Why Gold and Silver Prices Have Further to Fall in 2017

Why Gold and Silver Prices Have Further to Fall in 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 13th July 2017 and we are
commenting as to why we believe gold and silver prices have further to fall, at least in the
short term. Firstly we would like to quote to you a comment
made by Peter Schiff, someone we know that many of our subscribers follow and frequently
quote. Throughout 2014, 2015 and 2016 Schiff stated that there was no- way that the FED
could raise interest rates. This culminated in probably his last major
public statement on that issue on the 6th June 2016 where he wrote “The reason why
the Fed will not let interest rates go up is because if they let interest rates go up,
we cannot afford to pay the interest on our debt and we would have to default. To avoid
the embarrassment of a default they keep interest rates artificially low. But I think it’s
better to be honest and default than going through a currency crisis that we are heading
into.” Without going into the merits or demerits
of that case, he was simply wrong. For since 6th June 2016 the FED raised interest rates
3 times – 14th December 2016, 16th March 2017 and 14th June 2017 with further rises
promised for later in the year. This has undoubtedly had a negative impact on gold and silver prices
despite the fact that political turmoil and uncertainty, North Korea and a New US Presidency
besmirched with accusations of secret Russian dealings have underpinned gold and silver
prices. The stock markets have been on a tear reaching ever increasing highs.
We have no doubt that interest rates will rise again in 2017 probably by 0.25% and we
predict one rise rather than another 2 which the FED initially promised. That aside, we
listened to Janet Yellen’s comments yesterday in full and believe we have gained quite a
clear picture of where she intends to take interest rates and monetary policy for the
next 12 months or so. Without going into the technical detail of
how her policies previously have been designed to keep long term rates low she is embarking
on a technical stimulus reversal to allow long term rates to rise while at the same
time keeping short term rates on a slow and cautious rising trajectory.
Yellen commented yesterday at an intense hearing before the House of Representatives’ Financial
Services Committee. This is what she said: “Interest rates are likely to remain historically
low over the longer term……. And that the bank was looking to normalise its policies,
neither boosting or limiting economic activity….. But a key bank interest rate would not have
to rise “all that much further” to reach that neutral level.”
She also added: “The US jobs market has strengthened and
inflation is expected to rise toward the Federal Reserve’s 2% target, …..The global economy
has also improved, although economic challenges remain…. And that the Fed was committed
to relying primarily on interest rates as its key policy tool and noted that many of
her colleagues thought one further rate increase would be warranted this year.”
Now whatever one may think of the Central Bank and its Governorship, we watched and
listened to Yellen very closely yesterday and frankly believe what she claims to be
her intent. Now what was interesting from this meeting
was the number of Republicans who were critical of the Fed’s push to cut and then keep rates
near zero and buying huge amounts of bonds and mortgage-backed securities in response
to the 2007-2009 financial crisis which they believe has led to the slowest U.S. economic
recovery since World War II ended. In addition, Yellen’s position as FED Chairman
comes up for review in early 2018 and speculation is building on Wall Street that a likely replacement
to run the central bank would be Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council
and Trump’s closest economic advisor. Cohn is also a former chief operating officer of
Goldman Sachs. Now please listen to this next part very carefully.
President Trump on 3rd February of this year signed an Executive Order requiring a review
of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was enacted to ensure there would never be another 2008-style
meltdown. The US President said his latest executive order was necessary because “the
regulations were too onerous on business and hurting the economy”.
Now it is true that only Congress can actually revoke this rule and the Treasury Secretary
has 120 days to report back his findings and results of the review. But here is the interesting
part, President Trump said at the time: “We expect to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank,
because frankly I have so many people, friends of mine, that have nice businesses and they
can’t borrow money … They just can’t get any money because the banks just won’t
let them borrow because of the rules and regulations in Dodd-Frank. So we’ll be talking about
that in terms of the banking industry.” The President was then backed by Gary Cohn,
Director of the National Economic Council and as already mentioned a former Goldman
Sachs Banker who stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. : “Americans are
going to have better choices and Americans are going to have better products because
we’re not going to burden the banks with literally hundreds of billions of dollars
of regulatory costs every year.” He added the Executive Order was; “a table-setter
for a bunch of stuff that is coming”. OK so in plain English terms, this means that
if he is successful, President Trump will drastically cut back on Government Regulation
and allow the banks to lend and borrow with wilful abandon. Remember he has committed
himself to developing an economy with at least a 4% GDP growth target and he has to achieve
this before the next Presidential election. The effect of this will simply be that stock
markets will rise even further and do not be surprised to see the Dow Jones hit 25,000
or even higher as we predicted a possibility prior to Trump winning the election. Gold
and silver prices will fall short term, as other investment opportunities such as equities
will be deemed more attractive and then, eventually, the chickens will come home to roost.
So under Janet Yellen’s existing policies, we see some downward pressure on gold and
silver prices as rates are slowly increased and then held. If President Trump get’s
his way, we shall almost undoubtedly witness massive injections of capital into the economy
due to reduced Banking restrictions and frankly potentially careless lending, resulting in
a further decline in gold and silver prices – at least for a year or so as equity markets
become the go to place for capital investment. Either way, the signs are not great for gold
and silver prices, unless a black swan event occurs or North Korea or some other hotspot
develops or there is a successful move to impeach President Trump.
Now a word of caution. We are not suggesting that gold and silver prices will fall through
the floor. What we are suggesting is that we haven’t seen their year lows as yet and
can well envisage silver dipping to around $15 and possibly a little lower and gold falling
below $1200 and heading towards $1100 territory. At the time of this recording gold is standing
at $1222 and silver at $15.97 having gained a small bounce at the start of the week as
we predicted in our weekend review. This is good progress especially as the Bank of Canada
raised its benchmark interest rate from 0.5% to 0.75% yesterday – its first rise in 7 years,
adding fuel to our view that worldwide interest rates may now be taking a lead from the US
and suggests increasing confidence in World economies. We believe that had it not been
for Trump Junior’s recent email revelation, then gold and silver would actually have fallen
further, which shows that political considerations have just as large an effect as economic ones.
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  1. So this fool was wrong on interest rates he is wrong on metals technicals very positive point prices higher trump fear isnt going away in days months hopefully fear moves metals up rates going up sas fed crushes economy and treasury cost of money will hurt usa badly no default is coming economy will grow slowly

