Why are Gold and Silver prices rising?

Why are Gold and Silver prices rising?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 3rd February 2017 and we are
asking why are gold and silver prices going up?
On the 15th January we produced a video entitled “Investment Schizophrenia prior to a Trump
Presidency” where we suggested that investors were unsure where to place their money in
view of impending then President-elect Trumps policies.
Well nearly 3 weeks later we are witnessing a similar situation, save that the issues
are rapidly becoming far more serious in that conflicting reports are creating confusion
amongst traders. This past week has seen a number of conflicting
news reports which quite frankly has caused stock market, currency and bullion traders
a high degree of confusion. We have seen the Dow Jones Index rising above 20,000, then
falling to 19,964 and is now just 10 points off its all-time high standing at 20,071 – whereby
frankly it should now be testing 20,200. The dollar index has moved from 100.5 down to
99.5 and is currently standing at 99.7 whereas its been as high as 103 in the past month
and frankly should be moving a little closer to 104. Gold has moved from $1190 to $1220
when it should actually be moving down towards the $1175 level and silver has risen from
$17.14 to $17.50 when it should now be trading between $16.50 – $16.75.
So what is actually happening? Well first the good news which on its own would cause
the prices to be where we are claiming they should be:
• US firms added 227,000 jobs in January against expectations of 175,000 – thus strengthening
the dollar, boosting the stock market and making interest rate rises more inevitable
– bad news for gold and silver • On Thursday, the Bank of England revised
up its forecast for the UK economy this year, and now expects it to grow by 2% suggesting
a recovering economic situation good for the stock markets, value of sterling but bad for
gold and silver – though slightly better for silver than gold.
• Reuters Poll out today shows that New York Banks believe that the FED will raise
rates only twice this year – thereby boosting the stock market and making gold and silver
less attractive in comparison as investment vehicles.
• Prime Minister May visited President Trump and it appears that the ‘special relationship
between the UK and the USA is back on – meaning excellent business prospects for both countries.
So why is gold and silver rising – well it’s the ‘fear factor’ right now. Headlines
this week show: • Michael Flynn, The National Security Adviser
on Wednesday stated that he was “officially putting Iran on notice” in reaction to a
missile test and an attack on a Saudi warship. Then today sanctions have been announced,
causing oil prices to rise and investors becoming nervous.
• President Trump cut short a conversation with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull after
reportedly telling him it was his “worst call by far” with a foreign leader that day over
the refugee crisis – Trump called the deal made with Obama a “Dumb Deal”. Australia
is known to be a very close ally of the US and such disagreements may prove harmful in
the longer term. • President Trump recommended Ted Malloch,
the leading contender to be named America’s next top diplomat in Brussels, who reminded
the EU they have no say over who President Trump appoints to ambassadorial roles. Ted
Malloch is a well-known anti-EU advocate who is keen to see the break-up of the Union from
a political perspective. This has caused considerable disharmony amongst the EU elite and again
makes markets nervous which is good for gold and silver.
• NATO expenditure and contributions are to be reassessed and an inquiry into banking
legislation has been ordered – both causing a mixture of good news/bad news for the investing
community. There have been many other examples announced
during the past week which may have had an impact but tensions with Iran may indeed cloud
any positive news and lead investors scurrying to safe haven gold and silver.
The traders we have been able to speak with this week agree that gold and silver prices
should be falling but there is a distinct fear trade in the market that may gain some
momentum. So those who have criticised the paper markets
for pushing prices down, may indeed be praising them for pushing them up – so for the next
couple of weeks we believe fundamentals are out of the window and geo-political issues
will dictate where prices shall move. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. Thanks for highlighting the geopolitical "fear factor" on the impact of gold & silver prices. I wonder if the majority in the investment community (i.e. the "average" investor) is aware of the amount of manipulation in precious metals pricing, and the impact this has on the "true value" of gold & silver. I would love to hear more about this aspect of the precious metals market. Great video… thanks I.S.

  2. Thank you for the video. As it is related to this situation: I placed a bet against rising silver prices, as I thought things would be more conservative and unwind as Trump got into office. I got crushed and lost 66% of my investment before exiting my positions. I thought I could predict the precious metals and learned a painful lesson. Thankfully the bet was a relatively small part of my overall portfolio.

  3. Could it be that the dollar is under 100 and the aspects of increase economic activity worldwide especially in America is expected? Waiting patiently for the years in the mid-2020's. Until then I will watch and hold. Great Job Illuminatisilver!

  4. thanks as always for the video. as far geopolitical events we need only look at our liberals for assaults and property damage. they believe in free speech but only if you agree with them. I have never seen adults act more like children in all my 49 years on this earth. it's embarrassing. can't wait to see how their kids behave.

  5. If nothing else, it's been exciting! Frankly, I think people are stunned that thus far, Trump is doing what he said he'd do in his campaign; a truly rare occurrence in the world. I think once people understand that Iran does not, as yet, have the capability to launch a missile into U.S. territory, metals prices might then settle down. Since crude oil is all they have of any worth to sell, they will continue to sell it. Traders like to play these games to get amateurs involved, then, take their money when fear abruptly comes to a halt. However, with Trump in ofc. now, each day is a new adventure. With the good Jobs report this morning, I think The Fed might raise the rate in the next month or so; certainly by June, and metals will once again fall. As for Iran, unless Russia wants to come to their aid, they don't stand a chance. Oh, they can harm someone, possibly launch into Israel, but I don't think so, yet. Have an excellent weekend. I will be out in my veggie garden.

