Why Gold & Silver? – Mike Maloney – Silver & Gold Investing

Why Gold & Silver? – Mike Maloney – Silver & Gold Investing


  1. Well if it goes as bad as you say, that the banks end up owning all real assets through deflation, and then makes all the currency worthless through hyperinflation, the middle classes will be destroyed and they will take arms up against the banks and their government, as we saw in France doing the revolution,
    OR "a champion of the proletariat" will arise, giving them their wealth and prosperity back and demanding only their freedom in return, as we saw in Germany in the 1930's.

    I don't know what is worse, but the banks got to realise that when a man have nothing to lose and everything to gain, he is willing to do desperate things.

  2. I don't get it why you say that industrial silver is thrown away. I know that industrial gold is extracted from scrapped electronics, and that the yell of pure gold per ton of scrap is more then twice that of gold ore mined, so it is defiantly worth your time doing, and a lot of companies makes their profit solely from extraction gold from old electronic (most of them are in Asia).
    So why don't people do the same for silver, there is bound to be a lot of silver that can be extracted from these landfields.

  3. Ah to be a silver pumper.  Sell it for $45 and replenish inventory at 35.  Sell that at $40, replenish that with $30, sell that at $35 and replenish inventory at $25…..on and on making money hand over fist while telling the masses to be happy the price is dropping, "Just think of it as on sale". Fiat is worthless, but the silver pumpers are happy to take yours. If you think it is a good idea to get your education on finances from someone trying to sell you something, then subscribe and buy!

  4. Excellent video Mike. I'll definitely have to share this with others. I've seen clips of the presentation you did with Robert Kiyosaki before but didn't know until now that it was done back in 2007. What a great time to buy gold and silver and still what an amazing to it is to buy right now.

  5. shares by the exchange on New York or other place are only for make money for the Bank..and human have to pay it
    Gold + Silver are honest and the only true ..shares are crime

  6. Want makes you think the government will not out-law silver and gold ownership in private hands? They did in the height of WW2 first they called for the public to sell G&S cheaply back to their government as  patriotic duty -then it become against the law to have ownership of coins??? think again….

  7. Buy silver at 14$ right before marquet crash 2016. Cant wait to see people faces when this shit hit the fan and they
    Have nothing at all for being stupid fucks.

  8. And if they outlaw silver or gold for the comon folk they will never fucking find mind lol…….
    Prepare for the worst hope for the best or die in the proces.

  9. After you get message Mike is trying to tell you its like the fog is lifted on whats really going on. The sad truth is 1 percent or less of the population gets it. You will never see the world the same again.

  10. I admit I am only 27 min in but this makes NO sense. If you have 100 in cash right now and 100 in gold right now then flash forward 10 years. If gold doubled obviously you would now have 200 of doubled gold but the value of $ will still affect you just as much. You are conflating 2 issues. Cash is not advertised as an investment. Of course, an investment is better than sitting in liquid this is basic math. They are hanging on this issue of paper with zero cause. It is not making the case to invest in silver so much as a trick of the mind as a selling point. A huge turnoff because I see some real points to investing in silver but this is not a good presentation it is a commercial.

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  12. Put your money in housing and whatever happens you will have a roof over your head. Think about what you know you couldn't live without and put your money there first.

  13. You had exchange houses to gold in brazil since the empire from 500 years ago. The taxes were in gold and there was a riot because portugal was taxing the colony in 20% of the gold production.

  14. I wondered, if by the time precious metal prices are so high that people lose faith on their currency, how can I even get out and BUY STOCKS?  Trades might be directly with precious metals, which means you can only get tangible things.

  15. and so the value of oil is going to go down to about oil stocks are going to go Good to start twitter.com/HenryBrocklehur

  16. Fcking funny that he dosnt mention silver costs nothing to mine as it's a bye product and is found through the search for copper and other metals lol''

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  18. But here we are 6 years later and non of his predictions have occured, and the US$ doesn't look anywhere near collapsing.,

  19. Best place to buy gold eagles for the price right here! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338212270&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2F391692854476

  20. Silver and gold prices (both) fall and rise. Yet silver and gold are still great ways to protect wealth. Overall, they hedge inflation… you can buy the same amount of bread today with an ounce of gold as you could 30 years ago. Think about that. You can get started by getting silver halves from a bank at face value if you know the technique (http://investinggoldnow.com/freesilver)

  21. Never forget the past , GOLD and SILVER have been seized by governments before , DON'T think this cannot happen again , there is only ONE safe investment …. BITCOIN .