  2. Are you some left wing Brit with an attitude…hard on for Donald? My stocks are kicking ass! Banks, careless lending, lending with willful abandon…yep, attitude. Barney Frank was a New York pole smoking moron and bill passed by controlling Democrats. Like you said, Congress has to change the law. Trump wants it reviewed, now that Republicans are in control…isn't that smart. Suck it up butter cup, and your wet dream to impeach Trump. MAGA

  3. The only reason is price manipulation by the Federal Reserve / US government. Other factors are only of secondary importance.

  4. If you want to know when the price of gold / silver will rise, read CFTC's COT reports. When commercial's net short turns net long, it is time for the prices of PM to break out. The PM markets are designed in such a way that bullion banks can suppress the prices anytime they like. The so-called PM markets in Comex and LMBA are just a scam. If you want to beat them, buy physical gold / silver and take delivery. When their vaults are empty, you will see real firework in PM markets.

  5. Thank you so much!!! I see it dropping also thinking of waiting to purchase more.Today silver is at $16.30 Pretty low.

  6. When Peter Schiff said that the Feds could not raise interest rates, he was not talking about 1.25 %. He is and was talking about bringing them back to "normal" levels. Alan Greenspan blew up the first housing bubble with 1% interest rates for a short time. He popped the bubble by normalizing rates to 5%. Raising rates to 1.25% is not raising rates. If they can get rates to even 3%, and KEEP them there without popping the housing and stock market bubbles, then I will agree that what Peter Schiff said was not correct. They cannot raise interest rates to 5%. If rates are 5%, just the interest on our US debt alone would be $1,000,000,000,000. That is one trillion dollars. That is unsustainable!!! The rest of the world is moving away from the dollar. The writing is on the wall. QE4 is coming, along with the lowering of interest rates back to 0% or lower. the only reason we haven't started QE4 is because the EU and Japan have picked up the QE slack by creating 2 trillion in currency creation annually in its place. The US will start QE again, and when they do, I can only imagine the pace at which they will print.

