Why Gold prices fell this morning – 20th July 2015 – by Illuminati Silver

Why Gold prices fell this morning – 20th July 2015 – by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 20th July 2015 and we are
issuing this video to update you on today’s sudden decline in the price of Gold this morning
which has taken many people by surprise. Coincidentally, we have been asked by subscribers
to produce a video on gold, which we planned to do over the next 2 weeks, however today’s
fall has been so dramatic; we could not let the situation pass without at least making
a brief comment about it. Spot gold fell to as low as $1,083 in Asian
trade at about 2.25am BST with gold losing over 4% of its value in just a few minutes
as five tonnes of gold were sold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange in the opening half
hour – marking its lowest price since November 2009.
Since its peak in 2011 gold has lost nearly 40% of its value and is currently trading
at $1110 as we speak. There are a number of potential reasons for
this rapid ‘sell off’ which includes: • The Sale already mentioned through the
Shanghai Gold Exchange • The threat of US interest rate rise – as
announced again by Janet Yellen last week is maintaining dollar strength and downward
pressure on Gold and Silver • The near term resolution of the Greek
crisis with their banks having re-opened today has reduced the safe haven premium of gold
• The People’s Bank of China stating on Friday that it owns just 1658 tonnes of gold
as opposed to the 3500 tonnes analysts expected; – and some 10,000 – 20,000 tonnes less than
some of the ‘pumpers’ have predicted. The World Gold Council which announced the
first quarter results in May 2015 showed that year on year gold demand was down approximately
1% and mine supply was up 1%. So even at lower gold prices, both demand and supply are little
affected. With gold sentiment amongst Western investors
being historically low and the world still in economic recession or deflation, we still
see little preventing both the gold and silver prices declining further unless a significant
‘black swan event’ were to occur. Today’s fall and recovery shows how volatile
the precious metals market can be which is why we try to avoid making weekly predictions
and prefer to highlight the directional trend in which they are heading.
A final comment, for those who predict that silver prices are bound to sky rocket because
the gold to silver ratio is well above the historic average. Our advice is do not forget
that this balance could also be corrected by the gold price falling compared to silver
– so this euphoric jump need not happen at all.
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Silver Illuminati owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. Do you personally believe that the Chinese only accumulated 650 tons of gold since their last discloser? The stuff I've been reading over the years that have been highlighting Chinese gold purchases total more than that. I wonder what Koos Jansen has to say about that, or do you gentlemen consider him a pumper also. I haven't made up my mind on him yet.

  2. Yep, Global currencies HAVE to fail, and there can be NO alternative. The market will soon be begging for something to replace all failed monies…

  3. Wouldn't it be a perfect scam? Let's say I have 10 Tons of gold, one day I decide I'll just sell it all at once. I'll wait until it shocks the market, price fall down, then I just buy it back and make a great profit?

  4. Interesting thought on gold dropping to close the ratio issue. Something I will have to contemplate thoroughly. Great video.

  5. I have to ask though, with your tantalizing channel title in mind…What is the in and out humming noise? Very mysterious!

  6. there will come a time when the feds will have to stop printing money, when that happens gold & silver will go much higher, if it keeps dropping, I keep buying, thats what you need to do now. Gold & Silver is real money, its worth 100 times more in your pocket  no matter what the market says its worth.

  7. DEFLATION is the big key.  Unless we have a major attack/false flag event, precious metals are probably gonna continue downwards . The poor souls that purchased a lot of silver @ $20-$49 a oz and gold @ $1200- $1900 a oz , have a long wait to break even,

  8. Dear Illuminati Silver,
    What is your opinion regarding the impact to silver and gold if the Chinese currency is made an International Reserve Currency by the IMF later this year?
    Thank you!

  9. Breaking out my sluice box after I buy as much as I can from my couch.  Spot on video, time to go get some liquid gold, and load up my Hardstyle tracks…

  10. I hope you got you gold coffin ready …. take a long look at your body guard because he is signed up in support of an international world wide coup … sweet dreams Illuminati

  11. wow you are a silver shill. connecting dots is the only authority on silver. i draw on my eyebrows every day. make sure to sub me

  12. Analist where wrong according to this vid about the chinese amount of gold in there vaults…..Why is this vid telling the trued?
    Nobody know what happens in a half year…Its just u have 3 things:
    Fiat money
    Paper gold (and much more) on the stock exchange
    Fysical material (silver gold corn oil and and and)

    I have a idea the 3 of them are not really working well together…And someday something will go wrong with one of the 3…

  13. With all due respect the Fed saying they may raise interest rates is nothing new , I'll believe that when it happens . The Greek banks re-opened but not much changed in regards to how much people can withdraw (420 euros a week ) and getting another loan doesn't solve the problem ,it just makes their problems worse . Five tonnes sold in a few minutes is not normal . I suspect there may be more to it . Thanks !! I enjoy your videos 🙂

  14. Gold will keep falling tell the criminal cabal finish selling off the gold they had hijacked from the vaults of the Twin Towers before it collapsed.

  15. You people who are "stacking" at this price are retarded. Go to the silver institute's page and look at the charts for how silver is "used". If you are even remotely aware of the concept of supply and demand and aren't completely brain dead you will see that the " demand" is in a large percent only due to idiots like you. After the advent of digital cameras the use of silver for photography severely declined making an excess inventory of silver thus dropping the price. Then those who own tons of silver including the mines came up with the idea of using YouTube to fear monger the idiots and thus raise the consumption of silver by selling over priced silver Eagles and bars. The actual "big scam" isn't that silver is manipulated down its that with the help of morons buying something just to have it the price per ounce has been artificially propped up. At the end if the day something's REAL VALUE is based on first the uses and hence the need for it. Second the cost to obtain and produce it. Third how much the seller can convince the buyer to pay for it.

    It's a pretty simple concept. It's why you find stuff in the clearance aisle at Walmart cheap. No one bought the stuff so they just want to get rid of it.

    If you stop buying silver that only has the quality of having been stamped into a circle or a nice shiny polished bar they will wind up with too much and start selling even cheaper. LIKE OIL! You are all intensely stupid. You are actually being used like sheep to prop up the price. People like those at JP Morgan are laughing their balls off that you SHTF people are actually circle jerking each other to keep the price of something that is just another metal higher than it should be.

    Bunch of dumbasses.

  16. 7th August 2015……Gold falls to  just £716  per ounce??????  £124 per  ounce down to what it was just five months ago. I think that Gold has been grossly overpriced during its high, now its going back to reality  DOWN

  17. why is the public buying silver and gold in 20-30 40% over spot are you guys crazy get real way to come down to the normal price

  18. To really understand the gold market, everyone needs to read The Gold Cartel, by Dimitri Speck. This is a very good book which provides mathematical evidence of gold marker manipulation.

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