  22. Gold and silver and not going to take off all these gold stackers all these gold bugs are fanatic Lee hysterically indoctrinated with an agenda and wrong absolutely wrong not only will paper money be destroyed in favor of the blockchain Bitcoin type currencies but you will take the chip under the skin you'll be forced into it by War and starvation you will throw your gold and silver in the streets it will all be worthless paper money is buying all real estate all real anything paper money is buying all things of any wealth whatsoever even the bankers with paper money stole the copper out of your penny they stole the silver out of your quarter and dime look at your money look at your mortgage stolen gone even if you pay it off you do not own it gold and silver is nice to have nice to play with nice to feel comfortable the silver mine in Guatemala is closed they're going to close down all the people are throwing their gold and silver in the streets even now it's worth don't be stupid yes Bitcoin all the kryptos are going to Skyrocket but you are investing in the shackles that are going to enslave you you're going to beg the bankers to enslave you otherwise the whole scheme won't work

  23. May 19, 2011…the price of silver was under $17 dollars an oz and today….9 Feb 2018, the price is $16.48. Still under $17.

    I don't know about you guys but I am thankful for this manipulation!

  24. Hi, when you buys Gold make sure it is LBMA certified! on this link you can buy 99.9% pure currency grade gold with credit card or bitcoin .. https://karatbars.com/shop/index.php?page=shopproduct&pid=1

  25. Diamonds are forever? No says Zircon. Gold is forever? Zircon gold? Within twenty – thirty years Gold will be cheap as chips. Bags of chips are priced at £1 a bag on the London market today. Data courtesy: Market Fish Bar, London E9.

  26. There is no shortage of silver and there will never be a shortage. Mexico is floating on a sea of silver. There is enough silver to supply the world for 1,000 years. Don't believe the hype that there is a shortage or that we have less silver supply than in the past. These people are just salesmen trying to sell you something.

  27. I believe if gold and silver turn around then you sell for the higher prices but if it don’t then you enjoy your savings and a very old age or pass it on to your Harringtons

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  29. http://jpatton.bellevue.edu/bottomline/dollar.html the history of money in the U.S. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_Clause

  30. Dear Mike I am a cycles man, debt cycles. I noted that debt was enslavement about 35 years ago. Houses cost double if you buy on a mortgage, compounding interest. I see some coments that silver has dropped from $45 down to $20. That may even rise $500? Thats a educated gamble worth taking. As the housing market crashes again? The stock market crashes again? Plus the $US crashes again?

  31. The dollar is not going to go down no ifs ands or buts the stock market is not going to go down that is the way it is and here's the kicker interest rates are going up there going to go up the bond market May Fail but the stock market will Skyrocket the dollar will Skyrocket and then everything will burst burst pop then and only then two maybe three years down the road gold will start making minimal games until then as a gold stacker silver stacker you are screwed do not purchase you're wasting your time

  32. Silver SUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS! I bought $10,000 of silver in January 2008 for $14.77 and ounce. Now over 10 YEARS LATER I'm down $.10 an ounce, Great call, Silver bugs!

    • It's going sky high!
    • The silver "BOOM" is coming" Buy now if you know what's right for you!
    • Silver is in "Severe Price Disparity" to gold and will correct ASAP!

    All garbage, all junk advice.

  33. I live in new Zealand. Our money is plastic not paper. It creates toxic smoke when burned. It's not even worth it's weight in fuel to heat your house haha. When it's printed to oblivion you'll have to pay to dump the plastic garbage hahaha.

  34. Hi Mike, I would love to see an update to this excellent presentation. Also, if you could cover some technicals on the liquidity transfer of hard metal to the next "thing" – like specifically the timelines and preparation going into the blow off top. Much appreciated!

  35. Silver and gold is for honest people and honest governments. Both of which are long gone. Most kids today have never held a silver coin. This new generation is all digital. Digital friends…digital games…digital reality…digital money. They would rather be chipped in their forehead than stack silver. 25% of all millennials own some krypto. They don't own PM's. And why would they. Have you seen the 3 month chart…the 1 year chart…the 5 year chart…the 10 year chart??? Any sheep which doesn't understand market manipulation will simply pass on silver by simply looking at the charts. Meanwhile..the money cartel (central banks) have bought up most of large producing mines. They can suppress the price to $1 if they want. How can they do this? They have endless fiat to purchase any mine at any price and then purchase endless naked short contracts while they keep their mines operating at massive losses. What do they care…they have infinite fiat at their disposal. PM investors (myself included). Are fked. Imo..The only way silver and gold become valuable is when central banks lose control and destroy the Ponzi fiat empire. At this point…silver and gold will be after thoughts as most do whatever they can to feed themselves and fend of the wicked. A little advice for the new stackers here…when you buy silver…real silver…you are betting against the owners and operators of the world's most powerful financiers. These people have been in power since the dark ages. Don't bet the farm on silver unless you enjoy massive financial pain.