  7. After the Phillies dump Hellickson,Neshek,Nava,Kendrick,and Joseph,gold should fall a lot further.The team's success and the price of gold always move in tandem.

  8. Is the US Constitution the supreme law of the land? Look at Article One, Section 10, first paragraph which says that no state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender for payments of debts. The governor, and those in the legislature, take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign. I think they are all traitors, and should be arrested, and thrown in jail for treason.

  9. Gold and silver have risen in the last few days. There are no more set formulas or postulates. Cycles are what is happen. And cycles of up and down occurs in which way depending on what majority forces are leading for that week or so.

  10. Yes, the fed has hiked rates three times, but guess what? interest rates are still very very low compared to the historic average, and the Fed is already backpedaling on its promises to continue hiking rates. Also, it was always clear that rate hikes will not bring the US government to an immediate insolvency, because it takes time for the bonds to mature and for the Treasury to be forced to issue new ones at a higher interest rates. But if they go on hiking rates, this will happen eventually. As always, Peter Schiff isn't wrong, he is just early.

  11. If you believe anything coming out of the Fed and this British propagandist you are a fool. They are trying to collapse the dollar and move towards global government. Bc with America strong it wont happen. And the channel name tells you all you need to know. Eff the Fed, IMF and WB the overlords of their debt slave western world.

  12. Gold and silver are dead as a store of value the market being totally manipulated and with no end in sight. Get out while you can and buy bitcoin. Your grandkids I going to laugh at you for holding gold and silver, think about it,. Are you investing for their future? Come January 2018 bitcoin will at least double it's current price of $2,700

  13. How was he wrong 3 x 0.25 doesn't even equal 1 and if it doesn't equal one it hasn't even left zero yet..You conveniently chose to leave out the math that didnt suit . I'm not sure about you but in my book 3x 0.25 in over a decade pretty well is as close to nothing as you can get.You have your each way bets.Atleast Shciff puts his money on the nose.You make predictions after the fact.Schiffs predictions are full of considered guts.Yours always contain the eachway *(ATLEAST FOR NOW)*I give Schiff much more credence than you do.You should too.You really dont need to climb up by pulling down on others.You need to get there on your own.

  14. my RH- blood and kundalini races in my veins and throughout my neural network, 666, after war, confiscation of all private property and hardships of concentration fema camps you will be broken and too weak to exchange your limited labor capacity to add any real material value towards improving quality of life snd it is for this reason you should have metals, especially in such ever intensifying barbaric and unsound times…..

  15. Ryan Border has it spot on. People like the above Illuminati Silver will never be persuaded because they are Fed believers. They do not understand the dangers within the equity markets. The stock prices are in fantasy land and holders of inflated stocks are risking everything because they are blindly trusting the system and those who control it.

  16. WTF is crypto currency? Can you hold in your hand? Can I put some in my wallet? This crypto crap backed by nothing is just a method to keep the Sheeple distracted from the sad reality.

  17. China is about to begin dumping up to 53 million ounces of gold on the world market to pay for imported oil. That will buy it less than a years worth even at current gold and oil prices. China's foreign currency reserves have fallen from 4.5 trillion dollars to 3 trillion in the last 2 years. Over a trillion was spent to defend its all but worthless currency. China's actual economy is not 11 trillion dollars a year as GDP adjusted for PPP but much less than half that as measured by GNI not adjusted for PPP, a true measure of its income compared to the US. China is in horrible financial straits and is nearly at war with the US at least in foreign trade. Europe is bankrupt and on the verge of social chaos. The world looks to be headed towards recession on the whole, bad news for precious metal. If gold is a hedge against inflation then cash is king during deflation. The US should become more self reliant bringing manufacturing back to the US in a process of deglobalizing it's economy. Globalization has been good news for large corporations, bad news for everyone else in developed countries who are most of the voters. This is why they are in open revolt against their corrupt governments.

  18. Last time I looked silver fell three and one half inches. How did they get Vincent Price do this silver podcast? He died years ago.

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