  6. It might be because the true economy may be like a person with two broken legs walking around on rotten wooden crutches? 😨

  7. I get the fear thing , he's a loose cannon ! I looked at some pre 64 quarters , that might be my last buy for a minute at least for now . Good luck everyone !

  8. Nothing like a Trump card and European elections to keep the world on edge… Strange though, the higher USD price seems to reflect USD weakness than geopolitical risk, the price is about the same in Singapore dollars… Your thoughts?

  9. Thanks for the video, I find it facinating how much of an effect fear has pms (silver especially). Still volatility creates opertunities I guess.

  10. I'm not sure how you justify all your "should be" language. The prices of PMs have always responded to a number of different factors, all of which might be considered fundamentals. The mains ones are real interest rates, future expectations of real interest rates, government/corporate/household debt and the risk of default, the size of the fiat money supply, prospects for economic growth, central bank/institutional/investor demand, cost of production, financial sector risk, and geopolitical risk. On the basis of the aggregate of all those, the prospects for PM prices are definitely bullish.

  11. More and more investors are hedging with gold and silver, but I don't see skyrocketing prices unless (until?) Trump creates a major global crisis.

  12. So you admit to have underestimated the fear-factor?! I am looking forward to the difference of your end of Febr. forecast you have made in a former video(near 15 for silver!). May be the day will come, when you will praise the so called "gold pumpers".

  13. Another excellent analysis of the current state of market… trading is likely to be very volatile indeed over the next few weeks / months…. I'm buying again, at anything below 17 on silver .

  14. you have forgotten to mention price inflation of "everyday items" such as gas (gas supplied to my home as opposed to gasoline supplied at the pumps , although guess what?, that has increased as well) and electricity.
    After "Brexit" the £ took a massive hit but instead of raising interest rates a bit to put some strength back into the £ , the BOE cut rates and did some more QE!
    The fact is that any idea of interest rates set by central banks going back to so called  "normal levels" is a fiction. WHY?
    Because anyone who has attended the Weimar School of Economics knows that price inflation is brilliant at reducing the real value of debt/fiat money (same thing), and a weakened currency in a society that likes to borrow and spend like the UK seems to do, should sooner or later, see price inflation.
    And then has the bond bubble finally burst?
    What will this mean for "interest rate swaps"?
    The questions go on and on!

  15. I'm not sure if the fear factor is so significant now, because:
    1) Gold is rising significantly and stock markets are rising (less than it was a month ago, but much more than it was one year ago when gold was also rising quite fast and markets were flat or falling).
    2) In not sure situation, december rise of interest rates should cause markets falling… but it didn't have completely any influence
    3) I'm afraid that technical analysis in such not sure situation has the main role…. (remember how it was in December. Then happened many bad things in the world like: referendum in Italy, problems with italian banks that currently are financed from public money against UE law , problems with DB…. and ? and dramatically falling gold prices ?! Only because of oncoming magician Trump that will save the world ?)

    ps. Why there is Polish coat of arms in the background ? 🙂

  16. it could be that inflation is expected and that would push up the metals. President Trump plans to drop lots of regulation for businesses, lower business taxes, and make it so banks will begin to give loans again. this would cause inflation which would cause gold and silver to go up.

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  18. You are basically saying that it's prudent to be diversified owning stocks, bonds, and some gold or silver. Nobody can predict the future so owning some of each asset is the way to go. Don't listen to Mike Baloney who thinks silver should be $100/oz now and the G:S ratio should be 16.

  19. there is someone on youtube said the US dollar index already hit its higher high which 103 and now start long-term downward in order to boss the US export. Which means good for Silver & Gold for upcoming months?

  20. Actually, the value of precious metals in USD often trades opposite to the US Dollar, which has been trending down since the first of the year. I believe that geopolitical machinations directly effect the USD.

    Recently Utah discussed making precious metals (PM) as legal currency. I don't think that they are aware of Gresham law which states a monetary principle that "bad money drives out good." (fiat drives out money) If they in fact allow PM to be used as currency then good money (PM) will be hoarded and Bad money (BM) will remain in circulation. BM will be used to purchase GM then GM will be hoarded. No one will use GM to purchase BM . I think that Utah is stupid. GM will only be money when BM is extinct.

    The value of silver is incalculable until the present currency no longer remains acceptable. Until then, … all guesstimates are moot.

  21. gold and silver will be volatile this year. gonna be a wild ride. I'm long to medium term bullish. Short term silver and gold are meeting resistance levels. we will see what happens.

  22. I sort of think that the investigations into banks over Gold and Silver price fixing caused the increase in prices. Banks are backing off metals.

  23. Why the heck should Gold and Silver Prices being falling? No they should be rising and not only by a few bucks or cents but by a large amount. Fear is a driver of course but it is not what finally determines the price. It's ongoing manipulation that keeps the price more or less where it is.

  24. These truly are momentous times. With the Fed inflated stock market bubble in the U.S., what is going to happen when cheap money starts to disappear?

  25. Should be no surprise that fundamental and technical have no bearing on the price of gold and silver. The dj at the party just turns the dial down on metals and lets the party continue.

  26. The US job numbers are lacking in credibility. 94% of the jobs created during the Obama Administration were lousy part time jobs. Very few breadwinner jobs.

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