways, enough highways, but not too much railroad, and so on? Only a true free market would be able to finetune the economy through the pricing mechanisms. Since the currency is fictional and governments controll about half of the spending in our society, the pricing of goods is missdetermined by the market, and missallocation of ressources can occure. In such case GDP is similar to the dashboard indicator of my car, it shows the speed of the vehicle, the engine is running smooth and in good health, but it does not say the travel direction is right. It could be totally opposite to the desired one.

  2. It looks like based on the reported data that we could expect the US Dollar and the Dow Jones to continue to rise at least to the 1Q

  3. Thanks again IS. Spot on with the calm outlook. I'll put this out there though; the weaker emerging currency struggle is lifting up Bitcoin right now. This is basically keeping metals from being slapped by their slave masters as they are now focused on an outside threat. I was expecting a massive slap-down but possibly Bitcoin is an unlikely saviour in this tragic comedy/ ground hog day cycle. Happy new year 🙂

  4. I have not been hearing any "ECONOMIC COLLAPSE" proponents. I am not sure to whom you refer as being one of these? Please enlighten us.

  5. Could the PMI be fake? I don't see many companies around the world have good profit. Maybe its all about who add up the statistic for the PMI

  6. Hard news can move the markets drastically. Cyber wars, a rogue nation launching a missile, or some other unforeseen event can start a market panic. My prediction is only that metals will go up AND down, because that is what they always have down. If they get REAL super cheap i will buy some more. Keeping powder dry for now. Liking the look of some of those 2017 Gold year of the Rooster coins!

  7. Anyone that wishes for a meltdown doesnt love anyone but themselves ! More growth more silver needed and more contracts makes better prices , shortcuts like the 2008 realestate scheme really is dis honorable and a total global crash would render silver valuable but no one could buy it 🙂 hahah Great vedio IS.

  8. As the income of most Americans is Under $14,000,and prices going up on goods and services, a plateau has been reached, High prices, no buy it!

  9. my uneducated guess is : the prophets are all saying sell it all and move to the hills--they will be right, eventually, in fact even our illustrious prognosticator, jim kramer suggested yesterday nite there may be opportunites to buy cheaper in near future-
    -so there you go my prediction is : the market will fall somewhere between a lot and a little either tomorrow or the near future—see i should have my own tube channel or better yet a tv show or maybe even a competitor to Bloomberg

  10. As a trend I am glad to see the PMI's going up. That would suggest there is at least a low inventory problem if nothing else. But, I suspect there are customers waiting as well as we have been off line, so to speak, for some time.

  11. FOXNews 66% of Americans do not have $1000 in their account! Over 48 million Americans getting food stamps via a debit card! I call that the great depression! Godspeed

  12. Amazing the metals are jumping up 10 and 5 dollar moves , no one saw this coming?Goes to show how hard this is ,when fundamentals don't mean anything to call price moves

  13. I bought into the doom & gloom narrative for a number of years. Today I take a more balanced view – partly informed by Illuminati Silver, and partly based on a new perspective gained by reading "DIAGRAMS & DOLLARS: Modern Money Illustrated" by J.D. Alt (a 40 page book, about $2 on Amazon). It turns several of Mike Maloney's "Hidden Secrets of Money" arguments on their heads. In fact, I would truly appreciate a video that discusses the world's current economic situation through the perspectives from this book – for it provides context and even reasons for much of the "unexplicable" moves by the FED over the last decade, and the recent rise in the PMI.

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