  36. After watching this I see the world totally different. Thanks mike and your team for excellent education for normal people. A real life lesson.

  37. I realized gold and silver were a scam when I saw mike giving an interview in his mansion after i'd been buying bags of the likes of him for a decade, but couldnt even afford a decent car.. these guys are just shilling their pm bags on unsuspecting people..

  38. 7:35 also to touch on one thing is that Gold even back in the day took tremendous amount of labor in mining to create wealth.. they lost that with the "it takes nothing to print" attitude

  39. 16:41 – The South African 500 Bank note does not exist. We only have 10, 20, 50, 100 & 200.
    Please refer to: www.fin24.com/Economy/Enquiry-into-R500-note-scam-20090129

  40. The banks of Hungary, china, Russia are buying and hoarding gold at a record highs in last 5 years. Do what banks are doing: accumulate the physical asset! Don't do what them man on the street is doing, do what the smart money is doing. Buy gold and silver. Sell it ONLY when it hits bubble prices only to buy the next hated and therefore cheap asset. That's how you build WEALTH

  41. The news that a multinational tyre manufacturer is pulling out of Venezuela was particularly poignant when disclosing its severance pay package, the severance pay is going to be in tyres. When currency is replaced by rubber the money printing central banks should take notice. I wonder what internal chaos would happened if the workers be paid in silver or gold……. Maybe the military and the gangs would be fighting each other for the pinch points at the exits from the area.

  42. I have plenty of physical gold and silver stored in mints, but I think I would of been better just trading gold shares. You can sell and buy when you want. But physical is a hard task master to trade.

  43. I watched the entire video and I dare say after all of these years, I know a little bit about precious metals. Do you know one interesting little side note of this video? Future gold and silver mines will not be in mountains for ore. It will be in landfills for scrap gold and silver that was thrown away in technology cd's, and even mirrors. Gold and silver I so valuable, we will be digging back through our past to try to find a what we threw away when we exhaust what is in the Earth's crust

  44. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING FROM COMMERCIAL BANKS! 14:00 Starts to explain misinformation. Maloney is spreading misinformation. He may mean well but what he is saying is not correct. Banks do not lend from deposits as required by the concept of fractional reserve banking. What is really happening is that banks take your SIGNED PROMISSORY NOTE AND DEPOSIT IT IN A TRANSACTION ACCOUNT. Once the Promissory note is deposited the banks draw a check from that bank and pay the alleged debtor. The money for the mortgage did not come anyone's deposit. Take it from a lawyer who has Voir dire banks' competent witness. Ask the bank in a deposition if they created a transaction account or something similar and where did the source of money came from. You need to do this in a deposition and under oath tell it in a hearing because the judge will fight tooth and nail to prevent this knowledge from becoming widely known.


  46. Why the hocky stick increase in fiat debt in the admins of GW Bush and Obama? When we prove that Bush crashed planes into the trade centers to scare people into a war with terror to move forward fascist, Globalist agenda, so, we shall see Bush, Obama, & others intend to crash so huge a debt onto the world economy that the economy will collapse like the Twin Towers. Then, with the nation(s) on their economic knees and in fear, they will wrench control from the hands of the people by selling them a solution from the IMF etc. that keeps people from starving but destroys their nations and freedoms. Where did all the money go? Gone to enslave us everyone. Will we awake in time? Will we awake in time?

  47. The world has never seen this amount of debt before and I admit I'm actually excited to see what happens.

    This could be history

  48. Gold is used a lot too. People think its just used in jewelry haha. Everything gold plated takes gold. Clothing, furniture, car parts like rims, dishes, rods, beams, drapery etc. Gold is put on everything cause everyone is attracted to it. Gold is used for many things. Its funny people think its not.

  49. Silver is not a good investment and not a good storage of wealth. It was 50 dollars an oz in 1980. It's 14 here in 2019. Adjusted for inflation silver is down 90 percent in almost 40 yrs. That's down 90 percent in a half a lifetime! Just buy stocks and real estate. If you have extra money just pay down your mortgages people if you are too uneducated or nervous to invest it properly. No one needs silver. No one even really needs gold. Neither are rare. Just like diamonds are not rare. Think about it. Has anyone ever come to you begging you for some silver like a neighbor needing some ketchup? NO! We do not use silver in our daily lives. It's an industrial metal. And there's so much of it that they even stamp it into silly coins and pawn the oversupply off on the public! That's not what you do with rare stuff! LOL. Ya'll been duped twice. Once by a fiat currency and once by believing silver will save you.

  50. Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  51. I am invested in Gold. I agree we have serious issues, but these clowns are unfortunate representatives of gold investors.

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